Take our gender personality quiz to find out what REALLY catches your eye… and who your perfect personality is.

FEELING unsatisfied between sheets due to mismatched libidos or sex drive can be a big problem.

Figuring out what makes you tick can be the key to enjoying better intimacy.

Feeling unsatisfied between sheets due to mismatched libidos or sex drive can be a big problem


Feeling unsatisfied between sheets due to mismatched libidos or sex drive can be a big problemCredit: Getty

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Netflix Show Sex, Love and Goop Consider the idea of ​​a “gender personality” and how getting to know you and your partner better can open the door to a wonderful love life.

Take our quiz by sexpert Alix Fox to find out what’s yours.

Record your answers, then go to the bottom of the page to discover which category you fall into – and which category you’re compatible with.

1 What essential items do your bedside drawers have?

A. Scented candles and some massage oil.
B. A box of tissues and an old phone charger.
C. An eyepatch to help prevent distractions during sex.
D. Lanyards and car keys in case you want to have sex outdoors.
E. Latest clitoral stimulants, flavored lubricants and a sexy card game.

2. What’s your favorite foreplay?

A. Get kissed on a bed of rose petals after your partner’s home-cooked dinner.
B. You don’t need a lot of warm-up. You’re always ready to start a business when the trousers are gone.
C. You enjoy the intense build-up that lasts and enjoy being teased slowly until you’re ready to explode.
D. Role playing and power play. You like your “real life” to stop and your “sex life” to start.
E. Shared showers or your partner slips his hand in your underwear while you’re using the bathroom – all of which make you irritated.

3. Which of the following describes the typical way of making love to your partner?

A. Your partner suggests morning sex, but you’re appalled: Morning breath and messy hair? No, thanks.
B. Your partner’s bum looks so fit that you can’t resist an afternoon snack.
C. The best sex is a rare weekend away because everyday life means you go weeks without it.
D. You can only hold hands without it leading to handcuffs.
E. Your partner likes to turn on the lights so you can see each other and you go with that.

4. What is the seductive sound that usually comes out when you are having sex?

A. You have a carefully curated playlist of songs from the movies.
B. Anything in the background on the phone.
C. Classical or ambient sounds and possibly woods.
D. Who knows? Our groans drowned out whatever was playing.
E. Nothing you realize – your partner found it on Spotify.

5. What thoughts come to your mind during sex?

A. Is this bra and panties beautiful and I need to hurry if I want to clean the bathroom before work.
B. Is he almost done? Good sex doesn’t have to last for hours.
C. This is amazing. I hope they feel the same way. But slow down so I can really enjoy it.
D. I love this fetish style stuff but I would be embarrassed if anyone could see what I’m doing.
E. Maybe we can move things to the floor or against the wall. I can go all night.

Figuring out what makes you tick could be the key to enjoying better intimacy


Figuring out what makes you tick could be the key to enjoying better intimacyCredit: Getty

7. What is your view of sex?

A. Be content and romantic by equal measures.
B. To orgasm and then sleep.
C. To connect with yourself and your partner on a higher emotional level – it’s almost spiritual.
D. Leave the normal 9 to 5 behind and unleash the naughty hidden side that no one usually sees.
E. Sex ticks all the boxes for you – you don’t want to be restricted to just one type of intimacy.

8. Things are not going well for you between sheets – that’s because. . .

A. Your new lace panties get scratched and you’re distracted by that association where the backgrounds meet.
B. You take ages to orgasm and you feel frustrated.
C. You feel misunderstood and alienated from your partner – that’s not the magical soulmate experience you want.
D. You want to ask your lover about trying something out of the ordinary, but you run the risk of scaring them off.
E. You follow your partner’s wishes but suspect something might be more suitable for you.

9. What is your favorite erotic fantasy?

A. Get washed off your feet on the perfect date – then your lover makes your body tingle with pleasure.
B. Have quick and crazy sex on the sofa in your ankle-length panties.
C. You are in a trance and your lover’s lightest breath will send you across the border into waves of orgasm.
D. Maybe someone is completely in charge, or they are completely in charge of you. Maybe with someone else watching.
E. Recently, you heard a story on an X-rated podcast that made you think of the swingers club.


A CLASSIC romance – soft lighting and a perfectly made bed. You delight in receiving 360-degree pleasure from the five senses.

However, your tendency towards perfectionism means that if something goes unnoticed – whether the room is too hot or the floor is messy – your desires can quickly leave the building.

You may worry about whether your body is beautiful and can be easily distracted during sex due to other concerns.

Slowburners can be a great match for you if they help you settle your emotions.

Superfreaks can also be a great partner, as they love the setting and trying out some fantasy role-playing can help you prevent everyday worries from entering the bedroom.


Your sex drive goes from 0 to 100 in seconds. Once you’re on, you want to put your feet down and fast forward to the climax as quickly as possible.

Sexbombs know the fastest route to their own satisfaction.
You like the simple sensuality of nudity, oral and intercourse and you don’t need extra bells and whistles.

Switchers are a good choice for you as they tend to be ready to do whatever, whenever. But they may get bored if you complain about their imaginative ideas, which you consider “unnecessary fuss”.

In any partnership, just because the other person’s path to pleasure isn’t as direct, quick, or mainstream as yours, that doesn’t mean they’re not worth going.

A person with a blockbuster personality goes from 0 to 100 in seconds


A person with a blockbuster personality goes from 0 to 100 in secondsCredit: Getty


YOU are a sensitive soul and need a partner who is willing to spend their time with lots of teasing and construction. You have to be in the right space to feel sexy, and if someone pushes or rushes you, you shut down.

For you, sex is about inner feelings but you’re not always good at expressing what you want. It is easy for partners to make mistakes when they try to guess.

They may even interpret you as closed-minded and thorny. You may need to practice your communication skills so your partner can learn to please you.

Watch out for Sexbomb, it has a flashy style that can make you feel scared. The Switcher and Sensuous can be magic matches – they love to swing the build until you’re both ready to explode.


DIG out of the shackles and break the rules. The biggest thrill of sex for you is when you’re doing something that feels taboo.

You love hasty mischief, and get a sense of relief and escape from escapism by playing a completely different role than you do in public.

You get angry at the thought of someone dominating and controlling, even though it may be you or your partner who must obey.

Superfreaks often lust after giving or receiving intense sensations, such as spanking. You may worry what you’re experiencing is weird or embarrassing.

Your sex life will benefit more from talking about these feelings than hiding them.

You can find parallels with other Superfreaks, but as long as both don’t want to be in charge.


YOU are easily satisfied and slip into whatever sexual style your partner likes. You have incessant cravings and crave for as much as possible, whatever flavor is on offer.

A laid-back attitude could mean your own interests aren’t getting the attention they deserve. Body mapping – where you explore your body in detail to discover where and how you want to be stimulated – can help you discover your own pleasures.

You fit any personality, although Superfreaks can take advantage of you by always having things their way.

The desire to try new things means you might get bored, and the longing for a lot of sex can cause some partners to worry that they can’t keep up.

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