NIH allegedly spent $2.5 million on lethal pills, Congress is investigating

According to the newspaper Washington Free Beacon.

The newspaper reported on Friday that the National Institute on Drug Abuse conducted a study in which beagle dogs were coerced into injecting cocaine after being given an experimental drug to see their reactions. how drugs.

The report said a bipartisan congressional coalition is currently investigating, led by Republican Representative Nancy Mace of South Carolina and Democratic Representative Brendan Boyle of Pennsylvania.

As an animal lover and longtime animal rights advocate, I was really alarmed when I heard about the cruel cocaine-powered experiments conducted on six-month-old puppies and paid for with money. our taxes,” Mace said in one statement on Friday.

“This check is inhumane, unnecessary and not to mention expensive. These experiments cost taxpayers $2.5 million. Even the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) declared it ‘is not required to study the drug in humans in dogs.’ So why do we do this? ” she speaks.


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“By 2022, we can certainly find a way to collect data in the lab that doesn’t involve injecting cocaine into puppies,” Boyle said. “The methods currently used by NIDA are cruel and outdated and are being carried out with taxpayer money. I am proud to have helped lead this effort along with my House colleagues to fix this broken and unnecessary operating process at NIDA. ”

The White coat waste projectA group of watchdogs, said on their website that the beagles had been given special coats during the test.

“Through this special drug injection jacket, puppies are injected with cocaine repeatedly and repeatedly over many months, along with a ‘test compound’, to see the two drugs,” the team said. interact with each other.” “The test, which runs from September 2020 to September 2021 (reported as May 2022), was filmed, so testers could see if whether the puppies had any ‘adverse reactions’ to the medication.

“Prior to being anesthetized, the dogs were also forced into surgery, where they were implanted with ‘telemeters’ to monitor their vitals throughout the experiment.

“At the end of the experiment, the ‘cup hounds’ were either killed or ‘recycled’ – meaning they were sent away to be used for other wasteful, cruel and unnecessary experiments.

Justin Goodman, senior vice president of public policy advocacy at White Coat Waste, said the congressional investigation was urgently needed.

“Animal and freedom-loving people can agree that taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to pay $2 million to beagle dogs injected with cocaine just to perform red tape,” Goodman said in a statement. obsolete by the FDA,” Goodman said in a statement.

“We are grateful to Representatives Boyle, Mace, and their colleagues for their support of taxpayers and puppies and ask for a response from the NIH about the wasteful and cruel spending on canine experiments. As our ‘Coke Hound’ investigation showed, the NIH is addicted to spending and taxpayers on both sides want it to stop. “


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This is not the first time NIH has entered the field of hot water for animal experiments.

In December, Daphna Nachminovitch, senior vice president of the Human Cruelty for Animal Ethics investigation, said the Department of Agriculture had investigate a company that supplied animals for the macabre beagle experiment.

The NIH spends about $19.6 billion annually to fund animal experiments, according to Nachminovitch.

When asked by Fox News why beagles were the animals of choice for such an experiment, she said, “Beagles are small and docile. They are gentle, loyal dogs, and unfortunately, they are too submissive to be easily tortured without endangering public safety for their abusers. “

Additionally, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, led by Dr. Anthony Fauci, came under fire for spending $13.5 million on testing. rhesus monkey.

An Op-Ed to be published on Friday in Judge Washington by Mace and Goodman presented a more complete indictment of the NIH and its offshoots.

They wrote: “The details of NIAID puppy tests discovered by the White Coat Waste Project are disturbing. “Fauci’s department spent $1.68 million in taxes on experiments involving 44 beagle puppies at the age of 6 months.

“Puppies are forced to eat experimental drugs before being killed and dissected. NIAID admitted that the vocal cords of the puppies were brutally cut to prevent them from barking in the lab.

“In other Fauci-funded experiments that have cost more than $5 million to date, puppies have been infected with hundreds of ticks by tying capsules filled with insects to their bare skin. to study an inherently preventable and curable disease.

“At the end of the tests, the eagles are killed, even though they are healthy and can be adopted.”

They wrote: “In another project with a price tag of $6 million, pups were treated as heartworm factories and killed so that the worms could be harvested and used in experiments. other,” they write, noting that the NIH admits 90% of drugs are effective in animal testing failed in human trials.

https://www.westernjournal.com/nih-allegedly-spent-2-5-million-pumping-beagles-full-deadly-drug-congress-investigating/ NIH allegedly spent $2.5 million on lethal pills, Congress is investigating


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