Kentucky man surveys tornado-torn home, then sits down at his piano

Jordan Baize of Bremen, Kentucky, was with his family Friday night when the tornado warning message hit.

“We immediately went to the basement,” said Baize WLEX-TV. “I’m so glad we did. Mattress on our head, in the middle of the basement. It’s noisy, but it’s also fast. ”

Few things terrify parents more than their family is in danger, but Baize, a father, is also a devout Christian and has a deep faith in God. Father in heaven.

He and his family weathered the storm, but their home didn’t. The roof had been ripped off, leaving only the walls in places. In the community, 11 people have died and dozens of other homes have been destroyed.


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“The kids and I are safe,” he posted on December 11 “We were in the basement with another family when a tornado destroyed our house. Much of it seems to be missing. We’re fine physically, but we’re naturally very shaky. We are kept safe from the storm by a single faithful God, like countless storms before and many more to come. Praying for the safety of our friends and neighbors. Lord, help our precious community.”

Consequences of violence tornado, Baize took a moment to appreciate, for the last time, piano in his home by playing a song in honor of his creator, even in the midst of destruction.

He didn’t realize his sister, Whitney Brown, was filming – but it turned out to be a blessing that she was.

“I was overwhelmed by the love my family was shown today,” Brown posted on Facebook on December 11. “We are all safe, thank God. My brother, Jordan, lost his home but thankfully he and his family got out safely.

“I was standing in his bedroom packing whatever could be salvaged and I heard the most amazing sound. Music. Jordan was sitting at his grand piano, playing Gaither Something About That Name.

“Everything around him was broken. The piano was water damaged, the keys were missing, and he didn’t know I was filming, but he still used his gift to honor God the best way he knew how. Enjoy the gift that God has given you.”

The clip has gone viral on social media and has given encouragement to many as they see a man living his life to the fullest. trust despite the terrible loss.

“Yes, music has always been important to me,” Baize later explained to WBKO. “Particularly church music, Christian music. My faith is an important factor in my life but I am happy to know that I guess that if it brings peace, comfort and a little sense of calm in another stormy time, I’ll be fine with that. ”


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“For me the piano is very special,” he added to WLEX-TV. “And I want to play it again before more damage happens to it.”

On Twitter, Baize shared the clip, saying he was honored to share his beliefs.

“So a video of me playing the piano in my house after Friday’s storm paused for a bit,” he tweeted. “So honored to have had the opportunity to share my faith in God during this trying time.”

Baize also shared that he feels guilty about the announcement he received, but he can see his witness making a difference, even in the lives of complete strangers.

“I have spent most of this day talking newspaper after newspaper, standing in the living room of my house. ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, BBC, Weather Channel,” he posted in Monday. “More than a few times, I feel guilty for looking at the camera all day. And all the videos of me playing a water damaged piano with sticky keys.

“Then reports like this start coming in and you realize you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. What is considered a private, reflective moment seems to have brought peace and perspective to many. Only God can do it, friends.

“I am honored to have had the opportunity to share my faith with so many people during such difficult times. I am still praying for our precious little community. Are you joining me? ”

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