Scientists have just scanned MILLIONS of stars for signs of aliens – and the results are

ONE of the world’s most sensitive telescopes has been looking for signs of alien life in the stars.

Three Australian researchers used it to hunt for aliens in the Milky Way.

The study was carried out using a telescope in the Australian desert


The study was carried out using a telescope in the Australian desertCredit: MWA Partnership / Curtin University

They focused their attention on the galactic center and listened to the “alien specification”.

A technical signature is a measurable effect that can be used as evidence of past or present technology.

For example, the right telescope can technically pick up radio waves that suggest they come from an alien source rather than from natural causes.

The researchers examined 144 planets outside our solar system and billions of stars.

They listened for seven hours but unfortunately didn’t hear anything out of the ordinary or out of the ordinary.

The researchers used the Murchison Widefield Array (MWA), which is an Earth-based radio telescope that can search deep space.

It is made up of 4,096 spider-like antennas and can be found in the Australian desert.

Details of the study appeared this week on arXiv.

It has also been accepted for publication in the journal Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia.

The MWA may have found no sign of the aliens this time, but it’s likely to be used again in a similar hunt.

The telescope was used for similar research but it did not study a large number of exoplanets until this particular project.

Scientists love to hunt for other planets in the hope of finding one like ours as this could indicate life.

It’s also possible that alien life exists in a way we don’t fully understand or is sending out signals that we don’t have the technology to pick up.

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