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Ukraine Clock: Stop Worrying About WW3

President Biden “blocked the transfer of Polish MiG-29 fighters to Ukraine” and refused to establish a no-fly zone for fear of provoking a “direct confrontation with Russia” – but the fear is misplaced, argues Dov S. Zakheim of The Hill. Indeed, Russian President Vladimir Putin is pursuing “the same strategy in Ukraine that he used against Chechnya in 1999-2000 – namely to wear down the opposition by destroying any semblance of normal life in the local population”. The “last thing Putin wants is all-out nuclear war that would devastate his country and end his dream of reviving” the Russian Empire. America “must stop being terrified by nightmare visions of World War III” and take action.

Libertarian: A Painful Lesson in Misspending

With the White House warning of “looming consequences” unless Congress approves $22 billion for COVID testing and treatment, it’s “a damn shame” that so much federal money for COVID relief funds “is on everything but COVID-aid funds has flowed”. snaps Eric Böhm from Reason. Of more than $5.7 trillion in alleged virus-related spending, the Federal Budget Committee counts “just under $682 billion — less than 12 percent — as ‘healthcare spending’.” That said, there was “a lot of money” to fund this program for the uninsured; Instead, state and local governments, schools, and individuals have been “showered” cash they didn’t really need. Then they spent all that money and more, and “all we got in return was runaway inflation.”

Neocon: An Even Worse Iran Deal

America ‘is sacrificing more to a new deal with Iran than it will gain from such a deal’ Noah Rothman of Fret’s Commentary. Team Biden’s “hunger” for a deal is “already undermining its comprehensive economic blockade of Russia” as it has agreed to some relaxation of sanctions to allow Moscow to “take custody of Iran’s nuclear fuel.” The terms of the new deal are reportedly weaker than the original, “which allowed Iran to preserve its nuclear know-how, left its centrifuges intact, failed to address Iranian missile development, and gave Tehran a free hand to launch proxy attacks across the Middle East.” to perform. Iran will also get sanctions relief, making it “richer, more powerful and more influential in its neighborhood” — and pushing back the estimated breakout time for a “fissile device” by just a whopping six to nine months.

Pandemic Journal: Expert Error

“The medical establishment” presented “an expert consensus” and “marginalized doctors who had different opinions” on COVID, complains Dr. Marty Makary at Fox News. So “how did public health officials fare?” Terrible. “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention argued they would use science to close schools, but many private schools and most schools in Florida and other states stayed open continuously” — with the same COVID results. Studies show “the catastrophic damage” of closures, with children experiencing “significant motor and cognitive decline and a mental health crisis.” And America “remains an international outlier by masking young children,” which had “zero benefit and some harm.” dr Anthony Fauci was particularly hopeless: for months he assumed a surface transmission model when all other deadly coronaviruses became airborne — and even longer downplayed the possibility of a lab leak.

Foreign Desk: Likely frost in Ukraine

“War never has fairytale endings” and “Ukraine War may not end” warns Harry J. Kazianis of Spectator World. Soon “Ukraine will be armed with defensive weapons such as NLAWs, Stinger missiles and possibly air defense systems that will make it very costly for Russia to capture much more territory.” But it will still lack weapons that would allow it to “to go on the offensive and reclaim a lot of ground”. “More and more blood will be shed until both parties see peace as the only way out”. However, it will not be “peace in the traditional sense of the word”: “Ukraine seems destined to become a huge frozen conflict that could be, accidentally or intentionally, reignited at any moment.”

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