Mystery ‘Cubic’ Found on Moon; Rover Currently investigating

The first object that China calls a “mysterious hut” has been discovered on the moon, but it will be weeks before earthlings know what it really is.

In November, China’s lunar probe, Yutu-2, detected a cuboid on the horizon as it was moving along the Von Kármán crater on the far side of the moon, according to Canada Global News.

Our Space, a Chinese website under the government-run China National Space Administration, called the unidentified shape a “mysterious hut”.

Subject was approximately 80 meters (87 yards) away when grainy photo of it has been done.

The robot robot is inching towards the object, a journey that is expected to take two to three months.


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Space journalist Andrew Jones noted on Twitter that given the nature of the photo, the object could have been just a rock that was kicked up when something hit the lunar surface.

Yutu-2 touched the moon on January 2, 2019, which means it has been exploring the surface for over 1,000 days.

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China’s Our Space has raised the question of whether the object is “a house built by aliens after the landing? Or is it the pioneering spaceship of its predecessors to explore moon? ”

Many people on Twitter offer their own theories.


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Philip Stooke, a professor in the Department of Geography and the Institute for Earth and Space Exploration at the University of Western Ontario, says the truth is unlikely to be anything like that, based on

“The Chinese media is very eager to find all kinds of strange stories on the moon. We tend to think they’re all tightly controlled and just repeating the party line, but there’s so much that turns every news into a sensational headline… alien base, row million tons of priceless metals or unidentified substances, conspiracies of Western interests in space, and everything else,” said Stooke.

“So it’s not surprising to me that a rock, in a low-resolution image, looks almost square and serves as a hut or other type of structure. Scientifically, the rock could be very interesting and I hope it or the nearby rocks on the crater rim will be studied in detail when they reach it as early as 2022. But it won’t be like a hut”.

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