I’m a barista and your choice of hot drink says a lot about you

COMMUTERS often grab a quick coffee to get their dose of caffeine before starting a busy day.

But have you ever thought about what your hot drink order might reveal about your personality?

A UK barista shared an insight into what your choice of hot drinks says about you. Pictured, archive image


A UK barista shared an insight into what your choice of hot drinks says about you. Pictured, archive imagePhoto credit: Getty

From the “smart” flat white drinker to the “straightforward” black Americano lover, British barista Rebecca Lockwood spoke The tab and shared a glimpse of what your favorite drink really says about you…

A flat white – Clever

With three shots of coffee and thick, creamy milk, the Flat White is known for being the best coffee you can order, according to Rebecca.

“When someone orders a flat white, you know they know their stuff,” she explained. “Not only is it usually the cheapest on the menu, but you get the best of it.”

She even went so far as to call it the “smart king of the coffee world.”

Baby Hot Chocolate – Bonding Issues

The bartender reveals that one of the most annoying things a customer can do is order a baby hot chocolate.

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“If you order a baby hot chocolate specifically when there are no children in sight, you have bonding issues,” she joked.

She urged customers to just order a small one instead.

Latte – Easy

Rebecca has very little to say about those who “just order a latte.”

She notes that it’s easy – probably a display of the customer’s personality – and encourages them to be a little more adventurous with their order next time.


The frozen flat whiteArrogant

According to Rebecca, customers who order an Iced Flat White know exactly what they are doing and are fully aware that it will annoy the barista.

She went on to say that the hot drink is a real waste of time and takes at least five minutes to prepare – adding that the milk is exactly like drinking “a cloud that tastes like nothing”.

The barista notes that this type of person is also prone to arrogance.

The chai latte – Know your way around

The barista explains that the chai latte is a love drink or a hate drink – there is no in-between.

While noting that the chai lover knows himself well, she says they probably made a “gap yah.”

A cappuccino WITHOUT chocolate sprinkles – boring

Do you usually order a cappuccino?

Well, Rebecca says baristas think you’re better than a latte lover, but far from the best flat white drinkers.

The barista goes on to note how, however, you can earn some extra brownie points if you accept the chocolate sprinkles on top.

“If you refuse chocolate sprinkles shaped like a little love heart, you’ll look like the most boring person ever,” she warned, unless it’s due to allergies, of course.

Rebecca adds that the sprinkles only make the drink look more appealing. So if you decline, it’s assumed that you’re pretty boring on a night out.

Black Americano – plain text

There are two types of black American drinkers, the barista reveals.

First, there’s the serious customer who’s just looking for that much-needed dose of caffeine before a long day of hard work.

She explains that baristas have plenty of time for these types of black americano drinkers and wish them a productive day ahead.

But then there’s the second type – the customer who wants you to know how busy their day is.

Rebecca points out that this black americano drinker tends to ask for an extra shot in his hot beverage before sharing a step-by-step analysis of his day ahead.

mint tea

Rebecca explains that being a mint tea drinker knows how to put themselves first and is likely to take care of themselves.

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She adds, “One might assume that every day you wake up before 6 a.m., sit by your window and watch the sun rise while you meditate.”

This type of person loves a quiet walk to the library and a bit of yoga – depending on their mood.

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