I was one of MI5’s top agents but my KIDS found out

The cover of one of MI5’s top agents has been blown away by her children – but they’ve sworn to secrecy and think their mother’s job is truly amazing.

The senior intelligence officer – who can only be identified as Director K – admitted her children discovered her true work after some espionage of their own.

Skyfall was filmed on Vauxhall Bridge in front of the MI5 building in London


Skyfall was filmed on Vauxhall Bridge in front of the MI5 building in LondonCredit: Alamy

Only the husband and wife and closest relatives know what Director K does for a living.

But her kids found out she was an MI5 spy and confronted her – and she confessed.

In an interview with walkie talkie, she said: “My kids think what I do is really great. My kids now know what I do. They did it and confronted me. I was completely frustrated.

“Normally you wouldn’t tell kids early on because it’s a pretty big secret to keep, but they’re sharp and obviously capable.”

Now trusted with the true identity of one of the UK’s most senior spies, the children have been sworn to secrecy.

But Director K, aged 40, said she was impressed by the children’s efforts and the initial promise they would show as future spies.

Somehow the top agent got rumored by her kids.

Director K has been at MI5 for two years after moving to the domestic agency after two decades with MI6.

She majored in anthropology because she was “really fascinated by human behavior and how and why people act”.

“It’s really easy to think of this as espionage, period dramas and territorial novels, Cold War-era stuff, but it’s really not. It affects every region,” the spy said. of society, possibly every individual in Great Britain.”

And she called for a “social effort” to protect the UK from harm.

“One of the reasons that no one in the media has ever interviewed Director K before is that we do our work in secret. Essentially – it’s really sensitive work,” she said. .

“But one of the reasons I’m telling you now is that we need a whole-of-society effort.

“It’s not some kind of spy movie. This affects everyone. To help people understand that we need to be a little more open about what we can see and encourage people to think individually about what they can do. “


“From morning to night, I look at where we can do our best to prevent harm,” she said.

“In the current world, the threats are really diverse,” she explains.

“We’re basically looking at it as a set of harms to UK national security and we’re focusing on the areas where we can have the biggest impact against these threats. hardest threat.”

Director K warned Russia was posing an “acute” threat to the West, while she described the threat from China as “chronic”.

“China is completely changing the way the world is, and that presents incredible opportunities and threats to the UK,” she said.

“Russia blows hot and cold. There’s lightning. Can be a little unpredictable.”

When asked about how she sleeps at night, Director K told the newspaper: “If you worry about it when you go to bed or think about it when you wake up, it won’t be sustainable.

“It’s not a heroic culture, it’s a very supportive culture and that makes all the difference.

“I am really worried about my children. It is much more than that. It’s about how we really make a difference? What I’m really worried about or waking up in the middle of the night for is – this is really huge.

“The threats of the state, the way the world is changing, are exacerbated by Covid. How do we do this properly? This is not our gift, if it ever was. for MI5. It must be a society-wide effort.

“How do you do that most effectively? That was the stuff at 2 a.m. when I came up with another idea of ​​how we could do this. “ I was one of MI5’s top agents but my KIDS found out

Huynh Nguyen

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