Other shows by Yoko Kanno if you love the work of composer Cowboy Bebop

While switching to Netflix’s new live-action adaptation of the Shinichiro Watanabe‘NS Cowboy Bebop, fans will notice that there are many differences, but what is certain is the same is that the classic soundtrack by none other than Yoko Kanno. While her work is most popular among English-speaking anime fans, it is undoubtedly her vibrant and dynamic sounds. Bebop, Yoko Kanno’s music has defined performances for decades. It’s no wonder she tries to be creative a lot – she’s dedicated her life to music, composing her own music and winning competitions. as early as second grade. But with so much under her belt, there could be a show or two she’s gotten her hands on that you haven’t seen, so let’s break down a few of the best of the mountains. her documents.

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It may surprise some people that Kanno actually doesn’t want to be a composer but a novelist when he grows up; While her career trajectory clearly didn’t end up as she intended, her dreams have certainly influenced her style. It is easy to see that in the anime soundtrack that cemented her place in the industry, Shinichiro Watanabe’s directorial debut Macross Plus. inside Macross franchise, originally created by the director Shoji Kawamori, music plays a big part not only in the show’s tone but also in the story, with each entry centered around pop stars changing the world amid the great wars. In Macross Plus, the character Sharon Apple really hypnots people with her music, and to understand that, Kanno goes to great lengths to create electric shocks that convince us of Sharon’s ability to transform wishes. Her dream is to create stories that use music to bring her characters to life. The rest of the music is similarly thought out; Kanno’s music is like the kind of people’s sounds Macross‘future will listen, making its alien world feel alive in ways it wouldn’t without her touch.


Her desire to create music that brings life to characters and the world is also what drives her to work on Shoji Kawamori’s far-future mechanic. Aquarion Franchising. In Aquarion, humans save the world by manipulating robots in pairs, connecting with each other through the power of love and understanding rather than brute force. The conflict the characters face is one that repeats itself every 10,000 years, with the world’s chosen saviors being unique compared to their predecessors, but the cyclical nature of Conflict represents humanity’s undying ability to overcome by coming together. Kanno’s music here realizes this theme by using timeless strings for the soundtrack as well as some incredibly catchy pop songs to tie it all together. The show’s first opening theme song “Genesis of Aquarion” especially the sense of victory and being so universal that it never fails to satisfy when the show needs to really sell an emotional moment.

Along with Shoji Kawamori, she also composed the soundtrack for one of the first soundtracks of the now-dominant isekai genre, Pictures of Escaflowne, along with her then-husband Hajime Mizoguchi and the teenager who would then become one of Kanno’s most famous collaborators, Maaya Sakamoto. Music in Escaflowne Kanno is perhaps the biggest, hand-crafted piece that offers the deepest and most epic feel to capture the show’s massive fantasy world. This will particularly benefit Sakamoto, who has become a successful singer with numerous studio albums and more, much of her music composed by Yoko Kanno herself.

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
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Putting yourself in the world of the characters is not just figurative when it comes to Kanno. In search of the authentic feel of jazz and blues that will eventually become movie soundtracks like Cowboy Bebop or Children on the slope, she took a trip across America, sleeping on the bus between stops. It certainly paid off; Cowboy Bebop So iconic in no small part because of the way Kanno’s soundtrack nailed the kind of futurism that the film made a core part of its identity, bringing a sense of synchronicity to the reeling scenes. Heat and whistle push to perform its many action sequences. While, Children on the slope use the same kind of tunes in their more natural habitat, following jazz kids of the 40s through the most tumultuous period of their lives with upbeat beats and spicy riffs .

Similarly, for Kenji KamiyamaTV series of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Kanno found his inspiration in the very nature of the show. The question of what defines a human being at the center of Ghost in the shell and the main character Motoko Kusanagi. Inspired by Kusanagi’s struggles – and the cute “Tachikoma” patrol robots on the show – Kanno’s music explores that theme by mixing technique with nature sounds to bring home the question. about what it means to “be human”. Kanno will then travel to Iceland to record the cold, alien post-rock music that creates the identity of Watanabe’s edgy thriller. Terror in resonance. It’s an intense soundtrack that haunts in ways Kanno rarely chooses, and it proves that she didn’t waste time exploring new places and avenues to find the perfect sound for a musical. project.

Unfortunately, Kanno hasn’t composed the anime since then Terror in resonance, but that doesn’t mean she’s stopped working. You can discover more of her work in movies like 2015 Our little sister, a melodrama with sparse dialogue, largely thanks to Kanno’s stellar scores. She went on to act as a producer for popular singer Maaya Sakamoto, composing for her on all of her records. She even became part of history, conduct the song “Ray of Water” for the enthronement of the current Emperor Naruhito of Japan, bringing back the Reiwa era. And, of course, there are still plenty of other shows and video games she’s worked on over the decades to explore, each with their own charm due to Kanno’s unbelievable ability to Create an entire world out of music alone.

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Let’s Jam! Netflix’s Live Action ‘Cowboy Bebop’ Reveals Opening Sequence, Featuring Music By Yoko Kanno

The film adaptation, starring John Cho, will premiere this November.

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