Panic over gene editing, robotic workers and VR addiction revealed as ‘biggest fear in 2022’

INCREASE fear around cutting-edge technologies like gene editing, robotic workers, and total immersion in virtual reality is set to be among the top trends of 2022.

Lines drawn against the tech giants, a gradual tolerance of inequality, and a gradual move to re-establish center of gravity also feature in the top 22 predictions for 2022.

Will you be spending time in VR in 2022?


Will you be spending time in VR in 2022?Credit: Unsplash

A leading futurist has predicted that offices and schools face dramatic changes and humanity will face record levels of anger in the face of chaos and complexity. complexity is happening in the vortex of the world.

In a report titled “22 for 2022: Measuring What We Think We Already Know” Pioneering global trend forecaster Marian Salzman, a New York native and Senior Vice President of Global Communications for Philip Morris International, offers an astonishing blueprint for how new technologies and Rising rage over inequality could deepen divisions among the planet’s Covid-ravaged blocs.

Salzman – best known for popularizing the term sex in 2003 and whose past predictions have been eerily close to reality over the past three decades – spoke about his latest publication : “One thing that is certain – and has clearly stamped on all of these trends – is uncertainty. People are feeling anxious.

“They feel that the world has become so complex that changes are beyond anyone’s vision.

“Acceleration of complexity – ie chaos – is now a phenomenon on steroids, a massive trend that pervades all other trends.”

Months before the whole world doubted what would happen with the Covid pandemic, Salzman predicted in his trending views for 2020 the resurgence of the “bunker mentality” and the need for everyone. people must cower and prepare for potential existential threats.

Salzman’s warnings for 2022 include growing suspicion and fear of the rapid achievements of science, while admiration and hope for these same advances are evoked.

She predicts that one of the biggest fears of our time will revolve around genetic interference: “Among the many fears are CRISPR (“genetic” cutlery) and editing techniques. The other gene would be used metaphysically – interfering with the embryo to correct the conditions under consideration. inappropriate or inferior and correct desired characteristics such as height, physical strength, and intelligence.

“This has caused alarm even among leading scientists like the late Stephen Hawking, who fear that the wealthy will be able to buy even more advantages and create a new elite. flowers are genetically enhanced”.

The growing sensitivity to social inequality is clearly another dominant theme in the futurologists’ 22 for 2022 study.

She added about how the ‘mediocre’ masses are being forgotten in a world dominated by polarization, rage and extremism: “Most people can be ‘mediocre’ in many ways. ways, but they’re not the ones setting the agenda or driving the news cycle.”

Salzman said the “missing middle man” was mostly uninterested in the cancellation culture and the rise of the awakened term to describe gender.

But she predicts 2022, like this year, will be dominated by culture war campaigners with “the loudest voices”.

Salzman said of the ongoing fight against inequality: “After decades of mere acceptance, the public is becoming more and more sensitive to inequalities and less willing to tolerate them.

This will shape political, social and even corporate developments.”

She noted the growing awareness that some communities are more vulnerable than others to the effects of climate change, stating: “The stark injustice of climate injustice is that High-income communities are responsible for the majority of greenhouse gas emissions, but the negative impacts are borne disproportionately. low-income community. ”

Water anxiety will also be a major aspect of 2022 following this trend, as people are forced to face floods, droughts and more frequent “big storms” as the new normal.

The immersive “Metaverse” virtual reality experience will contribute to the everyday “video game” and global obsession with life in the digital realm.

But Salzman predicts a backlash against the tech giants: “Lines are being drawn between citizens and tech and social media companies.

“Look for a public rethink of how much privacy and data we are willing to transfer to force more people to no longer consider it an act of good faith.”

Working in conjunction with and using remote classrooms and offices could mark the end of traditional classrooms and workspaces.

The prospect of robots ending age-old jobs will also cause disruption for millions of workers whose lives have been disrupted by job loss and having to work from home over the past year.

Upskilling and upskilling will be the order of the day for a large portion of the workforce, including the acquisition of new data and digital capabilities.

Between pent-up consumer demand and the frenzy of trading cryptocurrencies and other potentially lucrative emerging technologies, the world could see a repeat of the Roaring Twenties years.

But she said the 2020s excess will be removed from the horrors that befell it in the 1920s, as people are now more motivated to enjoy indoors. That would be a “muted hedonism”.

Explaining this witnessing, Salzman said: “Populations in much of the world are aging and living longer on average than they did 100 years ago.

“That makes dancing, partying and mating less wild and more careful breeding resources.”

She concludes on the topic of chaos that will reign in 2022: “For most people, life and the world will become more complicated – more chaotic – so we will need to recalibrate the period. his hope.

“We should accept that complexity is the norm, accept it to the extent we can, and find ways, big or small, to connect with ourselves and create points of calm and clarity. .”

View full report here.


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6) The death of idol worship in America

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9) The antithesis of big technology

10) Roarin’s 2020s: muted hedonism

11) Workplace “engagement nurturers”

12) Combine everything

13) Rethinking School

14) Admire – and fear – science

15) Geek said in Metaverse

16) Imaginary value

17) Confronting inequality

18) Disasters about the country

19) Focus on frontline workers

20) Infrastructure becomes glamorous

21) Against “missing middlemen”

22) War of words

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