Strictly Come Dancing final 2021

Disaster has struck the BBC Strictly Come Dancing show, as AJ Odudu has been forced OUT of final this weekend.

AJ has been left devastated as she announced her withdrawal from the competition today.

Due to suffering a nasty injury, which left her on crutches and unable to dance, she will now be absent on the show on Saturday – leaving two couples to battle it out for the Glitterball.

Speaking about this, she said: “I’m deeply upset that I am unable to perform in the final due to a torn ligament in my right ankle. Learning to dance over the last 13 weeks has been an incredible honour and to do it alongside someone as special, patient and devoted as Kai [Widdrington] is something I’ll treasure forever.

“Thank you to the Strictly family for the experience, the medical team for trying to get me back on my feet and mostly, to everyone at home for watching and supporting. You’ve made this experience one to remember.

“Strictly Come Dancing has been a lifelong dream and I’m glad it came true. Good luck to my partners in dance, John [Whaite] and Johannes [Radebe] and Rose [Ayling-Ellis] and Giovanni [Pernice]. I will be cheering you on (on one leg!).”

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  • Explained: What is AJ’s injury?

    AJ Odudu has now pulled out of competing on Strictly Come Dancing’s Saturday night live final.

    Medical professionals told her she is unfit to dance due to a foot injury, as her injury comes just days after her impressive quickstep in the semi-final.

    Odudu was on crutches earlier this week after she was seen in tears on spinoff show Strictly It Takes Two.

    She explained that the injury was so painful that it mader her “projectile vomit”. She hoped to be fit and well enough to dance in the Strictly final, but sadly it was announced today by the BBC that she will no longer be competing.

  • Strictly stats

    Hootsuite conducted a social-listening analysis of Strictly commentary on Twitter, and it’s revealed the following stats and trends:

    • By far, Rose Ayling-Ellis is the most talked about on Twitter, having 64,217 mentions, followed by John Whaite (58,328) and AJ Odudu (44,429)
    • Rose has also encountered the least negative sentiment from the Twitterverse – only 6% of mentions were negative
    • This is in marked contrast to Dan Walker, who had more than three times the amount of negative sentiment than Rose (20%)

    o   Dan Walker addressed the negativity in his 28 November 2021 tweet, quoting critics saying, ““Just leave”, “Aren’t you ashamed?”, “You’re a disgrace” and “It’s a fix” and replying, “IT’S A TV SHOW”

    o   Positive mentions spiked during the movie week episode on 9th October, with the majority of mentions coming from Rose and Giovanni’s dance, when viewers were in awe of Rose’s ability to dance without the luxury of hearing the music

  • Most searched for couple

    Rose and Giovanni are consistently the most searched for couple during Strictly 2021.

    New data commissioned by Bingosites.co.uk shows that amongst the four couples in the Semifinal, Rose and Giovanni are consistently the most searched for couple over the span of the series. 

    This is particularly prominent on Nov 13th when, as a Strictly first, the music was stopped during Rose and Giovanni’s performance to simulate roses’ experience on the dance floor.

    The dance couple also make for the most searched for couple to win this weekend.

  • Two couples now left

    Two couples now face a head-to-head battle to scoop the Glitterball Trophy.

    EastEnders star Rose Ayling-Ellis is the frontrunner tipped to take home the Strictly prize on Saturday night.

    Rose is paired up with Giovanni Pernice.

    Battling against Rose will be chef John Whaite, who is dancing alongside pro partner Johannes Radebe in the final.

  • AJ ‘hoped’ she’d be on the show

    Initial reports revealed the 33-year-old had to miss a day of training after suffering the injury and underwent a scan. 

    Despite sustaining the injury so close to Saturday’s final, it was “hoped” that AJ would be fit for this weekend’s show.

    AJ reached the final after impressing the judges week after week with pro partner Kai.

  • Maura Higgins breaks silence on split from Strictly’s Giovanni Pernice

    Love Island star Maura Higgins has opened up about her break up with Strictly Come Dancing professional Giovanni Pernice.

    After keeping quiet about the break-up for months, Maura opened up to her followers on Instagram about the split.

    On her Instagram story she was asked: “Best way to get over a break up?”

    She replied: “Allow yourself to grieve! Spend time with the people you love & always remind yourself that everything happens for a reason!! The people who are meant to be in your life will be in your life!!”

  • Recap: Who won the Christmas special in 2020?

    Because of the Covid pandemic, the Strictly Christmas special was cancelled in 2020.

    Instead, viewers voted for the top 25 routines of all time.

    This meant that all the way back from 2015, Jay McGuinness and Aliona Vilani’s Pulp Fiction-inspired Jive to You Never Can Tell was crowned winner.

  • Who is competing in the Strictly Christmas special?

    The festive edition of the hit BBC One show only has six stars taking part.

    Those taking part in the 2021 show include:

  • Strictly shock as AJ Odudu is forced OUT

    STRICTLY has suffered a shock blow as contestant AJ Odudu has been ruled out of the final after a nasty injury left her on crutches.

    The injury has left TV presenter AJ unable to dance with professional partner Kai Widdrington.

    In a statement today, AJ said: “I’m deeply upset that I am unable to perform in the final due to a torn ligament in my right ankle. Learning to dance over the last 13 weeks has been an incredible honour and to do it alongside someone as special, patient and devoted as Kai [Widdrington] is something I’ll treasure forever.

    “Thank you to the Strictly family for the experience, the medical team for trying to get me back on my feet and mostly, to everyone at home for watching and supporting. You’ve made this experience one to remember.

    “Strictly Come Dancing has been a lifelong dream and I’m glad it came true. Good luck to my partners in dance, John [Whaite] and Johannes [Radebe] and Rose [Ayling-Ellis] and Giovanni [Pernice]. I will be cheering you on (on one leg!).”

  • ‘Rose starring on night prime time a massive step forward’

    James Taylor, executive director of strategy at Scope, said: “So many disabled people don’t see themselves represented on screen. For Rose Ayling-Ellis to have starred week-after-week on Saturday night prime time is a massive step forward.

    “However, there is still a very long way to go until disabled people are featured fairly on screen. There are 14.1 million disabled people in the UK and their lives and stories are not being told.  

    “Seeing disabled people on TV will only help improve understanding and break down barriers. So, the fact that Rose’s journey has been beamed into living rooms week-in week-out is excellent progress and must be the start of real change. 

    “Whoever lifts the glitterball trophy, we have seen a victory for representation on our screens, challenging the stereotypes of what disabled people can do.

    “We want more broadcasters to step up and feature the talents of disabled people.”  

  • Who is in the Strictly 2021 final? (Continued…)

    John Whaite – John will be dancing alongside pro partner Johannes Radebe in the final.

    The TV star shot to fame when he won Bake Off back in 2012.

    John and Johannes made Strictly history as the first male same-sex pairing.

    AJ Odudu – AJ dances with Kai Widdrington, and there are reports romance has spilled off the dancefloor.

    The TV presenter has seen her star soar since she first appeared on the scene in 2015.

    Like her other two finalists, AJ has continued to impress the judges every week.

  • Explained: Who is in the Strictly Come Dancing 2021 final?

    During previous editions of Strictly, four couples have competed for victory during the final episode.

    However, the 2021 instalment of the show will only feature a trio:

    Rose Ayling-Ellis – Rose is paired up with Giovanni Pernice and they are hot favourite to win the show.

    The actress is of course known for starring in EastEnders.

    Since appearing on Strictly, the deaf star has continued to wow the judges.

  • Strictly final ‘massive step forward’ for TV disability representation

    New figures from disability equality charity Scope show there is a long way to go to improve representation of disabled people on our TV screens. 

    Despite 1 in 5 people in the UK being disabled, just 20 per cent of TV viewers say they’ve seen more than 10 disabled people on their screens in the last year. 

    And more than half of the public (54%) can recall seeing 10 or less disabled people on TV in the last 12 months.  

    These figures are being released as disabled actress Rose Ayling-Ellis is set to compete in this year’s Strictly Come Dancing final on Saturday night. Rose, who is deaf and a British Sign language user, is a fan favourite to win the BBC dance competition. And the public (22%) report that seeing individuals, like Rose, improves their understanding of disability. 

  • Explained: Is there a theme for the final?

    There isn’t a theme for Strictly’s grand finale.

    Based on past editions, finalists will be performing up to three routines in the hopes of dancing all the way to victory.

    There is typically the traditional show dance and celebrities will reprise two past dances of the programme.

    One of them will be chosen by the Strictly judges who, as usual, will be giving the stars feedback and tips on how to improve their groove.

    The public alone can decide who wins as the marks from the judges are only for guidance.

  • Strictly’s Rose shocks fans with announcement

    Strictly Come Dancing’s Rose Ayling-Ellis has shocked strictly viewers with an announcement ahead of the final on Saturday.

    Fans were surprised fans she announced her dance choice for Saturday on BBC It Takes Two.

    They have picked their Couple’s Choice dance, which stunned the nation as the duo danced in silence for a section during the middle of their routine.

    They will also perform the judges’ favourite dance from the series, as well as an epic Showdance, meaning she and Giovanni will perform three dances in the final.

    But some fans were unsure of the choice.

    One wrote: “I didn’t want Rose and Giovanni to do the Couples Choice because I don’t think the silent moment will have the same impact again BUT it’s a chance for Rose to really smash the technique! AND I know I’ll cry. #Strictly”

    Another said: “Bit surprised Rose & Giovanni are doing their couple’s choice again. I thought they would have the same opinion as Jay & Aliona did with their Jive in that they couldn’t do it again. #Strictly #ItTakesTwo.”

  • Strictly ‘changed Rose’s life’

    Rose, the show’s first deaf contestant, won over viewers with an emotional contemporary routine featuring 10 seconds of silence in tribute to the deaf community.

    She will be performing this dance again in the final on Saturday.

    Speaking at a press conference hosted by It Takes Two presenter Rylan Clark, Giovanni said: “The sound moment was so powerful and it got so much attention, Rose keeps saying the dance changed her life, it’s fair to do it again.

    “It’s remarkable, when I watch a show back sometimes I completely forget she’s deaf because of the way she dances. I am a very, very proud teacher but more than that I am happy I discovered a fantastic friend for life.”

  • Strictly’s Giovanni Pernice reveals ‘jealousy’

    Strictly pro Giovanni Pernice has revealed he would have been “jealous” if Rose Ayling-Ellis was paired up with someone else.

    Ahead of the final, Giovanni said: “For me, the highlight has been spending every day in the studio with Rose because of the positivity and the happiness that I have had every single day for 14 weeks, its been joyful and it’s the first time I’ve said I don’t want this to finish.

    “I always say I’m the one who is privileged to be able to do this journey with her.”

    He added:  “If she was doing it with someone else, I would be quite jealous.”

  • Will AJ be in the Strictly 2021 final?

    AJ’s appearance on the Strictly final is under threat.

    According to reports she sustained a nasty injury which has left her on crutches, days before the show’s final.

    However, a source told The Mirror they were “hopeful” that AJ will be fit for this weekend’s show and is currently “resting her foot”.

    The BBC had no comment when approached by The Sun.

  • AJ’s odds drop following her injury

    Following AJ’s recent injury, here are BetVictor’s Strictly Come Dancing latest winner odds

    • Rose Ayling-Ellis 1/12
    • John Whaite 10/1
    • AJ Odudu 10/1
  • John Whaite’s powerful message praised (Continued…)

    John received a flood of support including from former Strictly contestant and It Takes Two host Zoe Ball.

    “Only love John xxxx” she wrote.

    Manchester Pride replied: “Perfectly put, John. Love and solidarity to you both.”

    One fan commented on the Instagram post, writing: “That my little boy gets to watch you dance each week without ever even questioning two men dancing together shows how far we’ve come – he absolutely loves you both.”

    Another fan praised John for his message, saying: “You have both entered into this with determination, grit and grace.”

  • John Whaite’s powerful message ahead of Strictly final

    John Whaite has been applauded for his stance against trolls as he makes history heading into the Strictly Come Dancing final.

    John and Johannes are the BBC dance show‘s first ever all-male couple and in one powerful Instagram post he quoted some of the comments received from trolls.

    Taking to Instagram, John wrote a post about his trolls, saying: “‘Woke. ‘Fixed’, ‘Box-ticking’, ‘Agenda’, ‘Bias’, ‘Proving a point’, ‘Not natural’, ‘Won’t be watching the final.’”

    “You vicious, empty people are a dying breed.

    “You’ll be left behind as the world becomes kinder, more empathic, more loving, more tolerant, more understanding. The only grievance you should feel is your own failure to evolve.”

    Thanking fans for their support he said in another post: “Thank you all for such heart-felt messages of kindness. The love has far outweighed the hate and I’ll never forget that.”

  • AJ Odudu: ‘Strictly’s left me permanently disfigured

    AJ Odudu joked Strictly had “permanently disfigured” her before a nasty injury left her on crutches.

    Speaking earlier in the competition, before injuring her foot, the TV presenter told The Sun: “Honestly speaking, I don’t think my toes will ever be the same again. I think they’re going to be permanently in the shape of a latin shoe.

    “I think they’re going to be permanently disfigured by Strictly!

    “But you know what? It’s incredible what the body can do. I am a complete beginner, never danced before and to think that my body is moving in the ways that I never thought it could, I’m like, ‘Wow! This is incredible.’

    “I hope all the things that I’ve learnt from Strictly stay with me, even if it does mean me having a weird shaped toes. But I’m constantly aching.”

  • Tess Daly’s Strictly wardrobe 3X more expensive than Claudia’s

    Research conducted by fabric experts Dalston Mill Fabrics analysed every outfit worn by the two presenters each Saturday night.

    They found that the average price of Tess’ outfits on the Saturday night live shows is almost three times more expensive than Claudia’s.

    The most expensive outfit worn by Tess is a black sequin and velvet dress from week two of the series made by Galia Lahav costing £2,600. She paired this outfit with a more understated pair of plain black YSL stilettos to complete the look. 

    • Tess Daly’s wardrobe averages at £929 per show. 
    • Claudia Winkleman’s cheapest Strictly outfit has come to £326. 
  • Dinner date for two

    Giovanni, 31, took to his Instagram to share a story of him and Rose, 27, both wearing paper crowns and reading a joke from one of their crackers.

    Speaking to the camera, Giovanni said: “So Christmas for two.”

    He then spun around to EastEnders star Rose, who said: “Merry Christmas. Can I ask you… why can’t you play a joke on a snake?”

    Giovanni replied: “I don’t know Rose.” She added: “Because you can’t pull their legs.”

    He then spun the camera back around to his face and said: “Wow.”

  • A ‘dreaded’ Nina Wadia come back

    Reports have suggested the crew working on the BBC series are “dreading” Nina Wadia coming back for the final.

    The 52-year-old star was the first contestant to be eliminated on week two of the show. She even hit out at the series following her departure calling her experience: “Odd”.

    A show source said earlier this week: “It’s left a very sour taste in the mouth.”

    Another source has claimed that Nina had “moaned all the time” during her time on the show, even adding: “She is coming back for the final, which we are slightly dreading.”

https://www.thesun.co.uk/tv/17033465/strictly-come-dancing-final-2021-aj-odudu-rose-ayling/ Strictly Come Dancing final 2021

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