Stranger approaches the Orphan claiming to be his Uncle and asking for a DNA test

A stranger approached an orphan with a fortune of $500,000 and claimed he was an estranged uncle he had never met, then asked for a DNA test.

After losing his parents at the age of 13, Redditor Matching App_Rock3187 was raised by his paternal grandparents. He was their only grandchild and eventually inherited their property. For years, the Original Poster Man (OP) lived under the impression that he was their sole heir.

Aside from his grandparents, the only person he knows well in the family is his aunt, 43. He and his aunt split the savings equally and think they have a good start for their future.

The sudden request for a DNA test caused OP | Photo: Shutterstock

One day, a stranger approached the OP and claimed that he was his estranged uncle. He didn’t know who this guy was and decided not to trust him. OP explain:

“I was approached by a man (38m), ‘John’, claiming to be my grandfather’s son and wanting a DNA test to verify that. I was so shocked and didn’t believe in him.”

The OP was furious over the man’s statements indicating that his grandfather had cheated on his grandmother. Furthermore, John had contacted OP’s aunt before, and she quickly recognized him.

A stranger approaches OP and claims that he is his estranged uncle | Photo: Pexels

The aunt told the grandson that his grandparents knew John’s parents well but the family later moved because of a domestic war. He to add:

“John said his mother was having an affair with my grandfather, and when the husband found out, he was divorced from his mother, and they were forced to sell the house.”

John’s father doubted his paternity after the affair came to light and eventually abandoned him. At this point, the OP becomes suspicious and wants to know how sure John is that his mother’s ex is not his biological father.

John’s father abandoned him after finding out he was not his son | Photo: Pexels

John reveals that he has found his mother’s ex, and a DNA test shows that he is not his biological father. He talked to his mother about it, and that’s when she confessed. OP speak:

“John’s mother confessed that the only possible candidate was my grandfather… So John asked me to do a DNA test so he could finally know for sure who his father was.”

OP almost agreed but decided not to take the test after his girlfriend warned him about the consequences. She warns him that if John is proven to be his grandfather’s son, he will come to share the estate.

OP’s girlfriend reminded him of the consequences of agreeing to a DNA test. | Photo: Unsplash

So he told John that he would agree to take the test only if he signed off any right or claim to the property if it could be proved he was his grandfather’s estranged son. .

Some say the OP would have almost done the test if it weren’t for his girlfriend’s timely warning.

The OP didn’t hear back from him until a few days later, when he got a call from a woman saying she was John’s wife. She lashed out at him and called him a selfish man for trying to dislodge her husband from his legal right to the property, claiming that his grandfather owed John.

John’s wife contacts OP and heavily criticizes him | Photo: Unsplash

OP hung up on her and contacted his attorney before John could present any evidence. He decided that John should not be given a share in his grandparents’ interests as they never mentioned anything about a potentially estranged son.

However, he still turns to social media to seek guidance. After reading his post, several users applauded his girlfriend and made their suggestions. User hello_friendss speak:

“OP’s girlfriend somewhat saved him by showing how willpower can be tested. Buy her a delicious steak dinner! ”

OP was confused about doing a DNA test | Photo: Pexels

Redditor Monday agreed in a comment that read: “Bring a ring to that dinner. Don’t let a partner protecting your interests be put off”. Some say the OP would have almost done the test if it weren’t for his girlfriend’s timely warning. User A_Distant_Snoo Written:

“Agreed, haha. OP definitely dodged a bullet when his girlfriend brought this up. This can easily go south. “

“The fact that John only wanted a DNA test after his grandparents died despite knowing what his mother had claimed for years gives us a big tip,” Redditor vrcraftauthor commented.

John asks OP to take the test two years after grandparent dies | Photo: Pexels

In the end, the OP stated that because his grandparents were cremated, John would not get a chance to prove his paternity. That said, he was relieved not to have to hand over his inheritance to him.

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