Republican voters really don’t “believe” the big lie about January 6 – they’re in the loop

Of the 725 people arrested so far for the January 6 uprising incited by Donald Trump, perhaps one of the most remarkable stories is about the first person convicted, Anna Morgan-Lloyd. On Facebook, Morgan-Lloyd’s attitude about participating in a violent attempt to overthrow democracy was jubilant, declaring it “the best day ever”. But, when faced with the possibility of jail time, she has masterfully escaped punishment by pretending to be reformed. After talking about all the research she did in prison on the importance of democracy and the evils of fascism – she even claims to have seen “Schindler’s List” – Morgan-Lloyd turned on the water supply works.

The action worked. Morgan-Lloyd was hit with a slap on the wrist, received a suspended sentence without jail time. The judge seemed to really believe the story that she was tricked into Nazism and found redemption through the magic of learning. This is why he later gets angry when he learns that Morgan-Lloyd’s heartbreaking display of remorse was pointless. Indeed, just one day after she was given a light sentence that Morgan-Lloyd lied on Fox News, saying “we didn’t see anyone messing up anything” and that the rioters were “really very polite.”

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Reality, rioters caused $1.5 million in damage, nearly 140 officers were injuredand lost control to the point of five people died at the scene. Many of the officers protecting the Capitol from violent mobs is still paying the price one year later. Six months after the uprising, 17 people are still resting due to injury. Four people committed suicide in the last year. As Officer Michael Fanone testified of that day, “I’m sure I yelled, but I don’t think I could even hear my own voice.”

So is Morgan-Lloyd delusional? Doesn’t she have eyes in her head? Was she unable to clearly see the violence in the vast amount of photographic and video evidence of the day? Of course not. As the judge who sentenced her later noted in giving a harsher sentence to another rioter, the hope that her words were true were quickly “dissipated”.

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The lesson here is clear and must be stated: Fascists lie. Such is the nature of authoritarian ideology, which does not value goodwill discourse in a democracy. Indeed, they denigrate democracy, or, as the Capitol rioters have reported, they shit on it. All the fascists respect is power and domination. Lying, if any, is highly valued in authoritarian ideology because lying is an expression of power. Lying to others – a judge, a journalist, a social media randos – is a show of domination for them and contempt for their petty attachment to Enlightenment values.

The bad belief that the language of fascism is not a new claim. Famous Jean-Paul Sartre that the fascists considered lying a delicious joke “because it is their enemy who is obliged to use words responsibly, because he believes in words.” All of which is why it’s important not to take it for granted when Republicans claim to “believe” various lies surrounding Trump’s attempted coup, from claims that the election was “stolen” to the justifications for the behavior of the rioters that day. Not available.

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Unfortunately, the word “believe” is still spoken by Republican voters in various senseless coups. “Republicans who watch Fox News are more likely to believe false theories about January 6” featured a Washington Post headline about a Monday morning analysis of the new poll about what Americans say about the uprising. “What makes someone think the 2020 election has been stolen?” Philip Bump writes in the opening paragraph.

However, it is important to note that there is good reason to believe that Republicans don’t really believe the election was stolen. Nor should one assume that they were legitimately deceived by telling poll participants lies such as “Trump didn’t provoke it” or “that’s protesting” or “the protesters was peaceful” or “the attack was justifiable”. As Heather “Digby” Parton noted Monday, “78% of Republicans now believe that Trump bears little or no responsibility for the attack, which is contradictory because they also claim to believe the mob is defending democracy.”

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The contradictions between these professed beliefs reflect the conflicting lies that are pouring out of Fox News. Tucker Carlson, the most adamant rewrite in coup history, seamlessly switches between denied that the riot was an uprising, declare that the uprising is a “false flag” orchestrated by the FBI and antifa, and claim that the rebels have been justified. That each statement contradicts the other doesn’t matter because Carlson doesn’t believe it, and neither does his audience. They engaged in a collective act of popularization and incitement, deliberately filling the discourse with noise so that they never had to really defend their true beliefs about what insurrection really was.

So what is that true belief? It’s hard to say exactly under all that fuss, but the most understandable is that democracy is a threat to white supremacy, so democracy must be ended. This deeper, indescribable belief emerges from time to time. We see it when Carlson claims to oppose Trump’s coup attempt and the uprising was an attack on “legitimacy Americans,” his latest euphemism for conservative whites who he believed should be considered the only legitimate Americans.

As media issues recorded at the end of DecemberFox News, and Carlson in particular, spent much of 2021 hyping neo-Nazi the “great alternative” theory. The theory begins with the assumption that white conservatives are entitled to become the dominant class in the United States. From there, the demographic changes are presented as a colossal conspiracy against whites. The neo-Nazis made it clear that the Jews were plotting to “replace” white Christians with people of color they were supposed to be able to control. The Fox News team enlivens that by saying it’s “elite” or “globalists”. Either way, the same conspiracy theory emerges around the right-wing media ecology and creates a structure that allows conservative whites to view racial diversity as an act of deliberate aggression. . It is used to justify their acceptance of fascism and violence as an act of self-defense. This was also the game the Nazis played by accusing the Jews of secret conspiracies – and it was also general purpose.

That’s why it’s so important to give up hope that Republicans are just delusional when they’re parroting the Big Lie. When the sentencing judge Anna Morgan-Lloyd learns of her remorse, dictators will say whatever they feel is necessary to shirk responsibility, whether the consequences come in the form of a prison sentence or simply is simply being pointed out by someone that they are racist. Fascists lie, especially to pollsters, who are seen as part of the “elite” of the pro-democracy forces they are trying to destroy. Seeing who they are is the first step to effectively combating them.–theyre-in-on-the-con/ Republican voters really don’t “believe” the big lie about January 6 – they’re in the loop

Huynh Nguyen

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