Putin’s army is dwindling and other comments


War Show: The Top-Down Problems of Putin’s Army

Russia has lost “at least five generals fighting in Ukraine in less than a month” thanks to “communication failures and lack of discipline among . . . Conscript troops” that “have made it more difficult to relay orders to the front lines,” Jack Detsch reports at Foreign Policy. The “probably highest mortality rate” of Russian general officers “since World War II” makes “the military less capable of action and more deadlocked”. The invasion marks “the largest deployment of Russian forces” since the fall of the USSR, larger even than the Soviet war in Afghanistan. And Russia relies more on “strict top-down orders. . . than Western militaries,” “by involving senior officers in the heart of tactical decisions.” Says US Adm. (ret.) James Foggo: “They kind of fuel it. That breaks up into an undisciplined rabble.”

Pick: Biden’s Fossil-Fuel Fudge

President Biden has never been “cautious about wanting to destroy America’s energy sector.” reminiscent of Matt Purple from Spectator World, and when he was elected, he nominated people like John Kerry “who wanted to do just that.” But after the “Keystone” pipeline shutdown and the “freeze on fracking on federal land,” Biden whirls around and says, “Change of plans!” because they charge too much for fossil fuels.” It’s like, “Carrie Nation walks into a saloon and wonders why there aren’t more Kentucky single malts.” Why the price panic? “America is and will always be an auto culture,” and “fueling” is “a regular and heavy hit.” With halftime still months away, “even Team Biden understands that.”

Foreign editorial office: Russia is dying

Far beyond its losses in Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, Russia is “really, really screwed in the long term – say a generation” states Jim Geraghty of National Review. Its population fell by 1 million in 2021, “a staggering number that reflects the combination of an aging population, a low birth rate” and the pandemic. Add to this “the continuing exodus of Russians who can emigrate,” including more than 200,000 since the invasion began, and estimated wartime casualties of already “7,000 to 15,000 . . . young men who will not return home and start families.” And climate change threatens “the regions from which much of Russia’s oil and natural gas exports come.” Overall, “The Russia of 2030 is likely to be weaker than the Russia of today on several fronts, and the Russia of 2040 even weaker.”

Culture Critic: We need transgames

“I have no prejudice against men who want to identify as women” writes Ayaan Hirsi Ali at UnHerd, but that does not mean that “biological women should be forced to accept the participation of trans women in their athletic competitions.” There are “more than 3,000 genes that contribute to muscle differences between males and females,” and “many developments from puberty are permanent.” No wonder University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas, who switched to women mid-career, placed 65th “when competing in the men’s 500-yard freestyle” but “competing against women.” took first place”. We “need a trans-Olympics” so that such individuals “can compete with eligible peers.” Otherwise, “biological women could be pushed out of the sport altogether.”

Un-PC Comic: COVID ‘idiocy’ catches on

“COVID itself is fading, but the idiocy isn’t.” laments Bill Maher about “The Adam Carolla Show.“I still see people with masks, young people, outside, the people [who say,] ‘The science.’ There’s no science for that, you idiot. you won’t get it [COVID] Outside. And you are young. And the thing is mild now, and it’s fucking almost.” Yes, there will be another variant; That’s how viruses work. And yes, we should have compassion for the people who have suffered. “But the madness of it – when people get scared, when you incite this mass hysteria, which is what we’ve done. . . . Young!”

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