President Putin risks nuclear war if Russian submarines and planes continue to ‘attack’ British and US militaries, Admiral West warns

VLADIMIR Putin risks a nuclear war if unfortunately Russian submarines and warplanes continue to “attack” British and American militaries, a former Navy official has warned.

Admiral Lord West said the “mishandled” nuclear Armageddon is now the greatest threat to humanity and poses a greater risk than global warming.

Vladimir Putin accused of'obstinacy' on the world stage


Vladimir Putin accused of ‘obstinacy’ on the world stageCredit: AFP
A Russian Borei-class nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine


A Russian Borei-class nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarineCredit: Getty

The comment of the former Navy Police Chief came a few days later Details emerge of a UK warship colliding with a deadly Russian submarine in the frozen North Atlantic.

Russian killer hunter – can carry nuclear-tipped torpedoes – crashed into a sonar line behind HMS Northumberland in December 2020.

This is believed to be the first collision between Russian and Imperial Navy ships since the end of the Cold War.

Speaking to The Sun Online, Admiral Lord West said the Russian killer submarines had traveled down Britain’s west coast and into the Atlantic Ocean at a rate “comparable to what happened during the Cold War”. “.

“These submarines are operating in the north of Scotland and in the Atlantic and one of their favorite things to do is find one of our ballistic missile submarines or an American one,” he said.

“But so far in the 50-60 years we’ve conducted a deep-sea interception operation, they have never detected or fired one of our ballistic missile submarines.”

The former Navy Chief of Staff warned that if a Russian U-boat was able to track one, it would have dire consequences for the UK’s status as a nuclear power.

He said: “You don’t want that to happen because if, God forbid, there’s ever been a nuclear war, one of the things that gives us form, that’s a deterrent, that’s they. [The Russians] There is no way to stop our response if they turn London to glass with nuclear weapons, and if they do, they know full well that they will narrowly get it back from our submarine. “

The dramatic collision – believed to be an accident – was captured by the Channel 5 crew while filming Warship: Life At Sea, which airs at 9pm on Monday.

The incredible clip shows the crew members stationed on the submarine in late 2020 before the disaster struck.

Panicked employees began to act while screams could be heard: “What the hell did I just hit?”

The collision caused significant damage to HMS Northumberland’s sonar equipment after it was towed over the submarine’s hull.

It forced the British team to abort their mission and return to base for repairs.

In a stark warning, Admiral Lord West said these kinds of mistakes combined with Putin’s “obstinacy” towards Ukraine could lead to a random nuclear war.

He told The Sun Online: “What we need to be concerned with is Putin’s actions: where he pushes and pushes, there are many submarines going down, seeing his plane fly near the NATO ship, almost miss and do all these things about Ukraine.

“All of this is extremely dangerous because without care or mistake, things can develop and things can develop quite quickly.

“If you do silly things then sometimes things go wrong by miscalculation and very quickly you end up in a position no one wants and that’s extremely unsettling.

“As I said on the floor recently, the greatest global threat to humanity and its very existence is not global warming, but actually a thermonuclear war. It’s a bigger threat and it’s more of a risk than it’s been in 50 or 60 years.”

It is feared that the Russians may have tried to cut the undersea cables essential to the Internet and communications in the UK.

Putin’s Shadow Submarine Squadron, specialized to interfere with important internet cables under the sea, which are secretly transported beneath larger ships.

They use robotic arms to tamper with or even cut vital cables that help keep the world economy moving with potentially devastating consequences.

Undersea cables crisscrossing the seabed carry 97% of internet traffic with $10 trillion worth of daily financial transactions depending on them.

Lord West said: “If these are cut, it will stop the world monetary system.

“Cable lines between Europe go through the UK and to the US and [cutting them] will have a huge impact.

“There is no doubt that the Russians went to the bottom of the sea and messed up other people’s cables.”

Admiral Lord West says'silly' Russian scare tactics will lead to nuclear war'by misuse;


Admiral Lord West says ‘silly’ Russian scare tactics will lead to nuclear war ‘by misuse;Credit: PA
Russian fighter jets intercept US spy plane over Black Sea over fears Putin will invade Ukraine in early 2022 President Putin risks nuclear war if Russian submarines and planes continue to ‘attack’ British and US militaries, Admiral West warns

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