The Best Unofficial Disney Princesses

What makes a Disney princess? Do we expect them to be real royalties in their movies? Do they need to be aristocrats of any kind to wear the iconic Disney Princess tiara? While, based on the list Official Disney Princess, which isn’t easy to pin down, the answer seems to be no, not necessarily, but it certainly doesn’t affect the character’s case. So while we have Merida, Aurora, and Moana, all considered aristocrats from birth, there’s also Mulan, Cinderella and Belle, who make their way into the world in their respective movies. their.

The last Disney princess to get an official crown at a Disney park is Merida, back in 2013, and Moana has since joined the ranks, even without an official crowning ceremony. That puts the list into a nice twelfth: Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Merida, Moana, Mulan, Pocahontas, Rapunzel, Snow White and Tiana. The official Disney princess page also has pictures of Anna and Elsa, but as far as everyone knows they are not official princesses yet. However, for the purposes of this list, we will consider them part of the group.

So, now that we know who the official Disney princesses are, it’s time for us to take a look at all the unsavory female characters, and narrow them down to our ten best unofficial princesses. .

Megara from Hercules

Pictures via Disney

The official Disney Princess Collection should really consider bringing Megara to the screen. After all, the Megara she’s based on Greek mythology is actually a princess. And since she’s one of the most complex, interesting, and realistic female characters in Disney’s animated movies, it’s really a shame that she didn’t get more respect from the episode. group. Her absence was probably due to Hercules not considered one of the classics, which is a pity. Megara takes herself from the victim of a bad deal to the love of a hero’s life. She represents what can happen when you don’t let mistakes define you. She’s not perfect, to be sure, but her resilience despite being a pawn in the game of the Greek gods is respectable, admirable.


Giselle from Fascinating

Pictures via Disney

The only reason we can see that Giselle from Fascinating She’s not an official Disney princess yet because she divides her time between the animated world and the real world. No other live action movie princesses have been added to the collection, so maybe this is just following that trend. But it shouldn’t. Giselle starts out as a quintessential comic book princess, but, by the end Fascinating, She has completely transitioned from her cartoon personality and is enjoying life as a designer and business owner. She’s inspirational in so many ways, but mostly because she overcame the disappointment of her expectations and chose herself to keep going. We’ll even have a second movie, Disenchant, so maybe Giselle will get a second chance on the list. This time, we passed our fingers to her.

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Vanellope von Schweetz from Muscled man

Pictures via Disney

She might be more video game royalty than real royalty, but Vanellope von Schweetz survived some really evil plots from the Candy King or Turbo or whatever you want to call him. She’s the supreme leader of Candy Crush, so you’d think that might make her a little aristocratic. But, since we know that nobility isn’t exactly a deal-breaker for the hooded princess, the only reason we can come up with that she isn’t an official princess is Her stature, that’s unfortunate. There are legitimate characters that have been dropped from the official Disney Princess classification before because they don’t fit seamlessly into the lineup, like Nala from Lion King, but it seems especially hard to turn down Vanellope for such a silly reason. This little source of energy and creativity is a great role model for young children, especially since she read when she was a little younger than your typical princess.

minnie mouse


As one of the longest-reigning female characters in the Disney ensemble, it’s actually a bit of a surprise that Minnie hasn’t been included in the list of Disney Princesses in some fashion. She is the ultimate royal, considered Mickey and Disney’s best friend known as the Mouse House. Minnie is Disney’s last female character, so it’s a bit of a pity that she’s excluded from this group, but, if they’re hesitant to include non-human characters, that could explain her absence she. Whatever the reason, Minnie is definitely one of Disney’s official non-princess characters, and will always have a place in our hearts.

Alice from Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

Alice has been included in the Princess team from time to time, back when it first started expanding, but was denied admission to the official roster a few years ago. It’s a shame, because she’s curious, inquisitive, and a great role model for children. Sure, she makes some mistakes, but if kids can learn from watching Alice make mistakes it’s definitely a positive role model in our eyes. Curiosity and wonder about all the wonders around her make her a good candidate for Disney’s official hood.

Tinkerbell and Wendy Darling from Peter PanMSDPEPA_EC005

This is a bit similar, mainly because while Tinkerbell was actually a Disney Princess until she got her own story a few years ago, she and Wendy have played opposite roles in the series. their first movie, Peter Pan. Tink embodies youth and cheerfulness while Wendy represents the seriousness of adulthood. Either of these two insanely powerful and lively female characters may be Disney royalty, but for some reason doesn’t seem to rank for inclusion in a Disney Princess collection. Maybe Wendy is just a little too young. Maybe Tinkerbell is too magical these days. In the long run, neither is a good enough reason.

Esmerelda from The Hunchback at Notre Dame


While it’s easier to understand the exclusion of some of these characters from the Disney Princess collection, Esmerelda is a character that really feels wrongfully excluded. Her role in The The Hunchback of Notre Dame Cathedral very important to Quasimodo’s heroism. Not only because she was the first to show him real kindness, but because she considered him no different from herself, an outcast for completely different reasons, but nonetheless. also abandoned. Her appearance so different from sixty percent of the other princesses just helps illustrate why she is eligible to be crowned Disney Princess. Her Romanian roots help her stand out and will be an excellent positive representation of a malign community in the increasingly diverse Disney Princess Collection.

Kida from Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Before we had Jason Momoa was Aquaman, which took us all to Atlantis, Disney made an adventure movie about a museum employee’s dream to use diaries as a guide and rediscover the legendary sunken city. And when he finds the place, he discovers that it is not an abandoned wreck as one imagines. While the city cannot exceed its limits, and society does not thrive precisely in their underwater prison, Kida, Princess of Atlantis, is anxious to restore her home to its former glory. this. Kida’s refusal to let Atlantis be a flounder is just one of the reasons why she deserves the title of princess. Was Disney’s first true sci-fi adventure, just a year ago Treasure planet, it’s surprising that Disney didn’t advertise this movie more than they did. Kida represents a great movie, spanning the boundaries of what Disney will and won’t deal with, and its bewildering as to why they haven’t delivered to her and their movie due.

Jane Porter from gorilla

Pictures via Disney

Unforgettable, last on our list is Ms. Jane Porter from gorilla. While there’s a lot going on in this movie, and tons of characters between the gorillas, Tarzan, and human factions, Jane stands apart from her role as Tarzan’s partner. He is a man raised by gorillas who looks like a human but acts like an ape. Jane, on the other hand, was raised by humans and acts like you think she should, but when it comes to the woods, quickly finds herself enamored not only with Tarzan but also with the gorillas that have given him shelter hide and a house. Jane’s kind, understanding demeanor is overshadowed by the villainous Clayton and his gang of greedy men, at least until the film’s end. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why this powerful female character was left behind by Disney, but hopefully somewhere they’ll see what a great ambassador of love and understanding she is. She could be a Disney Princess.

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