Optical illusions make you feel like you’re tripping

These mental litmus tests will melt your spirit.

Puzzle lovers are scrambling to solve a trio of mind-boggling optical illusions that reportedly reveal how the viewer’s mind works. A video detailing the trippy neurological tests currently has a whopping 4.6 million views on TikTok.

“THREE ILLUSIONS – can you solve them all?” reads the caption of the now-viral clip that popular TikTokker Max Klymenko posted to his more than 2.5 million followers.

The first demonstration typically begins with the image assistant rolling a dumbbell-shaped object down a downward ramp. However, the display takes a seemingly physics-defying turn after placing a cone-shaped object at the bottom of the same incline, whereupon it impossibly climbs the incline as if propelled by an invisible motor.

“How did I defeat gravity?” Klymenko challenges in the video.

[Warning: Spoilers Below]

In the second challenge, the influencer tries to grab a tiny pig statue standing on a silver circle. But every time he tries to grab the pig urine, his fingers slide through it like it’s a hologram.

That "holo ham" The effect is created using a concave elliptical mirror.
The “Holo-Ham” effect is created using a concave elliptical mirror.
YouTube/Max Klymenko

It later turns out that the pig statuette is actually under the reflective surface.

The final illusion involves two curved square objects – one red and one yellow – that are the same size when stacked on top of each other. When placed side by side, the yellow seems to outshine its crimson counterpart.

These shapes appear to change size depending on their position.
These shapes appear to change size depending on their position.
YouTube/Max Klymenko

Klymenko gave no hints on how to solve the confusing brain teasers, though he noted in the comments that “the first and last are the hardest to come by.”

Needless to say, because of the trippy trifecta, many users have wondered if they were a stumped puzzler on ‘Shrooms, writing, “Early… and I’m tripping.”

“You didn’t defeat gravity, you just defeated my brain,” wrote another.

However, others managed the visual hat-trick.

One astute user correctly noted that the illusions were each caused by a “center of gravity,” a “concave elliptical mirror,” and a discrepancy between the objects’ inner and outer edges.

Spectators were amazed by this uphill rolling cone trick.
Spectators were amazed by this uphill rolling cone trick.
YouTube/Max Klymenko

Specifically, according to the physics department at UC Santa Barbara, California, the gravitational trick is caused by the respective shapes of both the cone and the ramp. “The V-shaped ramp is designed so that its crest is lower than its wide end, so the descent direction is from wide end to crest,” they write. “If you place the bicone at the bottom of the ramp, where it rests on the rails near its center, its center of mass and gravitational potential energy are higher than at the top of the ramp. So the double cone rolls uphill along the ramp.”

The “teleporting pig” effect, on the other hand, is caused by a concave mirror that projects images to different locations.

Geometric head travel is known as the Jastrow illusion, where the mind is fooled by the positioning of the edges of the shapes. “The fact that the shorter side of one figure is next to the longer side of the other somehow tricks the brain into perceiving one shape as longer and the other as shorter, although why this is so is unclear,” The New World Encyclopedia explains .

Not challenging enough for your elite brain? Check out these 20 mind-blowing optical illusions, ranging from the mother of all animal safaris to an image that makes people color blind.

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