Set in a “Wild West” town “held for ransom” by gun-wielding drug gangs, where cops are “too scared” to catch crooks

FEARED residents believe their town is being “held for ransom” by rampaging drug gangs – even claiming the cops are TOO SCARED to show up.

Angry gangs bring misery to the locals in Caldmore and Palfrey in Walsall, West Midlands.

The residents of Caldmore and Palfery feel abandoned


The residents of Caldmore and Palfery feel abandonedPhoto credit: SnapperSK
Mohammed Alil, a real estate agent, claims there is still a lot of interest in the area


Mohammed Alil, a real estate agent, claims there is still a lot of interest in the areaPhoto credit: SnapperSK
Heaps of rubbish lie near houses and shops


Heaps of rubbish lie near houses and shopsPhoto credit: SnapperSK

Local residents claim that yobs brazenly walk the streets brandishing bats and machetes, while addicts openly take drugs on the streets.

A kebab shop has been blown up by gunmen in broad daylight, and junkies are even lining up outside a supposed crack den to get their daily fix.

Ex-soldier Steve Brain, 47, told the Sun: “To be honest I would feel safer in Ukraine now.

“I walk around here and it scares me. Two months ago I saw a group of guys attack a guy with bats and a machete.

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“I called the police and nobody showed up – not a single officer.

“The police just don’t come here. You see more traffic cops than cops.

“My mother always said that after 10 p.m. there were only robbers and gendarmes. But here it’s just the robbers – no cops. It’s like they’re too scared to interfere.”

Weary locals say they have been plagued by hit-and-runs, dangerous driving and a rise in vehicle thefts.

They believe the crime spike is related to two warring drug gangs in the area.

In February, Mr Brain was having his hair cut when he saw gunmen enter the K2 kebab shop and open fire.

He added: “I’ve been to the hairdresser’s. Two guys walked in and just went bang bang bang.

“Then they just casually walked out like they went in to buy some chips.

“It was as bold as you want. The place is like in the wild west – it’s disgusting.

“There was no way I would come out after 10 p.m. I saw a guy just walking down the street who was pinned against the wall and hit his head for no reason.

Locals are sometimes too scared to leave their homes


Locals are sometimes too scared to leave their homesPhoto credit: SnapperSK
They claim that cops never come into the area out of fear


They claim that cops never come into the area out of fearPhoto credit: SnapperSK

“Decent people are being blackmailed here.”

Bustling Caldmore Road has become a haven for anti-social behavior, with locals afraid to leave their homes.

Some residents, too afraid to be named for fear of being attacked, say police are rarely seen.

They say the epicenter is a drug den operating within sight, which is jokingly “the busiest shop in Walsall”.

One said: “They will start at 4am, line up outside and yell and yell for drugs.

“They’ll put the windows in if they don’t get what they want.

“The other day there was a woman who literally threw bricks off the windows. I called the police but they didn’t come.”


Last year, the area recorded nearly 1,000 crimes in two months.

In June and July last year, 874 offenses were recorded during the crime wave, according to the official Police.UK database.

This month a woman was stabbed to death near a children’s school in Palfrey and in January a man was seriously injured in a gunfight from a car in broad daylight.

In July last year, two men aged 30 and 31 were stabbed to death on the street in Caldmore Green.

But crime statistics for the postcode show few crimes recorded by police in recent months, and just six so far this year.

Despite local residents’ fears, only 32 crimes have been recorded since last year’s huge spike.

Many believe cops are too scared to come when called, making it a “no go” area.

Another local who lives near the drug haven added: “Addicts go there as often as they go to the stores.

“She works quite openly and the police are really struggling with that.

“The weather is pretty bad at the moment but you can often see them out on the lawn doing their thing.

“It’s totally in sight – they don’t care if they’re seen.”

Crime statistics for the postcode show hardly any crimes recorded by the police in recent months and only six so far this year.

Still, real estate agent Mohammed Ali, 48, said houses in the area are still in demand – despite the problems. He recently sold a three-bed semi-detached house for £200,000.

Great Move Estate Agents’ Mr Ali admitted: “There is absolutely anti-social behavior and criminal issues. There are problems with drug trafficking, mostly violent crime, gang crime.

Demand is probably around 40% higher than other areas of Walsall.

Mohammed Ali, real estate agent

“It’s a mix of drug dealers and violent gangs.

“But apart from that, property prices are still very good. There is a very high demand due to the existing facilities for different ethnic backgrounds, the mix of shops and places of worship.

“Demand is probably about 40% higher than other areas of Walsall. Everything that comes up here goes immediately. I’ve had people asking to pay under the table to get the property.

“So despite the problems, people still want to live here.”

A community group this week issued a “blank crime” alert in Caldmore and Palfrey, where the council’s signs warning of cracking down on anti-social behavior have faded and weathered.

In an anonymous statement, they said: “Residents live in fear in their own homes. They feel unsafe when they go out, even to the shops or the park, and walk around the area.

“They are afraid to report crimes and speak out because they don’t have protection.

“They fear they will be targeted if they speak out. The residents can no longer live normally and relaxed in their own four walls as they used to.”

West Midlands Police say they are working on the problems


West Midlands Police say they are working on the problemsPhoto credit: SnapperSK

Walsall Police Chief Superintendent Phil Dolby said: “Everyone has the right to feel safe in their homes and in the communities in which they live.

“We’re working with Neighborhood Watch and Street Watch groups to get a clear picture of the issues that are affecting people the most.

“This information, along with our own intelligence, means we are conducting targeted operations and patrols to address concerns such as violence, burglary and vehicle crime.

“It’s important that we listen to our communities, and we really value the information they provide.

“I intend to hold a public meeting soon so we can better understand people’s concerns and take action.

“We also do a lot of work with schools to prevent juvenile delinquency and work with the West Midlands Violence and Reduction Unit.

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“Together with the Council’s Community Safety Team, I am committed to keeping people safe and reducing crime.

“We actually saw a more than 10 percent drop in overall crime in Caldmore and Palfrey. We know there is still more work to be done, but we remain committed to continuing to reduce crime across the county.” Set in a “Wild West” town “held for ransom” by gun-wielding drug gangs, where cops are “too scared” to catch crooks

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