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Netflix sometimes surprises viewers with titles that might not be on your watch list at first glance, but after countless positive reviews convinced you to play, you wish you were less stubborn to give it a try. in the first place. HELPER, an adaptation of the short stories of Stephanie LandThe memoir of a young mother named Alex (Margaret Qualley) who decide to run away with their young daughter after their addicted boyfriend threatens their safety. Although the decision is one of the right one, Alex has to go through many struggles to earn a living as a low-paid maid to provide for his daughter Maddie and one day pursue his dream of becoming a mother. become a writer.

Each episode brings you to tears and facilitates the main character to achieve freedom and live happily ever after with Maddie. This is the feeling you will also have to experience when you watch the following stories of single mothers who have to hustle, but like Alex, they don’t give up. Here are 7 hot movies to watch next if you’re looking for titles similar to HELPER.

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1 room

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In spite of HELPER successfully portraying Alex’s perspective on the story, wouldn’t it be interesting to see things through Maddie’s eyes? In Room, viewers witness the unraveling of events through Jack’s (Jacob Tremblay) perspective living in prison with his mother Joy (Brie Larson). Growing up in a small tent without experiencing the outside world, Jack found everything to be fine. This is because Joy does whatever it takes to make sure her son doesn’t go through the trauma and horrible reality she’s faced since she was kidnapped and started living in a barn. When they are finally freed, Jack must learn to have a normal childhood while Joy must recover from her years in captivity. Brie Larson’s emotional portrayal of a single mother trying her best to keep her son’s imagination intact, earned her an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role.


2. Changeling

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One thing we’ve seen Alex do throughout the series is persevere, especially when Maddie’s guardianship is at stake. Christine (Angelina Jolie) do the same in Changeling. After her son goes missing, Christine approaches the authorities so they can help her find him. During the search, they found a boy that matched the physical descriptions of Christine’s son and confirmed that they had found the boy. However, after she met him, Christine made sure he was not her son and called on the authorities to continue their investigation. In return, she received many accusations of being delusional and an inappropriate mother for not recognizing her son, even though she was telling the truth.

3. Quarterly

Being a young mother from an underprivileged background is not easy and sometimes prevents mothers from pursuing their aspirations for at least a while. In this movie, 16-year-old Precious (Gabourey Sidibe) is currently pregnant with her second child, after being raped by her own biological father. Having never learned to read or write, and often verbally abused by her mother, Precious is given the opportunity to forge a different future for herself with the guidance of her new teacher, Ms. Rein (Paula Patton). This is the adaptation to the screen already awarded two Oscars for Best Supporting Actress and Best Screenplay 2010.

4. Joy

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Another story of a single mother with no answers, Joyous focuses on a character of the same name who is recently divorced and wishes to change her life. With two kids and an entrepreneurial mindset, Joy (Jennifer Lawrence) must strike a balance between caring for her dependent family members and overcoming the difficulty of selling her self-made product: a mop. From tough business executives to dealing with legal issues, Joy is committed to achieving success no matter what.

5. Erin Brockovich

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Based on a true story, Erin Brockovich-Ellis is a single mother in dire need of a job and having no luck in her endeavors. After losing a lawsuit against a doctor in a car accident, she convinces her lawyer to offer her a position in his firm as an assistant. Though no one takes her seriously, Erin proves everyone wrong when she begins investigating a real estate case involving a multi-million dollar company accused of buying contaminated land and poisoning the people. residents live in it. This movie not only includes a great performance of Julia Roberts, but it also marked her win an Academy Award in 2001.

6. Where is the heart?

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In HELPER, we see Alex sleeping at the ferry terminal with Maddie in his arms after a car crash. Also with nowhere to go and almost 9 months pregnant, Novalee Nation (Natalie Portman) lived in a Wal-Mart store since the moment her boyfriend literally abandoned her there. When she gave birth, Novalee attracted media attention with her story, where she ended up connecting with a nurse named Lexie (Ashley Judd), who brought Novalee and her daughter to live with her. The two become close friends and support each other in their journey of single motherhood.

7. Enough

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Alex may not have faced physical abuse during her relationship with Maddie’s father, Sean (Nick Robinson), but when she moved to a domestic violence shelter, she encountered many women being punched and strangled by their partners. In Full, Jennifer Lopez plays Slim Miller, a waitress who falls in love with her ideal man and ends up marrying him. The two are a happy couple, until Slim realizes that he is not the one she loves. She then decides to run away with her daughter and prepares herself against him to ensure her and her daughter’s protection.

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