I’m a heating expert – here are four tips to save up to £692 on your bill this year

The HIKED charges and the seemingly never-ending energy crisis are crippling Britain’s finances, so many are eager to cut costs by any means possible.

Household is forge hundreds of more than before, to pay their monthly bills.

A heating expert has revealed how to keep your costs down


A heating expert has revealed how to keep your costs downCredit: Getty

The energy bill alone is expected to increase at least 51% this year according to Cornwall Insights and maybe raise another £600 before not long too.

That without selling tickets Cost of living and other bills also toppled household budgets across the country.

Last year, the average family would spend all of their bills around £2,550 a month, according to ONS . Family Expenditure Report, but one expert says you can reduce that cost by almost a fifth.

Matthew Jenkins, heating expert from MyJobQuote revealed how to save up to £692 on household bills this year.

Do every possible tip help reduce costs hundreds of pounds and watch your energy use drop, which is welcome as many Britons tighten their pockets at the start of the year.

Here are the key things he says you should change if you want a discount.

Heat your home efficiently – save £55 a year

Much as 20% of your home’s heat escapes in the winter, so it’s almost like you’re throwing money out the window with every crack and crevice unsealed.

Households can save an average of £55 a year by heat their house more effective.

“Before turning on the heater, first determine the ways it can easily get out,” says Matthew.

This can be through gaps in poorly glazed windows and doors or unused chimneys, unused vents, and uninsulated walls.

So you will need a form of insulation to retain heat instead, but this doesn’t have to take an arm and a leg.

“Depending on the size of your house, you could expect to pay up to £5,000 for interior insulation,” says Matthew.

“But to do it cheaper, buy louvers to cover any gaps between your window frames and doors, which will prevent heat from escaping and cold air from entering.

“The only risk with sealing any ventilation system is that this means the rooms cannot ‘breathe’ and this can create additional problems like damp, which is a costly problem to solve.”

Switch bulbs – save £232 a year

Move out Some technology you have in your home can also help save your bills and it can be as simple as changing a light bulb.

“Converting light bulbs to more energy-saving ones is one of the easiest ways to save money and avoid wasting energy,” says Matthew.

“While LED bulbs are a bit more expensive than regular bulbs, they use 80 per cent less electricity and can save homeowners £232 a year.”

Reduce heat – save £55 a year

The average household sets their thermostat at 21 degrees, three degrees higher than the cheapest you can get while still being comfortable.

Matthew also explains that you can save at least £55 a year on your heating bill by lower your thermostat just one degree.

“If your boiler is running efficiently, lowering the thermostat by just one degree will save you money without compromising on comfort,” he says.

“As a general rule, for every degree you increase in temperature, your heating bill goes up by 10%, so it adds up.”

But it takes more than just heating repairs, as indoor factors can affect how warm you actually feel.

If you have furniture blocking a radiator then you won’t benefit from the heat, or if the radiator is on a wall that isn’t insulated from the outside, the heat will mistakenly escape rather than heat the room.

“There are many ways to help optimize your heating and radiators,” says Matthew.

“A simple idea is to place a shelf directly above the radiator to help bring heat into the room rather than letting it simply fly up to the ceiling.”

Check Your Boiler – Save up to £350

“An old and inefficient boiler can cost you up to 30 per cent more than it needs to be and, on average, can cost you £350 more than a newer model of boiler,” says Matthew. ”

But he revealed that there are noticeable signs to look out for Your boiler may need replacing to a newer, more efficient model.

These include detecting inflated gas bills, which means your boiler is using more gas than it needs, or an unpredictable pressure gauge – it should be between one and two on the clock and anything more or less means there is a problem.

If your the boiler is not scratched then you can get cold spots all over the house, costing more than necessary, and the technology will power on with no sense of output.

But you will need to take into account that buying a replacement boiler will initially be very expensive with an upfront cost of between £300 – £500 according to What?.

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https://www.thesun.co.uk/money/17243070/heating-expert-four-tips-slash-energy-bills/ I’m a heating expert – here are four tips to save up to £692 on your bill this year


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