Shrimp tensions escalate between Shanae and Elizabeth in ‘The Bachelor’; Clayton got a rose back

NEW YORK – After a long two-week break from “The Bachelor,” we caught Clayton thinking about getting Cassidy’s rose back because he’d heard she might have a “friends-in-kind” situation in home.

Jesse Palmer tells Clayton that there are no rules and that he can get rid of a woman with a commission and get it back if he wants to.


Clayton vs. Cassidy
Clayton pulled Cassidy aside and asked her about it all and she tried her best to explain that she was talking to someone who had no interest in her. Clayton got up and left while Cassidy tried to chase and cry. She went to the bathroom upstairs and sobbed and Clayton mulled over what he should do. Finally, he walked into the bathroom to talk to Cassidy and say there were too many concerns. He put her in a limo and took her home!

Rose Festival
1) Susie (direct dating)
2) Sarah (group day)
3) Eliza
4) Rachel
5) Serenity
6) Sierra
7) Teddi
8) Lyndsey W.
9) Jill

10) Gabby
11) Kira
12) Mara
13) Marlena
14) Genevieve
15) Hunter
16) Melina
17) Elizabeth
18) Shanae

First group day
The next day, Jesse drops a dating card that says: “Serene, Susie, Eliza, Mara, Marlena, Hunter, Genevieve, Jill, I see you.” The women met Clayton in an auditorium where Kaitlyn Bristowe was sitting in a circle of chairs. She read the disclosure statements and asked the women to stand up and talk about their personal experiences. Hunter has talked about how she would train to a grotesque level, change her eye color with contact lenses, and dye all her hair in an attempt to live up to her ex-boyfriend’s expectations. Eliza says she was called anorexic because she was very thin as a child and it took her a long time to feel comfortable and she would even overeat to try to meet certain expectations. Clayton talked about his body image issues as a teenager and how he felt he was too fat. He says he turned his greatest weakness into strength and now he loves himself for who he is.

At the cocktail party, Serene said they never really talked about her growing feelings so being in a group was hard for her to open up. Clayton says he can really relate to that and he adds that he feels a strong connection to her. During his time with Susie, first date from last week, he robbed her for a few secret kisses! He also connects very well with Eliza, he says she’s the most beautiful woman he’s probably ever laid eyes on. It’s no surprise that Clayton gave her a group date rose.

Once a day
The one-of-a-kind dating card has arrived and it’s for Sarah! It reads, “Love is full of surprises.” Sarah and Clayton reunite with former “Bachelorette” Becca Kufrin. She begins her hunt for scavengers around LA in their underwear. Everyone watched as Sarah and Clayton ran around in their skivvies, eating ice cream, looking for clues, and knocking open piñatas with questions inside them. The worst part is when they have to sing their feelings to each other over the microphone, still wearing their underwear. It’s awkward but they seem to be having a great time together.

Shrimp at Home Drama
Meanwhile, there’s a drama going on in the house as Elizabeth makes shrimp and Shanae eats more than half of them. Shanae makes more shrimp and she feels like the other women are ignoring her.

One evening meal
Sarah and Clayton went to the Van Gogh Gallery for a special dinner. It is a beautiful scene! Sarah revealed she was adopted by her parents because her biological parents were both 20 years old and didn’t feel they were ready for a child. She says it will always be a part of her and what she wants in a family is to say yes to great things. She likes that Clayton can see her because of her. “You deserve to be loved and found your person,” Sarah said tearfully to Clayton. “You’re special to me already, and it’s weird.” Clayton says he has his own struggles and insecurities and that he’s so happy they’ve become closer today and he finds her very supportive. He gave her a dating rose! Then a string orchestra played as they danced to Van Gogh’s Starry Night.

Second group day
On the date tag, “Gabby, Rachel, Kira, Melina, Lyndsey, Sierra, Teddi, Elizabeth, Shanae, Love is a beach.” Nicole Eggert appeared to date them on “Baywatch”! They all wear red swimsuits and run on the beach. They went through a series of challenges like applying sunscreen (Shanae just put it on Clayton’s nipples!), CPR, and running slowly. This is awkward to watch, or maybe it’s because of me. Shanae aggressively kisses Clayton after she runs slomo in front of the group. Nicole Eggert chose Gabby as the winner of the challenges. So she had to sit and hang out with the sunburned Clayton a little longer.

During the evening cocktail party, Clayton tells Rachel that the other women are just talking in private and that she shouldn’t worry, he’s also trying to endorse her. Clayton told Gabby how oddly he loved her and that she did her best to talk about all of her classes. Then Clayton was talking about how he burned and she pulled out a bottle of aloe, asked him to take off his shirt and apply it all over his body. Their connection really grows today. Shanae has been dragging Clayton for a while and she wants to make sure she can get him before Elizabeth does. But, instead of using the time to develop her relationship with Clayton, she used it to talk to him about her beef with Elizabeth and feeling bullied in the house. It’s really hopeless.

Of course, Clayton asked Elizabeth what she had to say about being bullied in the house and by her. Elizabeth began to cry as she defended herself. She really didn’t do anything wrong and was just fed up with the whole situation. Other women have criticized Shanae for keeping the makeup under control. In the end, he gave Gabby the group’s day commission. Later, Clayton told the women that he would deal with Elizabeth and Shanae’s situation before the rose ceremony.

Next week
Shanae’s tension with the house is at its peak and it seems to flare up into another group date.

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