I’m a millionaire with a £10 million jewelry collection and a £200k Bentley – my best mate is an ex-lover who lives on the street

SHE’S is a millionaire with a £12 million Mayfair home and £10 million jewelry collection and he is a love cheat who has lived for years homeless after leaving home at 16.

But when you get a divorce Amanda Cronin meet Martin Read, they form an unlikely friendship in the new Channel 4 documentary The Millionairess and Me.

Amanda Cronin and Martin Read hit it as soon as they talked


Amanda Cronin and Martin Read hit it as soon as they talkedCredit: Lauren Fleishman
Amanda at the £12m home in Belgravia


Amanda at the £12m home in BelgraviaCredit: Lauren Fleishman

The show, which airs on Monday, follows filmmaker Martin – who grew up on a London council estate – as he tries to understand the lavish lifestyles of the super-rich, with trips to Monaco, gala dinners from charity and shopping trips in search of £23,000 earrings.

Former model Amanda has ten employees running her posh Belgravia home and revealed that she bought one mansion around the corner for £3m, which she is renovating in the hope of selling for £11m.

She caught Martin rolling her eyes during a shopping trip in her £200,000 Bentley to buy accessories and furniture, including a £26,000 bathtub, and invited him to try on the £88,000 bed. .

While Martin marveled at the price of the gold faucets at £7,000 each, it was the work of a single influencer – who struck a multimillion-pound deal when she divorced with energy mogul Mark Daeche in 2019.

Amanda – who has 60,000 followers on Instagram – also revealed a huge collection of Gucci handbags, admitting that a lot of her stuff is free and “it’s like Christmas every day”.

But she said she suffered a lot of abuse online from people who accused her of being a prostitute.

“You are not allowed to be rich, successful, beautiful and happy,” she said. “They say ‘there’s definitely something wrong with you. You must be a prostitute. ‘”

After introducing him to the high life, Amanda immersed herself in Martin’s world, working in a charity shop in Cardiff – parking her Bentley right outside – and feeding the homeless in a church-sponsored canteen.

Links on designer handbags

Martin first met Amanda after she ordered a £2,000 hand-painted bag, featuring her dog, from his friend, Gina.

But when Gina delivered it, it looked like she was expecting it to be free – in exchange for plugging it in on her Instagram feed.

Their first phone call lasted three hours and, despite his suspicions of the colossal rich, he said he “fallen in love” with her character.

“Amanda invited me to dinner, so I went to dinner at her house and we started hanging out and realized we had a lot in common,” he told The Sun.

“She has a great sense of humour, she is a maverick fan and I like mavericks.”

Amanda, who said she only had time to talk to Martin for three hours because she was ill with Covid, added: “We immediately noticed there was a lot to talk about, which is really weird, so I invited him to London and made him a dinner grill on the hottest day of the year.

“We found that we just enjoyed each other’s company. We can laugh and joke and we find each other’s stories interesting.”

Landed Monaco millionaire at the age of 21

Growing up in a two-bedroom house with four brothers, Martin wanted to leave the house as soon as possible and squat and surf on the sofa at the age of 16.

After landing on an underground tunnel cleaning job, he was diagnosed with ADHD and chronic insomnia, he was given medication with “side effects”.

“I broke down and was homeless for a few years,” he said. “Then I decided to go to college to get a degree and try to become a filmmaker and I was homeless during my first year of school.”

Even after making an award-winning documentary about homelessness for the BBC, he found himself back on the streets and at 23, he ended up in a Dubai prison after traveling. Calendar with some friends who copied the credit card.

It was a far cry from the life of a mother of one Amanda, who was cast as a model in her hometown of Southampton and traveled the world – becoming a frequent visitor to Monaco, which would later become her home.

“The first time I came Monaco, on EasyJet for around £80, I went back with a boyfriend who owns a 50ft yacht,” she told The Sun. “We’ve been together for three years.”

Amanda was living in Monaco when her marriage to the former First Utility boss fell apart, three years ago, leaving her devastated – despite her huge salary.

The first time I went to Monaco, on EasyJet for around £80, I returned with a boyfriend who owns a 50ft yacht.

Amanda Cronin

When Martin started filming the documentary, not long after the breakup, she was determined to move forward, becoming an independent businesswoman with a new skincare business and real estate portfolio. .

“I was locked out of all my property and built walls, and we were together for 12 years,” she said. “Now I have my own property and it’s fine.”

Fish out of water

Amanda’s skin care product launch brought her back to Monaco with Martin with him – and he admits he feels like a stingray in fancy restaurants and yacht clubs.

In one scene, Amanda is lifted from a £2.4 million Bugatti by a friend – while Martin has to walk.

“I struggled with the dress code and kept up with the Monaco social crowd,” he admitted.

“I’m also a bit lost in a French restaurant when I don’t know what to order.

“Amanda noticed that and made me feel at home but a little uncomfortable. I just wasn’t used to that wealth but after a day or two I was hooked and I wanted to move to Monaco.

“It was people who enjoyed it and I knew I shouldn’t have loved it, but I did.”

Dior sunglasses and £360 Gucci voucher in charity shop

In contrast, Amanda seemed to have the ball when she was seconded to Cardiff to work in a Red Cross charity shop with Martin’s friend Andrew.

She decided to give the window a makeover, giving away Dior sunglasses, a pink Isabella Frankie belt and a £360 Gucci gift certificate to boost profits.

Her entry into the homeless kitchen was also a success, as she chatted from start to finish and even struck up a friendship with a man who used to work at Mayfair bank with her financial advisor. aunt.

“I feel very honored to host me and I would love to experience the canteen, as I am a very caring person,” she said.

“I worked in a food bank during the pandemic, but this is different because this is really a homeless shelter.

“Seeing another side of life is very humbling and I love to feed people, so it was a great opportunity to care and feed and nurture and I enjoyed meeting the characters in there.”

Amanda and Martin in the kitchen at her home in Belgravia


Amanda and Martin in the kitchen at her home in BelgraviaCredit: Lauren Fleishman
Amanda with her dog Monty, who inspired the bag that binds them together


Amanda with her dog Monty, who inspired the bag that binds them togetherCredit: Lauren Fleishman

There is no ending to a fairy tale

Despite admitting to owning a £10m car collection and saying she enjoys driving her luxury Bentley – with its pink leather interior – because it’s “obnoxious”, Amanda says she knows What is “desperate” and “on the verge of disaster” about her divorce.

But she wants to admit that cash-strapped Britons have bigger problems.

“My whole world fell apart, overnight, in public, so it wasn’t hard, it wasn’t a problem,” she said. “When you can’t pay your rent, you can’t pay your bills, that’s a problem.

“People might think I’m in a gilded cage, yes. But I know what it’s like not to be in a gilded cage. And I know what it’s like to be in a gilded cage with a locked door, it’s not ideal either.”

Three years after her marriage fell apart, Amanda was dating but she said she didn’t necessarily need a man in her life.

She said: ‘I’m terrified of people trying to manipulate me and my daughter feels the same way.

“We are strong, intelligent, successful women on a trajectory and of course we need love and we need lovers, and we have that, but in the end, we no longer defined by men and walk in the shadow of men. “

Sadly for viewers hoping for a fairytale-like ending for this lovable oddball couple, there’s no romance on the horizon – and Martin jokes he’ll need £300m in the bank before she looked at him.

But there is a happy forever of a different kind, for they have sworn to be friends for life.

“There’s no romantic chemistry, it’s purely pure,” says Amanda. “But we trust each other and enjoy talking to each other.”

“We were just like two naughty kids having fun,” says Martin, “It’s so unique and I think it’s best that way.

“We have a lot of fun and we will continue to have fun. Why would we want to mess it up? “

The Millionairess and Me airs on channel 4 and 9pm on Mondays

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