Mick Jagger’s DNA testing failed to save his marriage to Jerry Hall

Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall had one of the most talked about marriages in showbiz. The once famous couple has a unique relationship that has been wrapped up in a series of dramas from personal relationships to love affairs and eventually a baby – in the Jagger romance – Hall.

Mick Jagger remains a prolific singer with a stage presence of thousands of fans. His rhythm, combined with his dance moves and charisma, makes it impossible not to fall in love with the talented singer who has won more than two Grammys and other well-deserved accolades.

As expected, a man commanding such admiration leads an attractive lifestyle involving women, parties, and other eccentric behaviors. One of the most talked about aspects of his life remains his marriage to model and actor Jerry Hall.

American model and fashion actress Jerry Hall and British singer-songwriter Mick Jagger sit in the back seat of a car in New York City, New York, June 19, 1978. | Photo: Getty Images


Jagger and Hall first met in 1976, at a time when they both had lovers in their lives. The famous singer was married to then-wife Bianca and invited fellow singer Bryan Ferry to his place.

Ferry was engaged to glamor model, Hall, and while they honored her colleague’s invitation, the fashion icon became acquainted with the man who would become her future husband.

Decades later, Hall admission Jagger finds her attractive at first sight; Although Ferry finds it amusing in his presence, that doesn’t change the way the singer reacts to a woman who isn’t his.

Mick Jagger at his North American “No Filter Tour” at Soldier Battlefield on June 21, 2019 | Photo: Getty Images

After their first meeting, Ferry and his fiancée were never the same, and neither were Jagger and his wife. Two years later, the musician divorced his wife and began a romance with the woman who stole his heart within seconds of meeting.

The couple dated for a while and eventually married in 1990 in a glamorous Balinese wedding ceremony. This marks a new phase in their lives and fans have seen how their relationship takes on a new impetus.

At first, they were a lovely couple until infidelity and drugs became a stable aspect of their romance. The most wanted man in the industry can’t abandon women, just as he can’t give up drugs.

Jagger tried to get his woman to smoke and use drugs, but she quit after a while, making it nearly impossible for them to live together. The singer once told a reporter that he warned her if she continued to smoke or risked their relationship.

In return, the strong model gave her lover an ultimatum. She told him to stop using drugs and take a shower. If he doesn’t do this, she will leave. Surprisingly, Jagger came to her senses earlier than she expected.

In 1982, the couple took a break from seeing each other. Hall never revealed the reason behind their breakup, but rumors spread a story that she was tired of waiting to be married, as the rock star took so long to get married. propose.

The model was extremely worried about her future, so she briefly left him for a rich man named Robert Sangster. He was a rich horseman. When Hall returned to his knight in shining armor, they welcomed their first child.


Ten years after the first breakup, Jagger left her husband. She explained that it was due to anger at the male singer’s slanderous behavior. Jagger left his wife shortly after the birth of their third child to meet rumor lover, Carla Bruni, in Thailand.

The mother-of-three at the time revealed that she was in a lot of pain and had had enough of Jagger’s affair with Bruni. She added that it is surprising that he is still in contact with Bruni and confirms that their marriage is going to the rocks after the breakup.

However, Hall kept her title as his wife, and the pair seemed to mend things until 1999 when her husband was accused of lewdness by Luciana Morad.

Jagger’s wife forced him to divorce after more than two decades of marriage. She was declared annulled instead of divorced, as their Hindu ritual was not legally binding on them.

Portrait of British rock musician Mick Jagger and American model Jerry Hall, as they took a vacation together on Barbados, 1983. | Photo: Getty Images


Hall has faced a series of dramas surrounding her husband’s inability to be faithful. She could deal with the headlines and sensational photos of the tabloids, but the last charm that broke the model’s resilience was Morad’s pregnancy.

Jagger met Morad at a party in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Their romance began almost immediately, and it resulted in them giving birth to a child. At first, the singer denied paternity. He asked for DNA, proved that Morad’s son Lucas is his.

After confirming the DNA, Hall decided it was over, and that was it. She filed for divorce and an agreement that would take care of her and their four children.


Hall made different comments about her ex-husband. It seems that after the final breakup, they were able to calm the storm and have a cordial relationship, with both ends upholding their opinions.

The actress admitted that her ex-husband was very loyal but abusive and hurt her feelings during the period of marriage. She added that he was a fierce promiscuous and did not honor her sacred vows.

While he gives up drugs to make her happy, he replaces lust with sex, a demon that has torn their marriage apart.

After their divorce, Jagger began a long-term relationship with his much younger lover, Melanie Hamrick, a ballet dancer. At the same time, his ex-wife married a much older man, Rupert Murdoch, in 2016, after establish I am an actress myself.

Morad was tagged as a home vandal, but years later she told the news she felt guilty and begged Hall for forgiveness. Morad said she wrote a letter apologizing to Hall, who never answered; However, she wants to contact the ex-wife of the baby’s father.

Now, Morad is divorced with two children and admits that she understands things better now. She also has a great friendship with Jagger’s partner Hamrick, who has a good relationship with their son, Lucas.


Morad and Jagger’s son, Lucas, is the seventh of the children of the rock legend. He is a 22-year-old man with six half-siblings and a younger brother. He has a charming temperament and loves to travel.

In April, Lucas experience an ear surgery (ear surgery), went well. He had warm wishes from thousands of fans on Instagram.

Lucas is a fun person who loves to share his lifestyle online, including traveling the world and spending time with his other brothers and sisters. Currently, he is trying to break into the movie industry and doesn’t seem to have the same musical taste as his famous father.

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