Letters to the Editor – March 21, 2022


The problem: The Biden administration’s response to Russia’s continued invasion of Ukraine.

What I have learned in life and in politics is that weakness is not rewarded (“Biden’s Bind”, Dalibor Rohac, Post Opinion, March 17).

After Neville Chamberlain failed to stand up to Adolf Hitler’s aggression before World War II, Winston Churchill said, “Between shame and war, we chose shame, and we shall have war.”

I am not suggesting that we go to war against Russia, but we have not done enough to support Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in his efforts to stop Russia’s unprovoked aggression.

Martin Garfinkle

Staten Island

Right now, Russian President Vladimir Putin is laughing his ass off at the naming of President Biden. Does anyone really think Putin cares that Biden calls him a war criminal?

Does anyone really believe that even after the total destruction of Ukraine, Putin will stop his warmongering?

NATO and the rest of Europe should tremble with fear. Because they know that the United States has become a paper tiger under ex-President Barack Obama and Biden.

The time to surrender to a tyrant is over, the time to abuse is over, the time has come to take a firm stand and crush the tyrant.

If we don’t do it now, it will only embolden Putin – as well as China, North Korea, Iran and the rest of their ilk – to rear their ugly heads and work to destroy the US and everything that gets in their way.

Alan Brooks, Brooklyn

While Biden deliberately thwarted the deal to move Polish fighter jets to Ukraine for fear of provoking Putin, who is indiscriminately bombing and murdering civilians in his unprovoked war against Ukraine, our president had no problem sending planes, Handing over $80 billion worth of arms and military equipment to the Taliban with a state-of-the-art air force base.

Ukraine is the front door of western democracy. Biden’s absurd policy of appeasement has done nothing but encourage the thugs, thugs and maniacs who want to destroy us and our democratic way of life. What is it about peace through strength that Biden can’t understand?

Karl Compton

The Bronx

I think it’s time for the gloves to come off in defense of the citizens of Ukraine. What Putin is doing to the Ukrainian people is nothing but mass murder. He must be stopped.

Handing over the fighter jets to Ukraine could very well lead to a Russian withdrawal.

Dick Mills


The Problem: A group of Yale Law School students protesting a bipartisan civil liberties panel.

The crackdown on a bipartisan free speech rally at Yale was a very disheartening example of what is happening on elite campuses (“Awakened Yale’s Freedom to Squeal,” March 18).

Maybe it’s not a true representation of the campus. Still, it’s a poor reflection of how students think and what’s being taught about the First Amendment.

Perhaps it is time for Yale Trustees to read William Buckley’s God and Man At Yale and become familiar with their duties.

Henry Carpino

Ulster Park

Yale students attempted to shout down and harass speakers, and one threatened to fight a speaker.

What in God’s name will the future of free speech in America be? Will our future lawyers only fight for statements they agree with?

Something has to change. Grow up and open your minds, kids. Not everyone agrees with you.

Barbara Brussels

ocean side

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