Is the best move set in Pokemon Go Jumpluff: Acrobatics any good?

Hoppip is the star of Pokemon Go’s February Community Day, which means a lot of Trainers will be wondering what the best move set for its ultimate evolution Jumpluff is – and if the exclusive move is Are Acrobatics worth getting?

Latest Community Day in Pokemon Go focuses on the Grass/Flying Hoppip of the Johto region. As well as bonuses and Special Research, this event is the perfect time to stock up on Candy and evolve Hoppip into Jumpluff.

While Jumpluff won’t set the whole world up in Pokemon Go Battle League, Raids, or Gym this event showcases an exclusive move, Acrobatics, which is capable of dealing some massive damage in PvP Trainer Battles.

Below, we’ll explore the best moves Jumpluff can learn in Pokemon Go right now and whether you should keep Acrobatics in its move set.


Jumpluff in Pokemon Go

Can Jumpluff rise to the top with a new Charge Move?

Jumpluff the best move set in Pokemon Go

The best move set for Jumpluff in Pokemon Go is Bullet Seed as a Quick Move combined with Energy ball and Acrobatic as Charged Migration.

While Bug-type Quick Teleport deals a bit more damage, Grass-type Bullet Seed has a slightly better mana gain and benefit from STAB, so we recommend using it as Quick Move’s Jumpluff.

As for the Charged Move, you’ll definitely want to keep up the tough acrobatics if you just got it from Hoppip’s Community Day. Pair this with an Energy Orb and you’ll have two powerful STAB-enhanced attacks.

All Jumpluff moves can be learned in Pokemon Go

Jumpluff can learn two potential Quick Moves and five potential Charged Moves in Pokemon Go, which we’ve listed below:

Move fast

  • Bullet Seed (Grass)
  • Intrusion (Error)

Paid moves

  • Acrobatics (Flying)
  • Aerial Ace (flying)
  • Glare (fairy)
  • Energy Ball (Grass)
  • Solar Rays (Grass)

Are acrobatic moves good in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go acrobatics logo

Acrobatics is an extremely powerful Charge Move with a high cost.

Huge trading acrobatics 110 damage in PvP battles, place it at the top end of the Charged Move scale when power is present. It has costs 60 EnergyHowever, that means it will take a while to access.

Luckily, Jumpluff has good Defense and Stamina stats, which should give it enough bulk to back up a slow-charging Acrobatics-featured move. In the right scenario, it can actually be quite dangerous.

If you’re planning on using Jumpluff, the only place it really shows any potential is Great Alliancewhere it could be a suitable replacement for Tropius with main victory against Azumarill, Venusaur and Swampert.

Considering the max CP Jumpluff can hit right now is 1,850 – and that would require a lot of hard-earned XL Candy – there’s really no reason to try and use it in the Ultra League or the Master League.

If you want to try the acrobatics for yourself, Jumpluff will be able to learn it as it develops during Hoppip Community Day, which takes place on Saturday, February 12, 2022.

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