Letters to the Editor – March 7, 2022


The problem: Western countries need to reduce their dependence on Russian oil and gas.

The United States imports 600,000 barrels of Russian oil per day (“Do US energy indy, Joe.” Editorial, March 4). This has lavishly enriched Vladimir Putin’s government.

As Putin threatens to use strategic and tactical nuclear weapons against the West, what is his post-Ukraine agenda? Will Russian forces invade Moldova next? Will these helpless Neville Chamberlain guys stand their ground against the man in the United States?

It’s time for President Biden to reinstate terminated well leases. Ban all Russian oil imports to the United States for political reasons and revive domestic oil and natural gas production. Immediate resumption of work on the Keystone XL Pipeline Project.

Count Beal

Terre Haute, Ind.

Western Europe foolishly allowed Putin to develop a stranglehold about its energy needs with its subservience to the radical environmental nuts.

The monster of Moscow has now used this dependency to attempt to reassemble the pieces of the old Soviet Union, which is its all-consuming mission.

The only way out of this chasm is to rein in the Greenies. But pathetically, this dangerous git in the Oval Office is taking his marching orders (on energy and everything else) from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez & Co.

James Hyland


America had energy independence and we exported gas and oil before Biden’s executive orders.

Undo what Biden did on his first day in office to reduce production that ended our energy independence.

Restoring these policies should restore our energy independence. When our energy independence is restored, we can export energy and offset Russian oil to Europe.

John Piccolo

Estero, Fla.

Someone should ask former President Barack Obama and all those people who laughed at Mitt Romney after he said Russia will be our number one foreign concern how they feel now.

Biden and his left party have helped support the Russian war machine by halting oil and gas drilling in America and buying oil and gas from a war criminal.


Tom’s River, NJ

If the United States suddenly ban Russia’s oil importsRussia would probably have no problem finding another customer, like the Chinese Communist Party, who would be happy to buy Russia’s oil.

And the unfortunate reality today is that thanks to Biden’s reversal of Trump’s energy policy, the United States is desperate for all the oil it can get, including Russia’s, and if we stop buying Russia’s oil, the American people and our economy would be even more suffer as Vladimir Putin, who likely has a plan B to make up the deficit.

JJ Crovatto

Ramsey, NJ

This is not the time to pursue the Democratic Party’s “green energy” dream. It’s time to save innocent lives in Ukraine.

Even if this is a temporary measure, we should open our gas and oil pipelines in America and stop buying Russian gas and oil.

If we don’t do this, we will be complicit in the death of the Ukrainian people – and whoever Putin is after the Ukrainians.

Susan Green


Putin’s depraved bombardment has turned Ukraine into a battlefield of untold death and destruction.

The malevolent imagery of dead Ukrainians is reinforced by the heartbreaking depiction of children being killed and maimed in this barbaric attack by a mad despot. An atrocity of this magnitude should not fester.

The United States, the presumed dominant world power, is led by a collection of simpletons who, because of their unwavering commitment to the Green New Deal, will not even use our abundant energy resources even when our security is in imminent danger. That should make all Americans blush with embarrassment.


East Rockaway

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