Keep your promise and support the police, Mayor Eric Adams

During the mayoral election campaign last year, Eric Adams promised that fighting crime would be his top priority. After his election, he promised to be the new face of the Democratic Party and show America how to run a city.

Last month, he and Governor Hochul laid out a plan to address crime and homelessness on the subways said a safe transit system was “vital” for the city’s recovery.

Last Friday, amid new reports that crime was soaring to new heights, Adams the city insisted is on the right track. “We have to do it right,” he then said. “Two months later, we are implementing our plan and we will end crime. I’m aware.”

On Monday he announced that the first of his anti-gun squads will take to the streets next week after a “very thorough, well-organized training session”.

So Adams is right that he was clear about his plans and continues to say the right things. His determination to win the war on crime and disorder remains refreshing.

But no honeymoon lasts forever and the fact that crime still persists make parabolic jumps suggests that the perpetrators are not intimidated and may not be convinced that Adams means what he says.

The NYPD reports that major crimes across the five counties rose an extraordinary 58% in February from a year earlier. In reply, former top Cop Bill Bratton tweeted, “Staggering is no way to describe the increase in crime in New York City.”

For the year to last Sunday, the department posted a 47% increase in all major crime with big jumps in robberies, grand thefts and auto thefts. Luckily there was only one more murder than a year ago.

Cops foiled

And also remember that 2021 saw big gains over 2020 in almost every major category, and 2020 saw big gains over 2019.

For example, there were 318 murders in 2019, 468 in 2020, and 485 in 2021.

Police at the scene where a person was slashed on a 1 subway train at 181st Street Station in New York, NY.
NYPD officers must be able to do their job when it comes to enforcing the law.
Christopher Sadowski

The city is now in its third year of a new crime wave.

The implications are huge on both sides of the law. As a former member of Michael Bloomberg’s As the US government put it, police officers “may not have the muscle memory left” on how to turn the tide.

This view is shared by many former officers who believe so handcuffs of police officers That became policy in the second term of Bill de Blasio’s Reign of Error, wiping out the department’s training and ethos. It was nothing short of a culture shift when, after more than two decades, it was celebrated and rewarded to reduce crime, Police officers had more incentives to avoid trouble and controversy.

The same culture shift has happened to a new generation of criminals and would-be criminals who have learned how to do it Exploit police restraint. When the cops pulled out, they filled the vacuum.

Robbery, possible gunshot, arrests The Jay Street Convience Store, 40 Jay Street x Willoughby St.
Career criminals will continue to rob small businesses, knowing they won’t be locked up behind bars under New York’s bail law.
Wayne Carrington

When shoplifting is ignored in a store, copycats assume they are free to line pockets full of stolen items in other stores – and do.

It doesn’t stop there. the Broken Windows Theory revolutionized the police force 30 years ago by teaching the city that if small crimes are ignored, big crimes follow. Perpetrators who begin shoplifting often lead to violence and even murder.

That’s where the city is now. Crimes at all levels, from stealing subway tickets and stealing cars to rape, robbery and murder are on the march. Shootings take place on busy streets during daylight hours.

The shameful measures taken in Albany to release most of the suspects without bail have contributed to the extreme lawlessness. The rapid release of the “shit offender” is the latest example of just how destructive Albany has been.

‘Fucking criminals’ out

Frank Abrokwa, 37, with a criminal record said to date back more than 20 years smeared his own feces about a woman in a Bronx subway station, made a joke about it at his indictment – and was soon back on the streets.

Frank Abrokwa
“Poop perp” Frank Abrokwa, who mockingly sneered “Fk you, bitch” during his arraignment against Bronx Judge Wanda Licitra, was still at large thanks to New York’s bail law.

As my colleague Bob McManus wrote: “Poop smearing may be socially unimaginably corrosive, but it’s not a prison-worthy offense under New York’s brand-new, thoroughly insane bail laws.”

All of this raises the bar for Adams and his police commissioner, Keechant Sewell. The law enforcement crisis they inherited is no ordinary problem and will not be solved overnight.

But it’s not resolved at all unless Adams and other cops show the cops they have their back, especially where there is one questionable police action. In that regard, Rudy Giuliani set the template.

His mantra was that when there is no overwhelming evidence of police misconduct, police officers deserve the benefit of the doubt controversial shootings until the facts are known.

He argued convincingly that the rush too verdict against the police is unfair to the individual officers involved and deprives them of the same rights that all suspects have – the presumption of innocence.

The rush also hurts morale the entire NYPD, who, in this political climate in particular, already feels guilty until her innocence is proven.

None of this is new to Adams, who has spent 22 years in uniform and has seen both the good and bad of the police force from the inside. But his personal experience will only take him so far in his new role.

Now he must become the police’s greatest advocate. Just like de Blasios innate distrust NYPD was a key factor in the city’s downfall, Adams must convince the men and women in blue that he is on their side and that they can count on him when the going gets tough.

If he does, he has a chance to fight back crime and save New York.

Shameless and clueless Cuomeback

The normal process for politicians who seriously screw up is to take a break from the limelight, do some soul searching, and try to give back a changed person.

That way, the public has reason to give him or her a second look.

Not Andrew Cuomo.

Former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo sits in his car in front of the God's Battalion of Prayer Church at 661 Linden Blvd in Brooklyn, NY. March 6, 2022 nypostinhouse (Kevin C. Downs for the New York Post
Sexual harassment suspect and former governor Andrew Cuomo is not ashamed to revive his tainted political career.
Kevin C Downs

He skips the soul quest and change while blaming everyone else for his downfall.

In a notable attack he called “my truth,” Cuomo used a coming-out speech at a predominantly black church in East Flatbush to argue that since he hasn’t been charged with a crime, he hasn’t really done anything wrong .

He was just fine with being “old-fashioned and out-of-touch.”

Emphasis on “touch”, gem to the 11 women who accused him of unwanted touching, groping and other molestation.

Many of his accusers worked for him.

Remember that Cuomo cancel instead Challenging the charges before the Legislature, which agreed to impeach and remove him.

He’s talking tough now, but when it came down to it, he folded without a fight.

He was also so toxic that anyone who helped him frame his accusers lost their job, including his brother at CNN.

Given those records, you’d think Cuomo would have the decency to take responsibility for the damage he caused.

Instead, he proves he’s still not worthy of public trust.


“Fossil of Vampire Squid’s oldest ancestor is named after Biden”

Enough said. Keep your promise and support the police, Mayor Eric Adams


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