Pokemon Go players want a classic feature to fix “brutal” latias and latios raids

As Mega Latios and Mega Latias make their long-awaited Pokemon Go debut, some fans are calling for the inclusion of Pokemon Centers to reduce the difficulty of raid battles.

Pokemon Centers have been absent from Pokemon Go since its debut in 2016.

Instead, players had to heal their Pokémon using items they found at PokeStops or spend money to buy more revives and potions from the in-game shop.

But with Mega Latios and Latias finally making their way into the game’s raid battles, the difficulty of the battle has left some trainers looking to Niantic to incorporate Pokemon Centers to ease the challenge.

Mega Latias and Latios in Pokemon Go

Mega Latios and Latias are available in Pokemon Go raids until May 8, 2022.

Pokemon Go trainers want Niantic to introduce the Pokemon Center

In two posts submitted to the Pokemon Go Reddit forum, Redditors Kelvinyu0810 and Natural_Effect_9911 shared their frustration with the current Mega Raid difficulties.

Redditor Natural_Effect_9911 posted a discussion on Reddit titled “Its time for Pokemon Center!” In the post, they vent their dissatisfaction with the difficulty ramping of tier 6 mega raids like Latios and Latias and his team’s lack of adequate healing.

Kelvinyu0810 seemingly piggybacked on those feelings and posted a complaint titled “Worst Raid Battle Experience Ever,” in which the Redditor explains why he was frustrated with the Mega Raids.

“As other players have said, the difficulties were too difficult. I know Niantic wants to make something challenging, but it has to depend on different situations. It might be fine for the big city. However, there would be problems in some small towns.”

“Next, they don’t change the Mega Raid time duration reward, resulting in a lower number of balls received compared to Tier 5 Raid. Other things, the rewards for healing and resurrecting have not increased, and we are short of such materials.”

The comments sections of both posts were swarming with Trainers equally unhappy with the “unnecessarily challenging” encounters with the newly added Mega Latios and Latias.

One person said: “Latios wiped out all my potions; we really need a FREE Pokemon Center lol.”

While another person commented in more detail: “I just finished a heist, 12 people in the lobby and we were killed straight away. It was awful. I brought three Megas myself and we didn’t even bring the yellow before time was up.”

“I didn’t enjoy this, despite getting a Shiny before, and it’s a great way to discourage newer players from participating. So I’m in the process of finding a psychological counselor for my Pokémon.”

The Mega Latias and Latios raids will only be available in Pokemon Go until Sunday, May 8th, 2022 at 8pm local time, so it’s unclear whether Niantic can change the game so suddenly in such a short amount of time.

But it’s interesting to think about it long-term: what might the addition of a Pokemon Center to Pokemon Go look like? It could be exciting if Niantic ever decides to go that route – especially as raids are becoming increasingly difficult for trainers.

https://www.dexerto.com/pokemon/pokemon-go-players-want-classic-feature-to-fix-brutal-latias-latios-raids-1817043/ Pokemon Go players want a classic feature to fix “brutal” latias and latios raids

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