I am British stuck in Ukraine

A BRITISH teacher said he was stranded in war-torn Ukraine when border officials today refused to allow the men to leave.

Gavin Guest said it “emphasized” Ukrainian officials working at the Romanian border argued that British passports “make no sense” as he made a desperate bid for safety.

Gavin with his dog, Eli


Gavin with his dog, EliCredit: Gavin Guest / The Sun
A soldier walks past the remnants of today's battle


A soldier walks past the remnants of today’s battleCredit: AP

Gavin, who works as a teacher for the International School of Ukraine, is desperately trying to escape. His apartment in Kyiv was bombed.

The 41-year-old man told how thousands of people nearly collapsed the gate at Ukraine-Romania border after officials refused to let any men out of the countrywhich Gavin believes is due conscription.

He told The Sun: “People who work at the border say they don’t care about nationality, we are all refugees.

“We showed them our British passports and they said no, no, no. We’re not letting any men through.”

Gavin said he has seen single fathers with young children and disabled men turn away, as have a number of other foreigners, including Mexicans, Germans and other British men.

“The guards say ‘women and children only’,” he said.

The Croydon-born teacher, South London, said the only exception was a convoy of buses carrying Indian university students and a small number of other foreign males – which he believes included a Briton – as well as women and children.

He explained that he and a friend, Rebecca Jackson – also a teacher – were sent to the border after flee from Kyiv two weeks ago with their rescue dogs Eli and Lucas.

The apartment where Gavin used to live was blown up air raids just a few days ago.

The teachers fled to Lviv, where they were trying to find their way out, along with their dogs.

He said they waited for hours at the border, calling for help on social media after guards said the men couldn’t get through.

Gavin said: “Our friend contacted the British embassy in Romania, they said they had passed the Ukrainian guards with no problem, but the Romanian border refused them.

“They are told that their passports are meaningless now and are not allowed to leave the dead zone.”

The dead zone is the space between the border of Ukraine and Romania.

He added: “They were about 50 meters away, very close and very far away.

“Romanian border guards scream that bombs are dropped on Romania and the fence will fall – we have to retreat.”

The two Britons now face another grueling day tomorrow as they try to squeeze through the single gate, which Gavin says let “about ten people and a car” pass.

He added: “Having a single father of their own with his kids, and he can’t even get over it, it’s really heartbreaking.

“We said, how can we get through when even he can’t? And we felt guilty.”


The teacher adds that war zones are not something you can even imagine unless you experience it for yourself.

“I’m too focused on going out and don’t even know what I’m going to do when I get to Romania. Maybe I’ll sleep for two days.”

It comes after a series of desperate people fled the country in connection with a massive massacre on the Polish border in which a woman is believed to have been killed.

Several others fainted in the drunkenness, MailOnline reported.

Meanwhile, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said Ukrainians who had fled the country could come back and fight.

And tonight, the Ukrainians prepare for another night of shelling.

Air raid sirens sounded throughout the capital Kyiv after the third day of fighting.

Today, Ukrainian heroes fought against the Russian military blitz to hold an important crossroads in a brave and historic resistance.

The soldiers, dug along the E40 motorway near Beresteiska Metro Station, five miles west of Kyiv city center, came under a barrage of withering shelling.

Latest in Ukraine…

Ukrainian trucks and armored vehicles burst into flames under a hail of shells and rockets Vladimir Putin’s elite special forces pour in.

Ukrainian lawmaker Sviatoslav Yurash said “hundreds” of Russians had been arrested.

Speaking to Sky News before going into battle, Mr Yurash said Russian forces were about 1.8 to 2.5 miles away from where he was.

“The Russians don’t have a good time here, to say the least,” he said.

“We have hundreds of prisoners, we are releasing the video, showing the Russians going to Ukraine.”

He said Ukrainians “have no choice” when it comes to fighting Russia because Putin has “time and again tried to denounce Ukraine’s very ideas”.

“Everything is at stake, I’m not a soldier, I don’t have much experience with guns.


“When you fight for your life, you learn very quickly. The reality is Ukraine has no choice.

“Russia wants to destroy us and we will not let that happen. I was born in independent Ukraine and I will die in independent Ukraine.”

Mr Yurash echoed the challenge of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who rejected a US offer to evacuate allegedly saying: “I need ammunition, not a trip.”

He told US officials as Russian forces flooded the capital, met with fierce Ukrainian resistance.

In video messages, he also quashed rumors that he had called for surrender.

Heroic villagers make bombs in the basement of a bomb shelter in Kyiv


Heroic villagers make bombs in the basement of a bomb shelter in KyivCredit: Getty
Gavin's old apartment was bombed, pictured, a separate apartment complex in Kyiv was hit by a rocket today


Gavin’s old apartment was bombed, pictured, a separate apartment complex in Kyiv was hit by a rocket todayCredit: Getty I am British stuck in Ukraine

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