Prepare to make money and hit the jackpot as Mercury enters Taurus

Let’s get rich!

Mercury, the cosmic messenger planet of spirit, business and connections, will storm into the lush gardens of Taurus from April 10th to April 29th, 2022.

However, brace yourself for another Mercury retrograde as the planet will also return to Taurus May 22nd to June 3rd. Luckily, he will then awaken to move once more in that zodiac sign until June 13th.

Prepare to focus on how to build your wealth, business and possessions in the coming weeks! Read here how your zodiac sign affects you! More information about Mercury in Taurus can be found in the information after the horoscopes. follow me for daily insights or read 2022 predictions for your zodiac sign or love life and relationship horoscopes for 2022 now!


It’s time to assess your budget, Aries. Access and comb through your bank accounts to make sure you know all the ins and outs. Your mind will be especially focused on your finances and will help you take the plunge to earn more. Consider side hustles or other monetization opportunities!

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Get ready for a burst of mental energy that will electrify you, Taurus! When Mercury dances into your zodiac sign, you are brimming with brilliance and brilliant ideas. Think about how you can use your communication skills to make your vision a reality. Do you want to convince someone of something or grab the successful contract? Do you speak! You will surely be quite busy right now, so enjoy the vibrant pace of life.

TWINS (MAY 21 – JUNE 20)

Feeling distant, disconnected, or just sleepy, Gemini? Mmmm. In fact, your dream world will emerge so intensely that you may feel that your sleep is now wilder than your daily affairs! Pay attention to consistent patterns, your intuition or synchronicities that arise – you are downloading information from the universe that will help you later.

Mercury in Taurus makes plans
Mercury in Taurus keeps you focused and alert.
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It’s time to let go and have fun Cancer! A whole boost of energy will spice up your social life and get your friends to meet, go out and mingle. Take a breather from all that work and commitments at home and set up a happy hour — or just catch up with some friends over ZOOM. Networking – both personally and professionally – will do you good during this time.


It’s about time the world heard you roar Leo! Your ambitions will kick off and attract a significant amount of your attention. There may now be an award, media opportunity, promotion, or opportunity to speak to authority figures. People will be quite impressed with your ideas and career dynamics, so don’t let the energy of success pass you by.


Open your mind to whole new visions of life and the world, Virgo! As your planetary ruler races through your expansion sector, you might be eager to think outside the box. Media projects, academic ventures, or travel might catch your eye—all of which would push you to express yourself and take a new direction. Do you have important legal matters to attend to? Mmm, do that now.


Are you really being met in all areas that you need from your Libra partner? Get ready to face the music. Discussions about sharing, vulnerability, intimacy, and assets could all rear their heads. On the one hand, you can make progress and address it if something is bothering you, but be careful not to end up being too stubborn. Investments, grants, inheritances or financial support could also keep you busy.

Mercury in Taurus predictions
Plan long-term with Mercury in Taurus.
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Teamwork, collaboration and partnership are your top priorities, Scorpio! Luckily, as Mercury rotates across the sky from you, it shows that you will find it much easier to come to an agreement no matter what. Negotiations and contracts may come up now, and if you sit down and focus on the balance, you may very well agree.


Employment contracts and work-related communication efforts will certainly be a top priority now and in the coming weeks. When you work with colleagues or people who report to you, it’s especially important to streamline your plans to be as efficient and productive as possible. If you’re unemployed, dust off your LinkedIn and apply!

Astrology 101: Your Guide to the Stars


Let the muses dance in your heart and mind, Capricorn! The coming weeks will bring you a flood of creative ideas and a desire to step up and express yourself. If you’re in an art or design field, you might find yourself manifesting some of your most brilliant work! Another way this could affect you is to shift your attention instead to romance, hobbies, recreation, fertility, or your children. TBH: Let your hair down and have some fun.


Domestic, real estate and family matters are your top priority now, Aquarius. In fact, you could be moving, renovating, or dealing with the fine details and paperwork surrounding any of these matters! However, this could lead you to instead focus on several family situations that require your attention and critical thinking skills. you have that!

Mercury in Taurus Astrology
Don’t get bogged down in your opinions. Mercury in Taurus might make you a little stubborn!
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You are a wordsmith, Pisces! When Mercury spices up your communications sector, you’re guaranteed to handle a milestone writing or speaking project, travel, or evaluate a contract matter. Luckily, you’ll feel more confident in your ideas, vision, and what you want – so enjoy the strong sense of clarity and judgment.

How does Mercury in Taurus affect us?

Think practical and long-term! Mercury, the planet of ideas, communication and intellect, will step into the Taurus zodiac sign: Taurus. Get ready to feel more grounded, balanced, and focused on manifestation.

With Mercury in Taurus, our mental capacity is greater grounded, focused and down to earth. This energy helps us translate our passions and desires into real results. We can focus on durable blueprints that are infused with common sense and good judgement. Working out our goals just got easier – especially when it comes to financial and business matters. However, since Taurus is an earth sign, decision making can be slower and more methodical than impulsive.

A downside to this energy is stubbornness, so do your best to be open to other people’s perspectives and not kick your hooves into the ground! Now is an excellent time to focus on it realistic plans, motivations, attitudes and goals– instead of getting sucked into daydreams or fantasies. Sticking to facts will help us stick to our decisions and implement them. Fairness, honesty and integrity will now also be particularly important to us.

One last thing to note about Mercury in Taurus is that it will ignite our senses! We will communicate from a more sensual perspective: how we see it, how we feel it, how it tastes, how it sounds and how it smells. This is because Venus, ruler of Taurus, will bring her flavor into our thoughts, words and interactions. Enjoy the sweeter and finer details in life while also taking some time to relax and enjoy the moment!

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