Riot Games reveals VGU and Themed Improvements poll winners

On Friday, Riot Games revealed the winners of the polls for the next visual and gameplay update (VGU) and interface themed improvements. The company has announced that Skarner has won the VGU vote by a landslide and will be remade for all his abilities and visuals. Likewise, the Gothic leather line won by a large margin the leather-themed innovation poll in every area.

It has become a tradition for Riot to hold this poll every year allowing players to voice their opinion on the older and less popular champions on the list of League of Legends champions.

In January, Riot asked League of Legends players to vote in the annual vote for VGU and improve thematic skins. The five contenders for VGU are Kog’Maw, Nocturne, Shyvana, Skarner and Tryndamere, while Arclight, Gothic and Infernal are nominated for an overhaul of themed skin lines. Polls take place from January 7 to 19 inside the game.

Shurima’s crystallized scorpion is a crowd favourite

Although many consider Shyvana the clear favorite to win the polls for VGU, the polling statistics indicate that Skarner won by a rather high margin with 33.4% of the vote. , while Shyvana only got 19.6%.

Champions Ryan Lead Producer”Reav3“Mireles said:”We’re incredibly excited that Skarner won the VGU vote, as we think he has a lot of potential to be something truly special on the League roster. We’ve tried a smaller rework of Skarner’s kits in the past, but it never really increased his play speed, so we’ll be looking for a big reboot of the kits, themes and his image (similar to Sion and Urgot). We’ll find a way to prevent his abduction in some form, but if not, we’ll rebuild him from scratch.

Mireles hinted that Riot will dive deeper into the lore of Skarner and that the community can expect to see more input into the plot and universe of the ancient Brackern race.

Shyvana is a strong candidate for the next VGU

Mireles also acknowledged the community’s frustration after Shyvana finished second in the poll, just like in the past. Riot recognized the need to overhaul half-dragon’s visuals and abilities and announced that she’s a “Strong Opponent” for a future VGU.

Call Shyvana “Forever Bridesmaids” Mireles said, “Like many of you, we really want to see her updated because an evil half-dragon teleporter has so much potential. As you know, we don’t vote for every VGU, like with Mundo. So while we can’t promise that Shyvana will be the next big VGU we do, she’s a pretty strong candidate for the next we explore beyond the VGU voting.. ”

Gothic leather line wins the polls

The results of the poll shared by Riot showed that the Gothic skin line brought in the highest number of votes in the themed improvement. It obtained 49.4% of the vote, while the Arclight and Infernal skin lines received only 25.1% and 25.5% of the vote, respectively.

Riot thanks the community for their valuable comments and feedback regarding the future of League of Legends. Skarner VGU currently doesn’t have an official release date, but players can look for updates on the remake throughout this season. It will also be interesting to see where Riot goes with Gothic skins as the company hasn’t released anything from this skin line in quite a while. Riot Games reveals VGU and Themed Improvements poll winners

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