I’m an expert and here are 6 unusual reasons why you’re losing your hair

Hair loss is more common than you think, but finding its root cause can be difficult.

There are dozens of reasons for being thin or bald – not just getting older.

Hair loss can be distressing and doesn't just affect older adults


Hair loss can be distressing and doesn’t just affect older adults

Most people shed tears 50 to 100 hairs per day as part of the natural hair growth cycle.

If this cycle is interrupted or if the hair follicle is damaged, hair may begin to fall out faster than it takes to regenerate.

This can lead to symptoms such as retracted hair roots, hair loss in patches, or total thinning.

Hair loss can be temporary or permanent, depending on the type of hair loss you are experiencing.

For example, male hormone alopecia, also known as male pattern hair loss in women, is the most common type of hair loss hair loss and hereditary.

Genetics, behavior, and many conditions can all play a role in the hair growth cycle.

It was discovered that Covid is a cause of hair loss in a small number of people, too.

Here, Abbas Kanani, pharmacist and medical specialist at Chemist Click, revealing six unusual causes of hair loss:

Too much vitamin A

“Yes, you heard right,” said Abbas.

“Too much of certain vitamins can lead to hair loss in the long run. More specifically, too much Vitamin A.”

Vitamin A is important to help protect you against illness and infection by keeping the immune system a priority.

It also keeps skin and vision healthy.

“Vitamin A like all vitamins and nutrients is important to incorporate in our diets and can be found in foods like liver, fish oil, milk,” says Abbas. , eggs and green leafy vegetables.

“However, if you eat too much and take in too many types of retinol, this can cause the hair follicles to become overactive, meaning your hair will reach the end of the growth phase too quickly and may fall off.

“Not only that, consuming too much Vitamin A can cause liver damage as well as other health complications.”

The NHS and Department of Health also warn too much vitamin A can be dangerous, as it can weaken your bones.

You can get enough vitamin A from your diet, but if you eat liver or liver pate more than once a week, you may be getting too much.

Scalp condition

If you are suffering from hair loss, it is easy to focus on your curls.

But it could be the health of your scalp you need to focus on.

“Perhaps not so unusual, but many people completely ignore the fact that a poorly-groomed scalp can cause your hair to fall out,” says Abbas.

“Most scalp conditions can lead to hair loss as well as a skin rash.

“There are a number of scalp conditions like fungus, psoriasis or dandruff that can lead to hair loss, so talking with your GP to identify the problem is key.”

Not enough protein

“Hair loss can also be caused by lack of protein in the diet,” says Abbas.

“For example, people on a diet with limited protein intake may experience protein malnutrition.

“What happens then is the body saves protein by putting the growing hairs into a resting phase, which means the possibility of hair loss.”

Protein is an important source of energy in the diet. It helps build muscle and repair cells.

Protein is found mostly in animal products, such as meat, seafood, and eggs.

But it can also be found in nuts, seeds and legumes such as beans and peas – all suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Plant-based eaters find it hard to get enough protein, and something worth watching for if you choose not to eat meat.

“If you’re dieting, just make sure you’re still getting enough protein to make sure you don’t run the risk of hair loss or thinning,” says Abbas.

Low iron

If you notice that you’re losing patches of hair or more hair than usual falling out of your comb, it could be an iron deficiencyy.

“When you have an iron deficiency, your skin and hair can get less oxygen from the blood, leaving them dry and damaged, which in severe cases can lead to hair loss,” says Abbas.

Other symptoms of iron deficiency include lack of energy, shortness of breath, pale skin, and heart palpitations.

Red meat, liver, and beans (like edamame and chickpeas) are good sources of iron, as are nuts, dried fruits, and dark green vegetables.

The UK dietary surveys indicate that many women are not getting enough iron.

Too many styles or hairstyles

It’s time to order a straightener or curling iron.

“One cause of hair loss that is often overlooked when diagnosing hair loss is if you style your hair too much,” says Abbas.

“This can stem from you using hot tools on your hair every day and over a long period of time.”

Certain hairstyles can also cause your hair to be overstretched, says Abbas, including tying it up in a tight bun or even braiding.

“The stress of styling too much, pulling your hair too hard and applying hair treatments to weaving and braiding can cause damage to your hair and cause hair loss,” warns Abbas.

Not having a good sleep

Value of sleep underestimated by most people – it reduces not only discomfort but also risk head grave.

And Abbas added hair loss to the list of sleep-related problems.

“Most people associate lack of sleep with dull and tired skin, eye bags and mental fatigue, but poor sleep quality can also contribute to other problems such as hair loss,” he said. .

“Fatigue can cause hair follicles to go into a resting state prematurely, meaning you may experience hair loss earlier than usual.”

Lack of sleep can also lead to stress, one of the main causes of telogen effluvium, a temporary form of hair loss.

How to help reduce hair loss?

You may feel anxious when you look in the mirror and see small patches of hair loss or clumps of hair on your hands when you wash your hair.

“Trying to identify the reason for your hair loss is imperative from the very beginning, from there

you can take the right steps to fix the problem,” says Abbas.

“Talk to your GP if you don’t as they will help you get to the root of the problem (no pun intended).

“Adjusting your diet can help, and possibly taking supplements and vitamins for hair growth.

“You may also want to consider hair loss medications like Finasteride.”

You’ve blown up your hair all wrong – expert reveals her easy trick that only requires one tool I’m an expert and here are 6 unusual reasons why you’re losing your hair

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