Taylor Lorenz slams MSNBC for online harassment

Washington Post technical columnist Taylor Lorenz criticized MSNBC’s handling of a segment in which she detailed her experience fighting online harassment – claiming the network botched the report so badly that the problem was getting worse became.

In a segment that aired last Friday MSNBC’s Meet the Press Daily, Lorenz revealed online harassment targeting her and her family led her to experience “severe PTSD” in the recent past and had thoughts of suicide.

MSNBC coverage aimed to detail the brutal harassment of female journalists – providing data showing that 73% said they had been subjected to online attacks while doing their job.

However, Lorenz said she has faced “even worse” treatment since the segment went live.

“If your segment or story about ‘online harassment’ leads to even worse online harassment for your subjects, you are royally mistaken and should learn how to cover these things properly before you ever talk about it again.” Lorenz tweeted on Sunday.

MSNBC officials did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Lorenz’s comments.

MSNBC’s segment detailed how Fox News host Tucker slammed Carlson Lorenz in March 2021 for calling for an end to online harassment. Lorenz, then a reporter for the New York Times, said at the time she survived a “smear campaign” that “ruined her life.”

Carlson fired back, claiming Lorenz’s remarks were another example of “powerful people claiming to be powerless”.

The gathering of dust began in February 2021 when journalist Glenn Greenwald called her a “journalistic chatterbox” after falsely accusing Silicon Valley investor Marc Andreessen of using the “r-word” — meaning “retarded” — during a private discussion of the members-only Clubhouse app.

Taylor Lorenz tweets
Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz accused MSNBC of botching its segment over online harassment.

In fact, another participant in the discussion — which was about the GameStop stock rally — had used the word when explaining that some investors on Reddit are calling themselves the “R-word revolution,” according to moderator Nait Jones, who added: “That’s why people keep journalists from private discussions – ‘because of this horse’s dishonesty’.”

The segment also details Lorenz’s heated interactions with Greenwald, who once argued that her efforts to “assert that level of victimhood are disgusting” given her starring role at an influential media outlet.

In a heated exchange last August, Greenwald ripped Lorenz after she claimed he wasn’t a “legitimate journalist” – targeting her coverage of various scandals involving social media influencers.

“I’m not a ‘legitimate journalist,’ says the deeply sick Swiss boarding-school neurotic paid by the New York Times to lurk outside teenagers’ TikTok homes and expose their past transgressions,” Greenwald tweeted.

New York University researchers found that tweets targeting Lorenz with malicious language increased by 144% after Greenwald posted the tweet.

During her performance, Lorenz described several specifically threatening or offensive tweets she received – and burst into tears as she recounted them.

“I had to cut every single social bond. I have severe PTSD from this. I thought about suicide. It got really bad,” Lorenz said. “You feel like every bit of information that comes your way is being used by the worst people on the internet to destroy your life and it’s so isolating. It’s scary.”

Taylor Lorenz
Taylor Lorenz joined the Washington Post after a stint at the New York Times.
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Fox News did not respond to MSNBC’s request for comment on the report, but Greenwald issued a statement.

“As a member of various marginalized groups, I do not want or accept any special immunity from criticism, and neither should any journalist of dignity or worth.”

Lorenz also criticized MSNBC’s decision to solicit Carlson and Greenwald for comment on their report.

“Media outlets are like, ‘We’d love to do a story about the horrific smear campaign against you, but to be fair we have to include comments from people who are vilifying you as a pedophile to represent both sides.’ ‘ wrote Lorenz. Taylor Lorenz slams MSNBC for online harassment


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