Letters to the Editor – March 15, 2022

The problem: President Biden allowed Russia to negotiate with Iran on behalf of the United States.

As Michael Goodwin notes, it’s bad enough that the United States is trying to revive the deeply flawed 2015 Iran nuclear deal, but that it’s doing so with the backing of Russia as a supposedly trusted mediator is amazingly unthinkable (“Joe lets Vlad hold nuclear talks with Iran?!” March 13).

Russia’s war crimes in Ukraine – invading and devastating a sovereign country, attacking and murdering innocent civilians – make it an unimaginably unsuitable partner for any American initiative, political or commercial.

The Biden administration’s reliance on Russia as the supposedly honest broker of a nuclear deal with Iran, the world’s most dangerous state sponsor of terrorism, is truly unimaginable and smacks of even more desperation and hypocrisy than former President Barack Obama’s original deal in 2015.

Marc E Kasowitz


This is absolute madness. Ukraine has been under threat from Russia for months, and Biden has refused to do anything except say sanctions will be imposed once an invasion has taken place.

Poland agreed to supply MiGs to Ukraine, but Biden refused the plane transfer, claiming he would anger the Russians while Putin’s forces simultaneously bombed hospitals, demolished Ukrainian cities and killed innocent civilians.

And yet we allow Russia to be our middleman in renewed nuclear negotiations with Iran. Are Biden and his foreign policy team crazy?

America’s weakness and lack of leadership are now the focus of the world stage, and the damage done will continue to embolden Putin, as well as China and Iran.

Harold Fischman


A rocket launch that was part of exercises by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in Iran in 2021 as nuclear deal talks continued in Vienna.
A rocket launch that was part of exercises by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in Iran in 2021 as nuclear deal talks continued in Vienna.
Photo by -/SEPAH NEWS/AFP via Getty Images

After reading Goodwin’s eye-opening article about Joe Vlad letting Iran nuclear talks lead, I was breathless.

Thank you Goodwin for writing the article otherwise we would never have known the truth as none of this is mentioned by our other local media.

I’m proud to say I didn’t vote for Biden. What can be said for those who did?

As former President Obama reportedly said, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to screw things up.” How true, and yet Biden was elected.

Donna Godard


Iran has attacked our embassy consulate in Iraq and Biden is continuing to negotiate a nuclear deal with Iran, negotiated through intermediaries in China and Russia. It’s possible that Congress won’t have an opportunity to ratify any resulting deal since Biden will sign it by executive branch order.

Is that consistent with his sworn oath to the Constitution? A supreme commander who “assists” the enemy by dealing with a country that has attacked us deserves to be removed.

Karl Merz

West Hartford, Conn.

So the Russians are involved in our negotiations with Iran on a nuclear deal.

Who came up with this idea? The empty suit in the White House simply has no idea what is going on in this country and should be removed. Trouble is, who’s next in line is worse. We’re in serious trouble.

Jerry Ciofalo

Massapequa Park

Kudos to Goodwin’s column on Biden’s use of Putin as an agent in the “trade” with the Iranian theofascists for their oil.

Some would say my enemy’s friend is my enemy, so this choice is quite odd.

We also scratch our heads trying to fathom the economic benefits of shipping low-grade crude halfway around the world when there are already vast crude oil reserves beneath our own North American soil.

James Evans

Worcester, Mass.

After everything that has plagued the world over the past month, why would our government back down on a deal with Iran on its nuclear ambitions?

Why does it seem like Democrats are making sweet deals with our opponents while shunning our friends? I’m afraid history will not see our actions in a favorable light.

Steve Preziosa

Deptford, New Jersey

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