The best crossover fighting game of all time, ranked

This might seem strange these days in an age of cinematic universes and limited-time commercials, but crossovers haven’t always been wildly popular, especially not in the space of luxury brands. fighting game. However, as the ’90s gave way to the new millennium, longtimes in the fighting game community began to break new ground. Characters from Street fighter was soon seen taking on Marvel Comics’ most iconic heroes in games like Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter and X-Men vs Street Fighter. All the while, the minds and developers at companies like SNK have crossed over to their own franchises, such as Fatal Fury and The art of fighting. The Flood has opened up in earnest, and the Fighting Game Community is never quite the same.

Since the mid-’90s began a generation of crossover fighting games, there’s a lot to celebrate regarding the variety of characters. The fight between Ryu and Wolverine is no longer something that never happened or Mega Man and Iron Man. Games like Mortal Kombat X There are even murderous villains like Jason Voorhees and Leatherface. These days, when an AAA fighting game comes out, gamers all over the world are always speculating about characters that cross each other regardless of whether or not they’re hinted at.

We’re in the golden age of fighting games, but it wouldn’t be possible without landmark titles. There’s certainly no harm in revisiting some of these titles even now.

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5. SoulCalibur II (2002)

Photos via Namco

Although the series spawned from the success of Soul Edge now famous for cross “guest” characters, SoulCalibur II was the first entry in the series to address them, and it was done in a huge way in terms of time period. Although cross games like Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros. already on the market, SoulCalibur II introduced a unique guest character for each platform the game was introduced to, two of which will not appear in Smash Bros game at that time.

Gamecube’s Enjoyers SoulCalibur II once again stepping into the shoes of Link, Hyrule’s savior and protagonist of The Legend of Zelda. The Playstation fighter can command intense body blows inflicted by Heihachi Mishima from Tekken series. Xbox players can be especially excited, because Todd McFarlaneSpawn’s iconic anti-hero has been made available to play.

In spite of Soulcalibur II Without the huge crossover cast in some games, it introduced many players to the idea of ​​crossover characters. The popularity of these three characters is still intertwined in the Fighting Game Community, when Heihachi returns Super Smash Bros. as the background character while his son Kazuya fights as a playable fighter. After being repeatedly urged by fans, Spawn has also returned to fighting games in Mortal Kombat 11 as a downloadable fighter.


4. The King of Fighters ’98: The Slugfest (1998)

Photos via SNK

In the era of increasing popularity of arcade fighting games, SNK has made its mark with a number of different fighting game series such as Fatal Fury and The art of fighting. With the release King of Fighters series, SNK took their collective fighting game universe and combined it while also creating original characters to blend in with the two main series. Transparent items KOF even sports characters from other SNK titles like Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Samurai Shodown, The Warriors of Ikari, and Psychological soldiers.

At their core, king of warriors The game retains the same gameplay as the game of Fatal Fury. However, King of Fighters 98 Includes additional play styles included in King of Fighters ’97. With these playstyles, gamers can choose between Advanced or Extra mode when choosing a warrior. When a player loses a round, they will be accepted based on the play they have chosen. This is mainly related to the character’s power bar in both respects.

Huge list of KOF ’98 set the standard for SNK’s marquee fighting game series for a while. Today’s players have never played Fatal Fury or The art of fighting is now more familiar with its characters thanks to the inclusion King of Fighters. Fatal FuryThe protagonist (Terry Bogard) and the villain (Geese Howard) have even appeared recently in Super Smash Bros. and Tekken 7 respectively, a testament to the popularity and enduring power of the characters.

Photos via Capcom

Although Capcom and SNK heavyweights had gone head-to-head a year earlier, Capcom vs SNK 2 or CvS2 improved the team battle system of its predecessor for optimal balance and approach. Capcom’s lineup includes pillars from Street fighter, Darkstalkers, Rival school, and The last battle also introduces newcomers like Eagle, who is only seen in the background of the original Street fighter to that point.

On SNK’s side, many agencies manage a series of words from Fatal Fury and The art of fighting appeared, but brought with it popular choices from King of Fighters, Psychological soldiers, Garou: Mark of the Wolves and Samurai Shodown also. The game’s Scale system assigned a value to the number of characters the player participated in a fight. A three-boxer team will be weaker than a one or two-man team for balance.

One of the most entertaining aspects of CvS2 is its “Groove” combat system. After choosing a team, the player can choose a slot, each of which is a different play map intended to simulate a different Capcom or SNK fighting game. For example, P-Groove works similar to how it is played in Street Fighter III features parries and jumps, while N-Groove simulates King of Fighters ’97motion and multi-store super meter. This provided a whole new level of customization to the gameplay, and it was fun to play Capcom characters in the SNK playstyle and vice versa.

2. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (2018)

super destructive
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The battle between Nintendo crosses to end it all, and the culmination of Super Smash Bros. many series related to character options. With a total of 82 characters from countless franchises hitting the Nintendo console at some point (though there are a few exceptions), Smash Ultimate takes the accessibility of a platform-based brawler and encapsulates it with characters. The lineup may not be perfect for some hardcore people Smash players want something different, but for casual and veteran players, there’s a character for nearly any playstyle one can think of.

The beauty of Smash Bros is always its accessibility. It’s a great game for both friendly get-togethers and parties but has also been a staple of the fighting game tournament scene for decades. You can play around with items or turn them off and take each step on the Omega stage to brag. And when it comes to characters, very few fighting games (besides MUGEN) can fit huge lists of Super Smash Bros..

Photos via Capcom

If the words “I want to take you out” have just popped into your head, you probably know the headline enough to secure the top spot. Capcom’s greatest showdown against the Marvel Comics team of ferocious super-creatures was one made in heaven. Although the original Marvel vs Capcom wheel, Marvel vs Capcom 2 to be jewel crown of fighting game. While the competitive balance between characters isn’t great (lots of Cable, Storm, Magneto, and Sentinel when played at high levels), the massive 56-character roster includes both little-known fighters and favorite. There are even characters created specifically for the game, such as the Amingo cactus.

Games in Marvel 2 Fast, hit hard and require quick input and response. As some fighters are capable of firing damn beams almost the size of the screen, both offensive and defensive gameplay becomes paramount to one’s survival in a match. fight. Team composition is also important, as a player’s three-man team can live or die based on the support they can bring in battle from their characters waiting in the wings. But if the intensity of competition isn’t your thing, pick three Servbots and go wild with a character with a small hitbox. There’s an insane amount of fun to be had in Marvel 2And there’s a little something for everyone.

Whether they play it on consoles or in video games, Marvel vs Capcom 2 almost universally loved. The characters, visuals and background design, with an unforgettable soundtrack, and the best crossover fighting game of all time. It may one day lose its crown, but for now, Marvel 2 is still looked back on with near-unanimous adoration. It can take quite a while to fit that kind of passion.

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