Is Jadis now a threat to Alexandria in The Walking Dead?

Let’s start this off with a little refresher course on Jadis. Jadis was first seen on Zombie as the leader of The Scavengers.

This group is willing to live in a dump and speak a little English here and there. Jadis became famous for siding with Negan in the first half of the fight between The Saviors vs. Alexandria, The Kingdom and The Hilltop.

Midway through, Jadis switched sides and watched as her group was slaughtered by Simon, Negan’s right hand man. Jadis blames Negan (who didn’t order the attack) and prepares to take him by helicopter.

She changed her mind and actually joined Alexandria after the war ended. She begins a relationship with Father Gabriel, confessing her name is actually Anne.

Is The Walking Dead’s Next Villain Really Jadis?

After making such progress, she goes back to her old ways and tries to get Father Gabriel on the helicopter. (By the way, neither Negan nor Father Gabriel told anyone about the helicopter.)

This also failed. When successful, she does so to save Rick Grimes from death.

Fast forward to The Walking Dead: World Beyond, where she currently works security for CRM. She is sent to the base to take care of Elizabeth Kubleck’s daughter Jennifer and fix the endless mess left by Dr. Bennett and his daughters Hope and Iris.

Jadis knows about secret experiments done on innocent people at CRM. While his plan to kill thousands in Portland fails, Jadis has Elizabeth arrested for treason and seemingly holds a new level of power at CRM.

This begs the question and purpose of this article: does this mean that Alexandria is in trouble? Jadis knew several communities, not just Alexandria, before she came to CRM.

However, according to what we have seen above The world is farther away, none of which are mentioned. Is she intentionally hiding her information about them from CR, or does she have plans for them herself?

Jadis has proven himself to be very easy-going and calculating. She may not have found out about Jennifer’s betrayal, but she seems to have no problem keeping the CRM intact, no matter what actions she takes.

If she really believes that there won’t be enough supply to meet the needs of those still alive after the apocalypse, then why doesn’t she visit Alexandria herself? Why hasn’t CR come yet?

Could it be that Alexandria is too small a fish to worry about, unlike the Commonwealth? Or is Jadis simply buying her time?

At this point, CR doesn’t know about Alexandria, or they have and haven’t approached. If Jadis had to prove why Rick was valuable, wouldn’t Alexandria be mentioned?

Unless Rick and Jadis lie about what community he’s from to protect them. Either way, with Zombie were in their final season and The world is farther away just ended, where and when will we see things like Jadis and CRM again?

Will they appear on Fear The Walking Dead Or become the focus of another side story? We can assume that Jadis could become the next, if not last, villain Zombie The universe used to be outside the walkers.

If that’s the case, then our heroes are in more trouble than they realize because no one will see this coming!

What are your thoughts on Jadis? Comment them below!

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