Liz Cheney News – live: Trump’s Jan. 6 nemesis lashes out at the GOP as it is touted about losing the Wyoming congressional seat

Liz Cheney’s ad challenges opponents’ ‘big lie’ stance

Voters will decide the fate of two high-profile Republicans on Tuesday when primary elections are held in Alaska and Wyoming, two of the country’s reddest states.

In Wyoming, Deputy Chair of the House Inquiry Committee Liz Cheney is facing an attempt by Donald Trump to punish her for infidelity in the form of Harriet Hageman, her former staffer and current top rival.

Ms Cheney is deep under water in the polls and could be down by more than 20 points tomorrow, according to most signs. However, she has a trick up her sleeve: Democrats rallying behind her to try to block another 2020 election conspirator from office. Wyoming has closed the primary, but voters can change their registration on the day of the vote.

Meanwhile, former state governor and right-wing provocateur Sarah Palin is attempting a political comeback in Alaska after resigning from her previous post amid a cloud of ethics investigations. She trailed another Republican and Democrat in the running last month in a poll measuring her support. Alaska has a ranked election, meaning candidates must contend with both Democratic and Republican voters to decide the outcome.


Liz Cheney and Lisa Murkowski: Two Trump enemies with vastly different fates

Two women who took a stand against Donald Trump while the vast majority of her party is still bending the knee face major challenges Tuesday. You will likely see very different results.

Liz Cheney takes on Harriet Hageman in Wyoming, one of the reddest states in the country, who (according to polls) is poised to beat the incumbent congresswoman by as much as 20 points or more.

In Alaska, on the other hand, a popular Lisa Murkowski is poised to grab another win in November, which will see her back in the US Senate for six years.

Let’s take a look at why these two politicians are on such different paths despite their similarities:


Murkowski faces more than a dozen challengers in Alaska

Sen Lisa Murkowski faces a gauntlet of major challengers on Tuesday as voters decide whether to re-nominate for the US Senate. Alaska has a ranked voting system, meaning she’ll likely be up against three of her top rivals in November.

Ms. Murkowski is a vocal critic of Donald Trump, a rarity in her party, and as such faces a Trump-backed challenger in the form of Kelly Tshibaka, as well as 17 other eager would-be senators.

However, due to her continued popularity in the state and the sheer number of competitors who will make it difficult for Ms. Tshibaka or anyone else to stand out, she is heavily favored for re-election.

Read more in The Independent:


‘Was there a real sentence in there somewhere?’

Liz Cheney’s campaign has mocked the House Republican leader after he offered a confused explanation for why he wanted to see his party colleague’s back.

Kevin McCarthy, a staunch Trump loyalist, spoke to Fox News ahead of a Wyoming primary that Cheney is expected to lose. Though they have been close allies for years, the two fell out when Cheney — formerly the third-senior Republican in the House of Representatives — tried to blame Trump for his actions in inciting the Jan. 6 riots.

While McCarthy asked Trump to call his supporters away as they stormed the Capitol that day, he has since regained the former president’s good graces by defying any inquiry into what happened and making a pilgrimage to Mar-a-Lago.

In an interview in Wyoming, McCarthy said, “The main philosophy is less government, an idea of ​​liberty, and the aspect — just the concepts of a country conceived in liberty and committed to proclaiming that we all…”

Fox correspondent Rich Edson interrupts to say, “But hasn’t she lived up to that bill in recent years?”

McCarthy replies, “I think her whole focus was different. Their whole focus was on one person, whether they have information or not, rather than their district itself.”

Cheney’s campaign was unfazed and issued a statement that said, “It’s really difficult to understand the word lettuce. Was there a real sentence in there somewhere?”


Conspiracies complicate the voting machine debate in Louisiana

The need for Louisiana to replace its voting machines is undisputed.

They are severely outdated – they were deployed in 2006, the year after Hurricane Katrina – and do not produce paper ballots, which are critical to ensuring the accuracy of election results.

What to do about it is another story.


Choose “one, two, three times, whatever”

Encouraging supporters to go to the polls during the November midterm elections, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene went a step further during a video address to advocate exercising their right to vote “one, two, three times.”

In the video clip, shared online by leftist Twitter account PatriotTakes, an account with more than 450,000 followers, the Georgia Republican stands alongside Mallory Staples, who ran for Georgia’s 6th congressional district in the spring but lost to the Republican primarily to Rich McCormick.


dr Oz mocked the “grocery shopping” campaign ad.

A recent one by Dr. Mehmet Oz’s attempt to appeal to the average Joe voter has a second life on social media, and the backlash is unlikely to bolster his sympathy in his Pennsylvania Senate campaign.

In the short campaign video shared by the Republican nominee in April ahead of his GOP primary win, Dr. Oz searches a grocery store in Pennsylvania for a grocery list to help his wife, Lisa Oz, prepare raw food for the evening.


What to watch in Tuesday’s primaries

Elections in Wyoming and Alaska on Tuesday could restart one former Republican star’s political career and effectively end another’s — at least for now.

Here’s what to look out for:


Judge says Lindsey Graham to testify at Georgia election probe

A federal judge in South Carolina has ordered Republican Senator Lindsey Graham to testify in Fulton County, Georgia, to investigate an attempt to overturn former President Donald Trump’s 2020 election defeat.

In a 22-page order, US District Judge Leigh Martin May denied Mr Graham’s request to vacate a subpoena ordering him to testify before a special grand jury supervised by Fulton District Attorney Fani Willis.


Pelosi sparks laughter with response to ‘Is Trump a crook’

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosis’ response to a question about whether former President Donald Trump is a crook got reporters laughing during their weekly news briefing.

On Friday, Ms Pelosi fielded questions about the FBI raid on Mr Trump’s South Florida home.

Gustaf Kilander reports what the spokesman for the house said.


Joe Biden is planning his re-election campaign

One question that’s cropped up this election season revolves around someone not even running: Joe Biden.

Will Biden, 79, compete again in 2024? The answer appears to be yes, despite very embarrassing comments from prominent congressional Democrats such as Sean Patrick Maloney and Jerrold Nadler suggesting the opposite.

that of the independent Eric Garcia addresses the latest coverage of Joe Biden’s plans for his next campaign, which is reportedly set to start right after the Midterms. Liz Cheney News – live: Trump’s Jan. 6 nemesis lashes out at the GOP as it is touted about losing the Wyoming congressional seat

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