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Some love stories have happy endings, while others have tragic endings, but in Linda Moseley’s case it was a mixed journey where she reunited with her first love 44 years after they broke up, but not quite…

Linda sits in the living room, scrolling through Facebook as she does every evening since her neighbor’s daughter showed her how to use it.

Linda is 62 years old. When she was the same age as her neighbor’s daughter, the most common form of communication was the letters she and some of her friends used to write to their lovers and romantic partners.

When Linda was using her phone that day, it suddenly vibrated and a notification popped up on her screen. Linda opened it, stunned by the messenger’s name. But as she read the entire message, her eyes welled up, and a strange excitement, as well as sadness, lurked in her heart.

Linda broke up with her first love when they were in college | Photo: Shutterstock

It was early January and Linda received a delivery of red roses. Her grandfather recently passed away, so the flowers don’t seem to have completely lost their green color. But the name on the note that came with them did it. The last place she saw that name, Henry Zimmermann, was in her college yearbook.

“Dear Linda,” Henry’s card reads, “I’m your senior, although I don’t believe you know who I am. I’m sorry, but I’m a little shy, so I don’t have the courage to make an appointment. date you right away. But you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. Do you want to date me?”

Linda blushed like anything as she read the note. Contrary to what Henry thought, she knew him too well. In fact, her entire batch did. He’s known for being an introvert, but he’s a genius. Debates, quizzes, and anything and everything related to foreign languages, Henry is on top.

She gently picked up the bouquet and returned to her room to place it on the desk. When her mother asked who sent it, she lied that it was for her grandfather. “Sorry, I lied, grandpa,” the girl whispered a quick apology in her head, and then continued reading the note in her room.

Henry sends Linda flowers | Photo: Pexels

“If the answer is yes, meet me at the coffee shop on Hemington Road at 10 a.m. I’ll wait for you there. I look forward to seeing you there.”

“See you later, Henry,” she thought as she put the letter down. She is interested in learning more about the person Henry was. She reasoned that, if nothing else, it would have been a pleasant conversation with him. But when she arrived the next day, she discovered Henry was not the one who sent the flowers.

Turns out he has a crush on Linda, but he’s too shy to admit it. He told everything to his friend Paul, who arranged a date for them. Linda couldn’t stop smiling when she noticed Henry’s anxiety that day, but that meeting, in fact, marked the beginning of their romance.

They started seeing each other more often after that day, sometimes dating in coffee shops and sometimes casually, walking through the park, holding hands when it was dark, and no one could see them.

Henry and Linda are madly in love | Photo: Pexels

However, Linda’s mother discovered she and Henry together one evening, and that’s when everything fell apart for them.

“Have you lost your mind, Linda?” her mother shouted. “You don’t realize he’s a black man when you’re white! Do you want us to suffer like black people?”

“Calm down mom,” Linda retorted. “I love Henry, and I want to marry him! I don’t care if you or the law try to stop us. We’re in love, and no one can separate us!”

“Linda, don’t be stupid!” Her mother warned her. “You won’t see him again, and that’s it! I’ll talk to your dad tonight.”

Linda’s father was a high-ranking government official at the time. He knew that if anyone found out his daughter was with a black man, he would lose both his position and power, so he threatened Henry’s family to stay away from his daughter without Linda knowing. .

Linda has a mental breakdown after breaking up | Photo: Pexels

Henry is a scholar, and he fears that if he disagrees with Linda’s father, he will lose his scholarship. He comes from a very humble background, and his father runs a small car rental business.

So when he met Linda days later, he broke up with her, lying that he no longer loved her and that whatever they got was just a random affair. At least, Linda was very disappointed and accepted her father’s offer to move to another state to study. And that is how fate successfully parted them.

However, Linda’s heart never agreed with what Henry had to say. Even after she switched to a different state, she continued to write him letters hoping that he would one day reply. When that didn’t happen, she resolved to go back to find him. However, it was too late.

She discovers that Henry’s parents have died in an accident, and that the boy has disappeared without a trace.

Henry has disappeared without a trace | Photo: Pexels

The name that flashed across Linda’s screen was Charlotte, Henry’s niece. Linda had seen a post on her friend’s timeline a few weeks earlier where the young lady had posted a photo with Henry. She recognized her man immediately. After all, how could she not? That’s Henry, her Henry. Her first, last and only love.

Linda immediately sent a friend request to Charlotte that day, and fortunately, she accepted a few days later. Linda introduces herself as Henry’s friend and expresses her desire to meet him. But a few weeks after she texted Charlotte, there was no response and Linda began to lose hope that she would ever see Henry again.

One evening, however, Charlotte replied, and Linda’s eyes filled with tears when she read the message.

“Hi, Linda!” it started. “Unfortunately, it took a long time to reply to your message. Unfortunately, Uncle Uncle’s health was not good so he was admitted to a nursing home a few years ago. I am very happy to finally talk to you. Uncle. keep telling us stories about you.”

Along with the message, Charlotte attached the address of the nursing home. Luckily, that’s in Texas, where Linda is now. So that evening, the woman got into a taxi and went to the nursing home without saying anything more.

Henry is in a nursing home | Photo: Pexels

When she arrived, however, she discovered Henry was in terrible condition. He looked weak and feeble, and his once cheerful face now took on a strange expression, as if the man were dead.

“Henry!” She exclaimed, tears welling up in her eyes. “How are you? It’s me! Linda!”

Henry’s pale face lit up in a smile. “Do you know me?” he asks.

“Of course, Henry, I have. Remember when we met in college and you proposed to me…”

“But I never went to college,” he cut her off. “I’m waiting for my parents. I don’t know why it took them so long.”

Linda was taken aback. She couldn’t understand why Henry would raise her parents. “Henry…Your parents….”

Before she could finish her sentence, a voice interrupted her. “There’s no point in trying. He’ll keep saying the same things,” it said.

Linda turned around and saw a woman in her thirties standing there. She is Henry’s caretaker at the nursing home.

Henry’s caregiver reveals he has Alzheimer’s | Photo: Pexels

“He’s got Alzheimer’s, ma’am,” she told Linda. “He’s been here for five years. Sometimes his brother’s family comes to see him, but otherwise, he’s alone. He has no wife and children. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease a few years ago. 5 years. “

When Linda heard that, her heart sank. Now that she had finally met Henry after all these years, he couldn’t recognize her.

However, she is not ready to give up yet. She went back to the nursing home the next day and the next day, sometimes with flowers just like Henry had sent her, and sometimes she sat beside him and told him all their stories, hoped he would remember her, which he finally did when he recognized her.

Linda was overjoyed that day, but the next day when she came to see him, the story was the same.

Unfortunately, Henry never recovered, and he only had a few moments where he recognized her. But Linda never left him. Instead, she begins their love story from scratch.

Henry and Linda relive their youth | Photo: Pexels

She met the new Henry as a new Linda. They initially became friends, and Henry gradually developed a close relationship with her. He sometimes recognizes her as the old Linda and not someone else, but they were together for many years until Henry passed away at the age of 90.

Linda is obviously very sad, but her heart rejoices at the prospect of being reunited with her first love, who, like her, has never been married and is waiting for her.

Charlotte had told Linda the whole story when they first started talking that day, so the woman knew Henry loved and respected her as much as she did.

What can we learn from this story?

  • One thing we cannot change is our destiny. Linda and Henry were destined to end up together, they did despite the obstacles on their way, but their ending wasn’t really happy.
  • The people who care about you are always there for you even when things are bad. Linda is always by Henry’s side even when he doesn’t recognize her, proving her undying love for him.

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