Meet Ukraine’s gun-wielding military girls sharing videos and photos from the front lines before the Russian invasion

Female Ukrainian soldiers are using video-sharing app TikTok to post captivating photos and videos of themselves in an attempt to win a soft power propaganda war with Russia.

Clip of attractive women in Ukrainians Military uniforms dancing, fooling around in the barracks and even holding bullets went viral on social media.

Viral sexy female soldiers of Ukraine


Viral sexy female soldiers of UkraineCredit: TikTok/@vi.ka_222
The female soldiers shared some photos and videos of themselves in military uniforms


The female soldiers shared some photos and videos of themselves in military uniformsCredit: TikTok / @@ vi.ka_222
Videos often feature female soldiers


Videos often feature female soldiersCredit: TikTok / @ katiusha2882

When tension between Russia and Ukraine remains tense, sharing candid videos and photos of troops behind the scenes has become another front for a war between the two sides.

Usually, the videos show soldiers performing dances, but some also show female soldiers disassembling and assembling weapons or having fun in barracks.

One TikTok The video shows a group of young women reciting a song while wearing military uniforms with the Ukrainian flag and insignia.

The group appears to be outside an army barracks in Ukraine.

Also on this account, the young woman shared a series of photos and short videos of herself and the recruits posing and performing exercises in the army.

This account has earned nearly 35,000 followers and nearly 600 thousand likes.

Another account posted a clip of three young female recruits in the army posing together on sleds in the woods, pretending to fight in their barracks, and sleeping in their rooms.

The account, with almost 5 thousand followers and 52 thousand likes, has the bio: “Girl with a disguised heart”, a reference to her military service.

Iryna Greytsarovska, who has more than 3 thousand followers and 27 thousand likes, says in her TikTok biography: “Ukraine above all.”

She shared several videos of herself singing and dancing while wearing a Ukrainian military uniform.

Another account, belonging to a female soldier Katiusha, features some glamor videos of the soldier and her comrades in a state of fatigue, sexy dancing and on patrol with their faces full of makeup. .

Her account quickly reached nearly 30 thousand followers and nearly 500 thousand likes.

One Instagram The account linked to one of the TikTok pages includes an image of a female Ukrainian soldier holding a manicured bullet next to a large gun.

“This is love,” the caption of the bulleted photo reads.

Such videos and images appear to serve Ukraine’s soft power role, and have received much praise in the Ukrainian media.

A clip of Ukrainian commando Oleksandr Kolym dancing to Whitney Houston’s “Queen Of The Night” recently went viral, with comments praising the “indomitable Ukrainian spirit” and expressing his belief that Ukraine “will certainly win with such an attitude”.

It’s like talking to a deaf person

Sergei LavrovRussian Foreign Minister talks with Liz Truss

It comes after Ukraine expanded its enlistment order to include all women “fit for military service” between the ages of 18 and 60 as threats to Russia increased.

A decree from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine in December 2021 means that in the event of a major war, this reserve female force can be mobilized as part of the national reserve force to serve in a war. variety of military specialties.

Ukrainian MP Oleksandra Ustinova said: “This is not about military service after reaching a certain age, it’s about men.

“And considering the more than 122,000 Russian troops that are on our borders, this decision seems sensible, timely and sensible.”

Speaking to Coffee or Die Magazine, Ustinova said: “This sends a strong signal to Moscow that the Ukrainians are ready to resist.

“Although we try to introduce the military under contract, in the current situation the decision to educate as many people as possible to take up arms and be ready to serve seems like a good thing.”

As relations between Kiev and Moscow remain strained, British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has visited Russia to warn of sanctions if Vladimir Putin’s military does not refuse.

During a chilling joint meeting with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in Moscow, Minister Putin derided the conversation with Truss as “like talking to a deaf person”.

On Monday, UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace announced Britain will send 350 more troops to Poland because of fears that Russia could invade Ukraine “any day”.

A charming Ukrainian soldier dancing in her uniform


A charming Ukrainian soldier dancing in her uniformCredit: TikTok / @ katiusha2882
A female soldier holding a bullet casing in her manicured hand


A female soldier holding a bullet casing in her manicured handCredit: Instagram / @ _ krii_13 /
A recruiter poses with a rifle


A recruiter poses with a rifleCredit: Instagram / @ _ krii_13 /
The video under the hashtag'military girls' has attracted thousands of likes


The video under the hashtag ‘military girls’ has attracted thousands of likesCredit: TikTok / @@ vi.ka_222
One soldier at a target range


One soldier at a target rangeCredit: TikTok / @ anna_shorina
Ukraine recently introduced a ban on women between 18 and 60


Ukraine recently introduced a ban on women between 18 and 60Credit: TikTok / @ anna_shorina

Today, a Ukrainian colonel boasted Military equipment supplied by the UK as he bellowed “God Save The Queen” in praise.

As his troops tested their new anti-tank missile launchers. Lieutenant Colonel Ihor Bezogluk of Ukraine’s 72nd Brigade told The Sun: “God save the Queen and thank you very much Britain for giving us the NLAWS.

“We are very pleased with all the support from all over the world – especially the UK. This has boosted morale and it will make the Russians think.

“Anything that could help us defend our country was very well received and these missiles changed the course of the war for us.

“It means we can fight the Russians and it doesn’t matter how many of them there are – now we have a way to stop their armor.”

Last week, Ukrainian civilians take part in open military training amid fears of an impending invasion.

An image of a Ukrainian woman, 59 years old, in a headscarf holding a wooden gun in a military training exercise that went viral earlier this month.

Ukrainian and Western officials fear there could be an attack next month – with a series of cyberattacks and an outbreak of violence in the Donbas region.

Donbas has been at war since 2014 when Russian-backed separatists fought to secede from Ukraine.

Kiev and Moscow have had a hostile relationship for the past eight years as Russia dislikes Ukraine’s growing closer to the West.

Both countries were formerly part of the Soviet Union – but the Ukrainian government is now looking to forge closer ties with the US, UK and Europe, potentially even joining NATO.

Paranoid leader Vlad sees Kiev’s registration of a defensive alliance as a direct threat to Russia.

Ukraine’s leaders have urged their people not to panic when the shadow of invasion looms – but they stand no chance.

As reported in the German publication YOUNGa foreign intelligence agency said it had collected detailed information about Russia“Post-war plans” for Ukraine, they say, are currently being discussed among Russia’s top military circles.

Although Russia did not invade Ukraine, preparations for this scenario are already underway.

According to reports, the Russian military plans to encircle and encircle major Ukrainian cities after destroying its forces on the ground.

Later, secret service cells were smuggled into Ukraine, as were local politicians loyal to the Vladimir Putinwill be activated in the towns, while “the secret service will infiltrate the cities”.

They will be tasked with “establishing pro-Russian leadership bodies in the cities”, which will then “agree to surrender and hand over” to the Russian occupiers.

According to BILD, the next Russian intelligence force will “seize strategic facilities, eliminate threats, recruit people willing to cooperate, and establish a new leadership in conquered cities.” .”

This method will be applied in all important cities of Ukraine until all of them are “peacefully” under Russian control.

After capturing Ukraine’s cities, reports say, Putin plans to establish a puppet parliament in the country, the so-called “People’s Rada”.

This will replace the Ukrainian parliament and declare it null and void.

“This People’s Rada will become Ukraine’s puppet legislature, equal to the so-called representatives previously selected by the Russian secret service,” the security service sources said.

Beyond this sham parliament will emerge a “backup government” that will govern the country according to Russia’s will.

According to the secret service, this would give the coup “the appearance of democracy and legal protection”.

Promoting such a plan would require massive propaganda efforts by Russian media in Ukraine and the West, while pro-Russian “experts” and politicians would be used to justify the conflict. invasion and takeover of Ukraine.

Next, will follow the darkest phase of Putin’s alleged plans – the puppet government to disrupt the resistance of ordinary Ukrainians.

The government’s role “would be to declare a state of emergency and, in particular, threaten to implement Russia’s plan to set up camps in which uncooperative Ukrainians would be excluded,” the report said. .”

Detention camps for pro-Ukrainian activists are said to have been planned, with a list of those to be locked up.

The newly created pro-Russian secret services would then help terrorize the Ukrainian people to break the country’s resistance, using the suppression of the pro-democracy movement in Belarus following the stolen elections. in 2020 as a potential model.

It is alleged that Russia’s security service, the FSB, is currently training pro-Russian groups for deployment in Ukraine and that Putin has tasked them with recruiting Ukrainian politicians and weeding out opponents of the Kremlin. .

The ultimate goal of this invasion was to call a nationwide referendum on absorbing Ukraine into Russia.

According to the report, “a full-blown invasion is currently the most likely scenario”.

Military expert Robert Lee from King’s College London told BILD: “Russia will probably have most of the armed forces it intends to deploy in a week and then could escalate the situation in the short term. if this country chooses”.

The Russian embassy has denied any such plan of invasion and takeover of Ukraine, calling the report “a strange mixture of speculation and rumours” that “the embassy basically does not comment on.” . Meet Ukraine’s gun-wielding military girls sharing videos and photos from the front lines before the Russian invasion

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