Pokemon Legends Arceus proves why a Pokemon MMORPG is needed

Game Freak made players admire when releasing Pokemon Legends Arceus. Gone is the linearity of following the path leading to towns and Gym Leaders, replaced by lush open-world maps and terrifying wild encounters.

Before it came out, fans were worried about whether the original Sinnoh title would work as it was a stark difference from the other games in the series. Fast-forward to January 28, 2022 and trainers were pleasantly surprised, with reviewers giving it an 83 on Metacritic – we gave it a 9/10 ourselves.

Players love the Hisui area, its mechanics, and specifically the feeling of absolute freedom it gives when being able to roam the open world map and observe and capture wild ‘mon’ in their natural habitat. Amazon can’t keep the game in stock for a solid week after its release.

The hype and excitement surrounding Game Freak’s venturing out of their game’s traditional format is precisely why now is the best time for The Pokemon Company and Nintendo to consider finally creating a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG).

arceus pokemon legend
Pokemon Company

Game Freak has moved away from standards and proven that they can create something new with Pokemon Legends Arceus.

The demand for online Pokemon games is clearly there

In July 2021, Pokemon entered the online gaming space for the first time with Unite, a free-to-play MOBA (massively multiplayer online battle arena) to play two teams of five against each other for points. and dominate the arena.

Based on SensorTowerThe game hit 30 million downloads in its first weekend, with half of those in its first two days alone.

And then there’s Pokemon Go. While it may not be a niche online experience, it is capable of multiplayer – both in real life and remotely – and is one of the top mobile games of all time, grossing more than 7 billion dollars in five years.

Pokemon MMORPG = profit

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A Pokemon MMO will create the bank.

So it’s a natural fit, when you consider the success of both Legends Arceus and the open world map and online multiplayer Pokemon games. Why can’t this be merged?

There’s no denying that an MMO will bring in millions, if not billions of dollars in revenue. Just look at the other top online games right now: Genshin Impact made $2 billion in its first year of launch, and World of Warcraft had $9.23 billion in lifetime profits.

Add the success of Pokemon to the mix, it’s the highest-grossing media franchise in the world with $110 billion in gross, and you’ve got the ultimate money maker. Ask any fan if they’d pay $15 a month to go on raids against giants or play dungeons with legendary boss battles – make sure most All will answer yes.

Will the Pokemon Company ever make one?

pokemmo screenshots

PokéMMO is one of the most popular unofficial Pokemon MMORPGs.

A quick Google search will bring up a ton of unofficial Pokemon MMORPGs. For example, PokéMMO takes the framework of Black & White and expands it to four regions and National Pokedex up to Gen V, and has a large audience. There are even a 3D . MMO game for those who want a more modern experience, among other fan-made projects.

With Nintendo known for pulling down fan projects, like the recent first-person shooter Pokemon, it begs the question – why haven’t they touched on these projects? Bottom line: most likely because they don’t plan on creating a massively multiplayer online role-playing game for the franchise.

A data leak in 2020 revealed that the company to bein fact, considered developing an online Pokemon title for PC in 2004. Based on Fire Red and Leaf Green, it proposed connecting the Game Boy Advance, playing online with trading, combat, and chat. , tournaments based on the Colosseum, etc.

The fact that this never materialized suggests that development problems could arise – if it even reaches that stage – or that Nintendo simply doesn’t think it will be popular enough to warrant it. production or unable to devote manpower for such a large job .

Either way, the project was ahead of its time and quickly passed 18 years as the gaming industry was much more technologically advanced – why couldn’t they revisit the idea of ​​a Pokemon MMO title? The fact that it can make billions is undeniable. Pokemon Legends Arceus proves why a Pokemon MMORPG is needed

Emma Bowman

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