Liz Cheney state primary results: Trump claims the bitter primary campaign was a “referendum” on his culpability for the Jan. 6 riot

Liz Cheney’s ad challenges opponents’ ‘big lie’ stance

Voters will decide the fate of two high-profile Republicans on Tuesday when primary elections are held in Alaska and Wyoming, two of the country’s reddest states.

In Wyoming, Deputy Chair of the House Inquiry Committee Liz Cheney is facing an attempt by Donald Trump to punish her for infidelity in the form of Harriet Hageman, her former staffer and current top rival.

Ms Cheney is deep under water in the polls and could be down by more than 20 points tomorrow, according to most signs. However, she has a trick up her sleeve: Democrats rallying behind her to try to block another 2020 election conspirator from office. Wyoming has closed the primary, but voters can change their registration on the day of the vote.

Meanwhile, former state governor and right-wing provocateur Sarah Palin is attempting a political comeback in Alaska after resigning from her previous post amid a cloud of ethics investigations. She trailed another Republican and Democrat in the running last month in a poll measuring her support. Alaska has a ranked election, meaning candidates must contend with both Democratic and Republican voters to decide the outcome.


The congressional primary in New York takes an ugly turn

A sitting Democratic congresswoman on Tuesday accused another Democrat in the US House of Representatives of not serving a full two-year term in a November election and planned to let state leaders nominate his successor.

Rep. Carolyn Maloney made the comments in an interview Tuesday afternoon just days before the end of voting in the New York state primary.


Murkowski says the party needs to move away from Trump dominance

As she faces a first Test in the form of a Donald Trump-backed challenger on Tuesday, Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski is urging her party to move beyond him.

In an interview with NBC News, she warned that if the GOP continued to be the party of Donald Trump — and nobody else — it would “leave many Americans behind.”


Who is Harriet Hagemann?

Wyoming Republicans vote to nominate a candidate for the state’s only seat in the US Congress. Given Wyoming’s strong Republican leanings — 70 percent of its constituents backed Donald Trump in 2020, his biggest win — he’s all but guaranteed to win the general election.

Polls show Rep. Liz Cheney is all but guaranteed to lose following her vote to impeach Mr Trump last year and her repeated criticism of the GOP and the former president.

So who is Harriet Hageman, the likely winner of today’s vote?


Voices: Sarah Palin was Trump before Trump – but much more qualified for office

However, Palin’s return is also a measure of the decline. For all her flaws, she actually has far more government experience and far more conventional qualifications than many other Republican candidates running for high-profile office. Palin shows that the Republican Party has long since broken – and that it has only become more so.


Democratic activist Alec Baldwin praises Cheney, calling her the American Navalny

Democracy activist and actor Alec Baldwin has praised Liz Cheney, comparing her to Russian opposition leader Alexai Navalny.

Mr. Baldwin made the remarks about the Wyoming Republican in a podcast released Tuesday — the day Ms. Cheney faces voters in her state’s GOP primary for her seat in the US House of Representatives.


Speculation is mounting whether a loss for Cheney could spark a presidential bid in 2024

Speculation as to whether Representative Liz Cheney, an ardent anti-Trump Republican whose specter has been raised in recent months by the televised Jan. 6 hearings — where she sits as vice chair of the House Committee — will vote for the highest President of the Nation could run in 2024.

CBS’s Robert Costa, the station’s senior election and campaign correspondent, had this to say last night about the implications of the potential loss of the anti-Trump Republican in Wyoming and what that could mean for a presidential bid:

“This is a moment for the Republican Party to settle accounts,” Mr. Costa began. “Your political future is at stake. It is politically in front of a melting pot.”

“But it could prepare her, if she loses, for something that doesn’t usually happen to a candidate when they’re beaten in a home race, which is a national run, a presidential run.”

“She’s got a lot of money in the bank…she’s raised at least over $13 million, and that gives her a position with a national fundraising base and national support from the anti-Trump wing of the Republican Party.”

“Would it be enough to win the nomination? Who knows at this point. It would also go uphill there. But that’s the kind of thing she looks at.

Watch the full clip below:


Sarah Palin is returning to the national stage and making a Republican Party in her image

Richard Hall, Correspondent for The Independent, writes that today, as Sarah Palin returns to the national stage through a congressional race in Alaska, she is greeted by a far different party than the one she left behind. Today, it’s more Sarah Palin’s Republican Party than John McCain’s.


Trump: Loss to Cheney will be ‘a very big deal, one of the biggest’

Chief Liz Cheney’s enemy and former president, Donald Trump, took to his social media platform Truth Social to predict that the media will downplay any loss of the Wyoming Republican lawmaker when the election closes tonight, and not him to her role on the January 6 selection committee.

If Liz Cheney loses tonight, the fake news media will do everything in their power to downplay it and pretend it wasn’t a referendum on the unselects – that it wasn’t a big deal. Actually it would be a very big thing, one of the biggest!

Former President Donald Trump

(AFP via Getty Images)


Cheney says today is ‘the beginning of a fight that will continue’

CBS News spoke to Rep. Liz Cheney, accompanied by her father, former Vice President Dick Cheney, in Jackson, Wyoming, shortly after she cast her ballot.

Today is “certainly the beginning of a struggle that will continue. And as a country, we are at a moment where our democracy is really being attacked and threatened,” Cheney told CBS News’ Robert Costa shortly after casting her vote in Jackson, Wyo.

“I am extremely proud of all the work I have done with the people of Wyoming over the past six years and I truly understand and recognize that there is nothing more important than defending our Constitution,” she said.

Commentators believe she will be beaten by Trump-backed challenger Harriet Hageman when the polls close tonight.


Murkowski campaigns to secure funding for projects in Alaska

Sen. Lisa Murkowski tweeted a map of all of the funding she has secured for fiscal 2023 for more than 130 projects in Alaska.

Her main selling point for continuing to represent the state is that she has worked tirelessly for Alaskans since she first went to Washington in 2002 to represent them in the Senate.

She tweeted, “I’ve worked hard to shape FY23 accounts and secure targeted funding for more than 130 projects in Alaska to support people development; housing, water/sewage infrastructure; public safety; salmon research; mental/behavioural health; military and their families.”

While her inside streak and ability to carve the corridors of power in favor of her share is seen as a selling point for her supporters, those opposing her argue that she is too much of a Washington insider. Liz Cheney state primary results: Trump claims the bitter primary campaign was a “referendum” on his culpability for the Jan. 6 riot

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