Putin sends 20 warships and 1,000 parachutes to border as he ‘plots to attack Kiev’

Russia has deployed 20 warships and an estimated 1,000 elite paratroopers amid fears they could be used for a flash attack on Kiev near the border with Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin gathered 127,000 troops on the neighboring country’s border amid warnings of a Russian invasion could cause World War III.

Many naval ships have been deployed from Crimean ports


Many naval ships have been deployed from Crimean ports
Tarpaulin-covered vehicle of Russia's elite airborne troops


Tarpaulin-covered vehicle of Russia’s elite airborne troopsCredit: East2West
Russia's airborne troops are seen during a previous exercise


Russia’s airborne troops are seen during a previous exerciseCredit: Getty – Contributor

Putin has deployed 20 warships to the Black Sea Fleet from the Crimean ports of Sevastopol and Novorossiysk for the second time in three days.

The sources claim that their latest war games involve frigates, patrol boats, rocket ships and amphibious ships over fears that a potential attack could play out on multiple matrix.

“The ship’s crews will conduct a number of exercises and training in communication organization, safe maneuvering in multi-channel areas and air defense organization at sea,” a statement said. of the Black Sea Fleet said.

Elsewhere, the Kremlin has increased its forces on the land border with Ukraine with the rollout of the 217 Guards Crack Parachute regiment of the 98th Airborne Division.

The deployment was reported by independent Russian researchers known as the Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT).

They pointed to a video showing the canvas-covered BMD-4M airborne combat vehicles and the BTR-MDM armored personnel carriers.

This is the first confirmed video of paratroopers moving near the border with Ukraine.

“In any large-scale attack on Ukrainian territory, the Airborne Forces must play a decisive role.”

Since then, the CIT has consulted reports that one Russian tactic could be a quick push into Ukraine, with possibly setting up a pro-Kremlin puppet government.

“We consider an attack from the territory of Belarus and/or the Bryansk region in the direction of the Ukrainian capital as at least one of the possible scenarios for Russia’s actions in Ukraine.”

Russia The exercises were held with the Yars intercontinental ballistic missile transport ships lurking in the Ivanovo region, as part of the strategic missile force exercises.

Elsewhere, in the Rostov region, which borders Ukraine, the 150th Motorized Infantry Division held “combat readiness exercises” with more than 1,000 troops.

It comes as Boris Johnson warns of Russia’s plans for a “lightning war” that could take down Kiev amid reports its military was in Ukraine.

The British Prime Minister has pledged that British troops will join Nato forces in Europe to help defend Ukraine if Russia dares to invade.

Other members of the alliance – including Denmark, Spain, Bulgaria and the Netherlands – are sending more fighter jets and warships to Eastern Europe to bolster defenses in the region.

The US has also placed 8,500 troops on alert for short-term deployment, which Russia says has caused “great concern”.


Isabel Sawkins, a researcher at the Henry Jackson Society, thinks any potential conflict in Eastern Europe would not be limited to its borders.

She told The Sun: “The crisis has the potential to extend its tentacles to all parts of the world.”

Analysts say Putin is now almost certain to launch a limited offensive in the next 10 days – possibly including one against the population of three million in the Ukrainian capital.

The Kremlin’s mighty force of 127,000 troops, tanks, artillery and missile batteries along with fighter jets and drones besieged the border with its pro-Western neighbor after negotiations peace failed.

He’s also ready to compose favorite “war toy” War in Ukraine – including robotic tanks, kamikaze stealth drones, and parachute dogs.


He hopes a flash victory will spur him back home after being stymied by the thriving economy and the woes of Covid.

Military sources say another 30 trains have poured into Ukraine’s pro-Putin neighbor Belarus in recent days – and 200 more are likely to follow.

The move – claimed to be for “military exercises” in Belarus – has raised alarm in Kiev, just 100 miles from the Belarusian border.

The conflict could see the first combat using remotely controlled tanks and the first aerial combat between drones.

Other Russian soldiers exercise in the Rostov . region


Other Russian soldiers exercise in the Rostov . regionCredit: East2West
Nuclear forces have also conducted drills


Nuclear forces have also conducted drillsCredit: East2West Putin sends 20 warships and 1,000 parachutes to border as he ‘plots to attack Kiev’

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