Letters to the Editor – March 23, 2022


The problem: the Biden administration’s caution in dealing with Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

It is clear that democratic countries must face some harsh realities (“Putin’s way of war is utter depravity” Editorial, March 19).

At Russia’s current rate of progress, it will take at least a year for it to win in Ukraine. Can we just sit back and watch as Putin systematically kills people and destroys every city in the country?

The atomic bomb has been used as a deterrent for over 60 years. Now that Putin has used it as a threat and gotten away with it, he will never give up the advantage it gave him.

If Ukraine falls to Russia, the United States will never again be seen as a superpower that stands for moral standards and democracy. Russian and Chinese authoritarianism will rule the world.

Ray Warren

Mandurah, W. Australia

With President Biden seemingly unable to understand the art of war, perhaps he will learn the art of politics before it’s too late.

I, and hundreds of thousands like me, voted for him in 2020, not because I liked his politics, but because the Trump circus needed to end.

Unless he grows a spine and ends the war in Ukraine, he and the Democrats will lose in 2022 and probably 2024. wake up joe

Daniel Kuncio


Like many Americans, I was deeply concerned about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

However, given that we are risking a third world war with Russia – which nobody will win – and we have a war on our streets that is getting worse, we should focus our efforts on our domestic problems and not give Ukrainians false hope that we will intervene on their behalf.

We should encourage Ukrainians to accept the Russian peace proposal to end the war by creating a neutral, non-aligned Ukraine and to cantonize the country to protect its constituent ethnic groups, as we did in Bosnia. The longer this war goes on, the worse it will be for the whole world.

Michael Pravica

Henderson, Nev.

It is amazing that the United States has not authorized jets for Ukrainians to protect their country from Russian planes. This would not be a no-fly zone, just stronger air defenses.

I don’t understand this caution. Russia continues to use deadlier bombs. Isn’t that what a more cautious, softer approach from Biden should avoid?

It’s terrible to see Ukrainians suffering like this and to know that we could do more to help these brave warriors.

Biden and his handlers are looking weak and weak. They don’t have the heart or the intelligence to harness the strength that we have in this nation. We keep hearing that they don’t want to start World War III, but with our weak, selfish leaders in charge, God forbid, that might be where we’re headed.

Catherine Adago


So far, Biden has been ineffective against Russia and Ukraine.

Yes, sanctions were imposed, but he didn’t go far enough. He must cut off Russia completely.

As for military aid to Ukraine, he hasn’t done enough at all. We are in WW3. He just isn’t ready to face it.

He can stop it now by helping Ukraine defeat Putin. He has to give them the jets. He must stop talking and start acting.

Words are cheap. Americans want more for Ukraine. Putin bombs civilians and we stand by. What’s wrong with France and the UK? Have they forgotten how they made Adolf Hitler strong?

Theresa Rohr

Hamburg, NJ

Putin must be defeated. He must not be allowed to destroy Ukraine.

Using hypersonic missiles and recruiting mercenaries, his strategy is to not give his enemy time to exhaust their resources.

NATO must also increase support for the Ukrainian military and use NATO special forces to counter Russian forces and mercenaries.

Putin must be defeated – or we should be prepared for his ambitions to spread to the rest of Eastern Europe.

Ed Houlihan

Ridgewood, NJ

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