Roman Abramovich ‘to SELL Chelsea despite sanctions’, Blues ‘face financial ruin’ as Barclays freeze club account

CHELSEA could face financial ruin after having a number of their corporate accounts frozen by ‘risk-averse’ banks.

Barclays are one of the banks to have suspended the Blues account.

And it has been reported that Roman Abramovich has given the green light to a sale of Chelsea with bids to be taken next week.

This is despite the Russian not being able to earn a penny from any sale due to sanctions.

In his press conference, boss Thomas Tuchel admitted that many players and staff were worried about their futures.

But there has been some good news for Chelsea fans as Nike are reportedly set to stand-by their kit deal with the club.

Meanwhile the Blues may be allowed to continue selling tickets to non-season ticket holders and away fans if they donate the profits from the sales to victims of the war in Ukraine.

Roman Abramovich has been BANNED from selling the club by the government amid sanctions on Russian oligarchs.

Shirt sponsor Three have also suspended their deal with the Blues, asking for their logo not to appear on shirts for the foreseeable future.

It comes as New York Jets owner Woody Johnson and a private Saudi consortium had joined the race to buy the club.

Billionaire Abramovich is said to have had over 300 parties express their interest in buying the Blues he values at £3billion.


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  • Gallagher in talks with Chelsea

    Crystal Palace loanee Conor Gallagher has confirmed that he is still in contact with his parent club Chelsea.

    Gallagher has impressed in the Premier League while on loan at Selhurst Park this season.

    And a return to Stamford Bridge can’t be ruled out amid the Blues’ financial crisis.

    Gallagher told the Evening Standard: “Chelsea talk to me and keep an eye on me”

  • Green light to sell

    Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has given the green light for the sale of the club to go ahead with bids now expected to be considered by the end of next week.

    According to the Telegraph, Abramovich has instructed the merchant bank Raine to go ahead with the sale, despite being hit by sanctions that effectively take the process out of his hands.

    That is very promising news for the fans, as the Blues were facing financial ruin had the Russian pulled the plug on the sale.

    Both Raine and the west Londoners have held talks with the UK government over how the sale can go ahead and have agreed that the preferred bidder and the use of profit from the sale will require government approval

  • Frank Lampard’s message

    Everton manager Frank Lampard reacted to the current events surrounding his former club Chelsea.

    Lampard said: “”I don’t know the specifics about it other than what I read.

    “But I managed there for nearly two years and played there for more than 13.

    “I care about the fact the fans who were at the beginning, before and will be after”

  • Tuchel on sanctions

    Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel believes it is “way too early” for conclusions following the government’s sanctions on owner Roman Abramovich.

    Tuchel said: “It’s maybe way too early to talk about it. I don’t know exactly the rules about the current situation and I think, as the statement said from the club, there are negotiations and talks going on about the licence. So let’s see what’s coming.

    “It makes not a lot of sense for me to comment on the situation now and give an outlook to the future in the summer.

    “I trust in everybody who is in charge, I trust people who are in charge in the government to find a solution that keeps us going through the season, and gives us the possibility to be in charge of our actions in the summer.

    “I think this is what we can do now. We were all surprised by the news and it is too early to have an outlook on the summer I guess”

  • Government on Chelsea sale

    The government is adamant they will refuse any sort of sale involving Chelsea if Roman Abramovich profited in any way.

    Digital minister Chris Philip revealed: “As the licence conditions are written today the sale would not be allowed.

    “If a buyer emerged then it would be open to that buyer or to the football club to approach the Government and asked for the licence conditions to be varied in a way that allowed that sale to take place.

    “But to be clear, no proposal would be accepted which saw the proceeds of any sale ending up in an unrestricted bank account owned by Abramovich.

    “He can’t benefit from the proceeds of any sale”

  • More background info

    Chelsea staff are fearful of what’s next following the government’s sanctions on owner Roman Abramovich, which leave the club in financial turmoil.

    A source told The Athletic: “People are worried about their jobs. No one knows what’s going on.”

    Chelsea chiefs have asked the government to ease sanctions to allow them to sell the club in a desperate bid to avoid going bankrupt.

    And the government will allow Abramovich to pass on ownership of the club as long as he doesn’t see a single penny from the sale

  • Get the Chel out

    A Chelsea star’s agent is wondering if they can get their client out of Stamford Bridge in the summer after the sanctions imposed on owner Roman Abramovich.

    Staff and players were left stunned by the bombshell sanctions – which currently prevent Abramovich from cashing in on the club and players being bought or sold.

    And prior to the full list of sanctions being unveiled, one Chelsea ace’s agent asked The Athletic: “Can I still get him out of there in the summer?”

    As it stands, the only players who are set to leave Stamford Bridge in the summer are those who will be out of contract at the end of the campaign.

    And a close friend of a senior player reckons the west Londoners’ out-of-contract stars will be thrilled they didn’t commit their futures to the club.

    They said: “I bet they are delighted they haven’t signed anything now. They can get away from this mess”

  • Free agents’ status

    Chelsea aces Antonio Rudiger, Andreas Christensen and Cesar Azpilicueta look set to become free agents as the Blues won’t be able to hand out new contracts as per sanctions imposed on Roman Abramovich.

    According to Fabrizio Romano, Rudiger has been targeted by three clubs whereas Christensen and Azpilicueta could join Barcelona.

    Romano tweeted: “Chelsea contracts situation. Andreas Christensen has decided to join Barca.

    “Rudiger has been approached by three clubs and he will decide soon. Azpilicueta has Barca proposal on the table [until 2024].

    “Jorginho was waiting for an answer – his deal runs out in 2023”

  • Chelsea’s Rud Awakening

    Antonio Rudiger has been approached by three clubs amid sanctions imposed on Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich.

    Abramovich had his assets frozen by the government on Thursday morning due to his alleged ties with president Vladimir Putin.

    According to Fabrizio Romano, Rudiger has been approached by three clubs and will decide his future soon.

    The Germany international has previously been linked with Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain and Real Madrid

  • Just do it

    Nike will remain partnered with Chelsea despite owner Roman Abramovich’s government sanctions.

    It comes after shirt sponsors Three announced they are suspending their deal with the Blues on Thursday.

    But according to The Athletic, kit manufactures Nike have told the west Londoners they will stick by them despite suggestions they were considering the partnership.

    The two parties agreed a 15-year, £900million deal back in 2016 as Adidas were replaced.

    With nine years remaining, it meant Chelsea would have lost £540m if Nike, who make match kits, training gear and replica kits, walked away.

  • New Chelsea logo?

    Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel would be happy if the club displayed a peace message on the front of their shirts.

    This comes after mobile phone company Three has suspended its shirt sponsorship with the club and has asked for its logo to be removed.

    The logo still appeared on the front of the shirts for Thursday’s 3-1 victory at Norwich but it will be removed ahead of Sunday’s home game with Newcastle.

    Tuchel said: “We can always wear a message for peace. It can never be the wrong message.

    “When it’s a big storm you dig in, you hold together, you stay strong and go through it. But a message for peace can never be wrong”

  • Rule of three

    Chelsea have received three bids from American-led groups looking to buy the club amid sanctions imposed on owner Roman Abramovich.

    Abramovich can still sell the Blues despite his assets being frozen as ‘an application for a licence to sell the club would be considered’ by the government.

    The Russian would not see any of the cash – instead, he would have to hand over the whole process to the UK government, who then would determine where the money goes.

    According to the Telegraph, Raine, the New York-based bank handling a potential sale, have received almost 150 enquiries but so far three have emerged as the most serious and all are from the US.

    Todd Boehly, together with Hansjorg Wyss and another businessman, have made an official offer between £2billion and £2.5bn.

    The other two parties are the Ricketts family, who own the Chicago Cubs, and New York Jets owner Woody Johnson.

  • Solhekol addresses Chelsea account freeze

    Sky Sports reporter Kaveh Solhekol reported: “Chelsea’s bank accounts with Barclays have been temporarily suspended.

    “We have been told that Barclays need time to assess the licence that Chelsea have been given that allows Chelsea to continue their football related activities.

    “Chelsea are hopeful that the suspension put in place by Barclays will be lifted shortly.

    “But the issue Barclays have got is the bank account is in the name of Chelsea. Chelsea are owned by Roman Abramovich.

    “He is sanctioned by the UK Government. No one in the UK, including Barclays, is allowed to do business with Roman Abramovich.

    “If they give Chelsea access to those accounts, how can they be sure that Chelsea will only spend that money on what the Government have said Chelesea are allowed to spend their money on.

    “This is very, very serious for Chelsea. Even though we are being told they hope the suspension will be lifted shortly”

  • ‘Bank accounts frozen’

    Chelsea’s bank accounts have reportedly been frozen to leave them in financial uncertainty following the sanctions placed on owner Roman Abramovich.

    That is according to The Times, who state sources at the Premier League club, who were given a licence to still operate, have ‘warned the club’s corporate accounts, including credit cards, have been frozen’ as the banks are being ‘risk-averse’.

    The source was quoted as saying: “The licence allows the club to continue with day-to-day activities but the banks don’t have the risk appetite for it.

    “They’ve frozen some of the corporate credit cards. It’s put a lot more pressure on the club”

  • Sale term reminder

    Roman Abramovich has been given 81 days to sell Chelsea or risk the club folding, according to SunSport’s Martin Lipton.

    Chelsea face a £106million financial black hole — with shirt sponsors Three suspending their £40m-a-year contract, and £66m of Premier League and UEFA prize money set to be withheld.

    And the ‘licence’ that will allow the club to play on to the end of the season will NOT be renewed unless Abramovich, who valued the club at £3bn, agrees a sale and walks away without a penny.

    The Blues have been told a deal must be agreed before the licence runs out on May 31 to guarantee the survival of the club

  • On shirt notice

    Three have suspended their £120million shirt sponsorship contract with Chelsea after the UK government’s crackdown on owner Roman Abramovich.

    A statement read: “In light of the Government’s recently-announced sanctions, we have requested Chelsea Football Club temporarily suspend our sponsorship of the club including the removal our brand from the and around the stadium until further notice.

    “We recognise that this decision will impact the many fans who follow their team passionately.

    “However, we feel that given the circumstance, and the Government sanction that is in place, it is the right thing to do.

    “As a mobile network, the best way we can support the people of Ukraine is to ensure refugees arriving in the UK from the conflict and customers currently in Ukraine can stay connected to the people who matter to them.

    “Therefore, we are offering connectivity packages to all Ukrainians arriving in the UK, and those in the Ukraine”

  • Chelsea official statement

    Chelsea broke their silence yesterday with the below statement after owner Roman Abramovich was hit with sanctions by the UK government following Russia’s unjust invasion of Ukraine.

    It read: “By virtue of his 100 per cent ownership of Chelsea FC plc and affiliated entities, Chelsea FC would normally be subject to the same sanctions regime as Mr Abramovich.

    “However, the UK Government has issued a general licence that permits Chelsea FC to continue certain activities.

    “We will fulfil our men’s and women’s team fixtures today against Norwich and West Ham, respectively, and intend to engage in discussions with the UK Government regarding the scope of the licence.

    “This will include seeking permission for the licence to be amended in order to allow the Club to operate as normal as possible.

    “We will also be seeking guidance from the UK Government on the impact of these measures on the Chelsea Foundation and its important work in our communities.

    “The Club will update further when it is appropriate to do so”

  • Juventus open talks with Rudiger

    Juventus have opened negotiations with Antonio Rudiger over a free transfer.

    Calciomercato claims the Italians are eager to land Chelsea’s star defender when his contract expires this summer.

    Rudiger is believed to have firm offers from three top clubs so far.

    And Juventus are also keen on signing Blues teammate Christian Pulisic.

  • Prem XI of free agents

    Numerous Premier League stars are out of contract this summer.

    And together, they make a pretty impressive starting XI.

    Would this team be able to win the title?

  • Rangnick urges caution over Chelsea

    Ralf Rangnick has warned about a pile-on against Roman Abramovich.

    The Man Utd boss said: “I don’t have enough inside info to speak about what’s happening at Chelsea. If you look at the bigger picture it’s just a human tragedy and I very, very much hope in the next days and weeks they can find a peaceful solution.

    “Anyone in this room or wherever, could anybody foresee what was happening there in the last three or four weeks. Nobody could expect that to happen.

    “We should be very careful to blame somebody for that, Roman Abramovich has been the owner at Chelsea, but also at Arsenal and Everton there were ownership shares by Russian oligarchs.

    “Right now, in England and Germany and other European counties, it does not affect us directly yet. But I would be surprised if the war went on if it doesn’t affect us.”

  • Tuchel backs new shirt logo

    Thomas Tuchel will be happy if the club displays a peace message on the front of their shirts.

    Mobile phone company Three has suspended its shirt sponsorship with the club and has asked for its logo to be removed.

    He said: “We can always wear a message for peace. It can never be the wrong message. 

    “When it’s a big storm you dig in, you hold together, you stay strong and go through it. But a message for peace can never be wrong.”

  • Breaking – ‘mass clear-out’ at Chelsea

    Premier League rivals are on red alert, with experts predicting Chelsea will be forced into selling top stars to stay afloat.

    The Blues are facing a financial blackhole, which could allow the likes of Man Utd and Arsenal to plunder their squad.

    Footy financial expert Rob Wilson told Sky Sports: “I think that’s the real threat for the football club.

    “If we park the potential administration if they can’t pay those players over the short term, I think over the summer we’re going to see a number of players having to, probably, be sold.

    “Chelsea lost over £400million over the last five years, notwithstanding Covid.

    “So the fundamentals of the club are not particularly great and those players may well move on.”

  • Tuchel odds to United slashed

    Bookies have slashed the odds on Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel becoming Man United’s next manager.

    But ex-Spurs gaffer Mauricio Pochettino is favourite, with the Argentine expected to be axed by PSG.

    • Mauricio Pochettino – 6/4
    • Erik ten Hag – 11/4
    • Thomas Tuchel – 7/2
    • Antonio Conte – 10/1
    • Ralf Rangnick – 16/1
    • Diego Simeone – 20/1
    • Simone Inzaghi – 20/1

    *Odds according to Betfair

  • Tuchel remains focused on job

    Thomas Tuchel admits all he can do is to try and help Chelsea keep winning amid uncertainty over the club’s future.

    He said: “Always, the best way is to carry on winning. Also, for us, it’s maybe in the moment a bit more difficult because of the noise. 

    “But we can still enjoy what we are doing and we must still follow the responsibility to give everything, and what we demand of ourselves. 

    “This is what we do and I’m happy we can still produce results and performances. We will be on it again to be ready for Sunday.”

  • Tuchel admits Chelsea players ‘scared’

    Thomas Tuchel claims Chelsea players and staff are “frightened” and “scared” over the crisis which has gripped the club.

    The German said: “Some players will feel uncertainty. Some maybe will be a bit frightened. Some will be concerned. It’s normal. And not only the players.

    “We have a lot of people on the staff, in the club who are maybe also worried and scared and uncertain. 

    “That’s why it’s very important that we keep the trust and the belief in the training centre, in all of us. 

    “We rely on ourselves and in the end allow ourselves to be the guys who take care of the sport. We did not cause the situation. We cannot solve the situation.” Roman Abramovich ‘to SELL Chelsea despite sanctions’, Blues ‘face financial ruin’ as Barclays freeze club account


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