LadBaby on Elton John and Ed Sheeran, sausage rolls and Christmas no 1

Welcome to Metro.co.uk’s Big Question, where we ask, well, big questions (and smaller questions) and this week we’re going in-depth with LadBaby’s Mark Hoyle, who is on track for a record-breaking Christmas number one fourth in a row.

Yesterday Ladbaby and Ladbaby’s mother Roxanne release their carnival song Sausage Rolls For Everyone with Ed Sheeran and Sir Elton John, in a spin of their Christmas song Merry Christmas.

Mark will tell you not to believe what the bookies are saying, with predictions putting his emphasis on beating the title again, but odds are he will help raise more more for the foodbank charity, The Trussell Trust, whether he’s on top or not.

Here we chat about all things carnival, sausage rolls, and why Greggs still hasn’t given him a black card….

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Congratulations on the new Christmas song, Sausage Rolls For Everyone – you are on the right track for another number one song…

Don’t trust the house, even though they always get it wrong, right! You never know.

Friend talked to us not long ago, give nothing away about another potential Christmas song and here you go, you dropped the song

I feel terrible! I know we’re doing it but I can’t tell you, [I had to say] “Ohhh you never know…” and didn’t let go.

We tried to keep it a secret for as long as possible because we wanted to surprise everyone. You don’t want to open your Christmas presents early.

So we believe the story is that Ed Sheeran texted you after last year’s number one spot, before you hit the co-op earlier this year?

Yes, last year when we hit number one [for Don’t Stop Me Eatin’] he was texting and saying congratulations and seeing what we were doing for charity, then six months ago, mid-summer, we spoke to The Trussell Trust and we heard about the effects that The pandemic has taken its toll on food banks, we say give it a try, let’s make the song bigger and raise more money.

I asked if Ed was into any worlds, and he replied immediately and said that he enjoyed it, but that he had already started writing a song with Elton John, so would we like to participate? join him and Elton. Obviously, we said yes.

Now they have two songs running for number one

The odds for them to be number one must be good! Their song raises money for their respective charities, our song raises money for the Trussell Trust, I think it’s lovely this time of year, raising funds for so many causes incredible.

Ladbaby, Elton John and Ed Sheeran – a winning combination?

Do you know how much you have raised so far?

Last year we in partnership with Walkers Crisps Also, if you include that, we also worked with Weetabix, I think, overall, it’s over £1.2 million. It’s lovely that we were able to do that, it’s an honor.

What we are most proud of besides money is raising awareness, helping people know about the restaurants. There are more food outlets than McDonald’s in this country and most people know where their nearest McDonald’s is but they don’t know where their nearest grocery store is.

You used to Be open about your own struggles with money in the past and although your songs are fun, how important are you to convey those messages?

I think that’s what we try to do in general with our social media, we want LadBaby to be a place where people feel comfortable and a positive environment all year round. Make people laugh, at least for five minutes a week. With everything we do, we find ways to give back.

All in all, we have over 12 million followers, so use it for the families that need it most. We know what it feels like to worry about setting food on the table and paying the bills. It’s nice to do something nice like this and put a smile on everyone’s face.

Recently, George Clooney said he turned down $35 million for a job that didn’t fit his brand. Have you rejected collaborative videos in the past because it’s not linked together?

I’ve never turned down one for $35 million [laughs].

Rox and I turned down more than we thought. We are very conscious that we have a family channel and we are aware of its impact… so many young families, teenagers and children see our content and we have to lead by example. good. We already have a lot of betting companies that want to work with us, we note that is not something we want to advertise on our channel. It’s fortunate that we’re in a position where we feel comfortable rejecting the impossible.

Mark and Roxanne storm the charts every year (Image: PA)

What is your gripping me moment?

You know, Ed and Elton are up there. When we were filming with Elton, we gave him the lyrics that Rox and I had written. He was so sweet and polite… he went into the sound room to record his vocals and we were in the booth, which was a really surreal moment where it was like Elton John, and it was. quite emotional. I cheered, “Oh my, it’s Elton John, I can hear his voice, I’m in the same room.” Especially when it’s such ridiculous lines, he sings about the sausage roll and ties it up in Elton John’s voice.

And last year saw hot dog fries hit the market nationwide. And Haribo sausage rolls! The power of sausage rolls is taking over the world.

We have to ask, how does one deliver lyrics to Elton John and Ed Sheeran?

They sent us their song, we spent about four weeks writing the song, [then handed it back to] One of the greatest musicians of all time, “Oh Ed, what do you think of this song that Rox and I wrote in our living room?” I think he could change two lines in the whole song.

It was another surreal moment, he almost approved of it and said, “do you want to sing it with me?”. My voice is built for the football field, but if you want me to sing with you, I’ll do it.

Do you have one of the black cards with Greggs, like Nandos has?

Don’t start with me. When we met Ed, Ed had a black card from Nandos, he showed it to me, I was stuck with more black cards than him! It looks great.

He told me, you have to have a Greggs. Is not. The only one who has one, as rumored, is Stormzy.

Greggs never wanted to work with us, they never contacted us. I don’t know what I did to upset Greggs.

What else do you have to do?

I checked their names in two songs! They probably know they can’t give me one because it would cost them too much. They will be up and running within a week.

Do you have a list of people to collaborate with?

I would record a song with absolutely anyone, as long as we could have fun doing it and make a lot of money.

Ronan [Keating] last year was a legend, he walked right in, singing something so silly, so good. I will always be a Ronan Keating fan for that.

Will we see you and Rox in person in your living room when the results come out?

No matter where we finish in the leaderboard, we’ll go live with everyone. It was a special moment that we wanted to share. I always say that it’s not really us going to be number one, but everyone. We only go there because people support us. When those big moments happen, we want to be there with everyone, to be a part of it, without people buying it we wouldn’t be there.

Is it Christmas Eve this year? I’ll probably be halfway through building a bike…

With Die Hard turned on in the background

With Die Hard playing loudly in the background!

Ladbaby’s Weekend:

Today is Saturday, what are you doing?

This Saturday, I’m going to do what I do most Saturdays, which is listen to Nottingham Forest hope to win. This Saturday, I’ll probably also go online to read lots of comments about what people are saying about our song and video.

One of the great things about being online in the community that we have, Rox and I will read reviews about our video, how people interact with it. Music videos are hilarious and wild. I know my favorite bit, but I can’t wait to see what the others are up to.

It was seeing Ed and Elton goofy, dressed up, eating hot dog sandwiches; you don’t usually see pop royalties this way.

Do you lie in or do you get up and look at them?

Sleeping in?! I haven’t lied in five years. I wish! Me and my wife, we go to bed pretty late, midday the kids usually get up around six-thirty, those are long but fun days and I wouldn’t want that any other way, especially around Christmas.

Santa Claus is on his way, I don’t know have you heard? We’ve been repeating Arthur Christmas and The Grinch for weeks.

What is the perfect weekend breakfast?

Sausage rolls! You know the answer. Breakfast, lunch or tea, sausage rolls are all okay.

How have your weekends evolved?

Not too different in how it feels about football, I’ve always seen Nottingham Forest lose, so it’s mostly a disappointment. Saturday nights are more spent hanging out with friends drinking, but it’s the wonderful life of parenting that doesn’t happen often. It is usually spent watching television on Saturday nights.

Last Sunday night movie

Die hard. It’s also Chrismassy. About two weeks ago Spotify asked us what our favorite Christmas song was, Rox said something like Wizard, I said the entire Die Hard soundtrack.

It’s a Christmas movie. Christmas didn’t officially start until I watched Die Hard. I always watch it on Christmas Eve.

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