How to Survive an Invasion in Elden Ring

Invasions return to Elden Ring from previous Souls games. Here’s what you need to know to survive a PvP invasion of the Elden Ring.

The environment, AI enemies, and even bosses are the least of your worries in Elden Ring, as other players will occasionally invade your world with a single goal – to kill you and take your runes. As in other Souls games, invasions in Elden Ring are tense PvP battles in which there can only be one survivor.

Usually, once your world is under attack in Elden Ring, you switch focus from what you’re doing the game and prepare for the upcoming battle against another player. The invader will also quickly try to conquer the land and devise his own strategy to bring you down.

Here’s what to do to increase your chances of surviving an invasion in the Elden Ring.


Elden Ring Invasion
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A host fights an invader in Elden Ring.

Take advantage of your surroundings

The host player is at a disadvantage in many ways when there is an invasion of the Elden Ring. This is because the world remains hostile to the player while enemies and traps ignore the invader. It makes an already deadly world even deadlier.

However, the invader has invaded your world, and even if he knows the game environments well, he doesn’t know how you influenced them. So don’t rush to fight an intruder, fight them on your terms.

You can do this by choosing a location and waiting for her to attack. This could be a place where they can be easily pushed off a ledge or where you have a vantage point. Also, choose a location with easily defendable cover. It pays to be able to see them coming, but somewhere they can’t see you.

Many invaders use similar tactics, trying to ambush you in a dangerous spot or lure you to a place that harbors many dangerous enemies. However, most will be eager to advance the fight to get to their next invasion.

This is because many invaders farm runes, so efficiency is important to them. Delaying the fight could make them ruthless and thus more prone to mistakes. If an intruder is trying to get you to follow them, don’t do it.

The mere fact that they are running away from you and not towards you betrays a lack of confidence in their abilities or physique. An intruder who knows he can kill you one-on-one doesn’t have to lure you anywhere—he just comes at you with nonchalant confidence.

Do whatever you can to make life difficult for an intruder. Over time, this cat-and-mouse game turns into a cat-and-catz, which some intruders fear. However, some are also happy about a worthy opponent.

Invaders Elden Ring
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An intruder plans an ambush in Elden Ring

summon support

Unless they’re insanely good or just plain crazy, the only thing Invaders fear is stepping into a world where they’re outnumbered. This often happens when the host has already summoned one or more Blue Phantoms to help them, leaving the invader fighting multiple players.

In these circumstances, the hunter is hunted, and while it is possible to fend off multiple players, the intruder usually fails. Players who are exceptionally good or lucky can be successful, but two experienced players tend to beat just one.

So, if you find yourself in a place with a high PvP concentration, you should consider summoning help to counter the invaders’ predatory tactics.

blue guardians in the elden ring
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Blue Phantoms arrive in Elden Ring to support the host player.

Help other players

You can be attacked if you are in another player’s world instead of your own. When this happens, it is important to keep the host alive and protected from the intruder. Killing the host ends your session, leaving the intruder victorious and meaning you don’t get a reward – so take them out first.

In this situation, you and the host have an advantage since the intruder is outnumbered. Most invaders will then resort to sneaky tactics to kill you and the host, and will therefore likely avoid fighting you both at the same time.

Our advice is to keep the pressure on them. Panic them and act rashly for an easy win. Express your numerical advantage and run straight at the invader as if they were just another enemy and not a serious threat.

Your confidence will likely unsettle the intruder and he will back down to get away from you. Should they retreat instead of fighting you directly, you know this strategy is working. Most invaders are used to being the predator rather than the prey, so they are used to their hosts fighting defensively.

If a summoned player charges them fearlessly, their strategy will likely get messed up and cause them to fight on the back foot. It will let them know that you know what you’re doing even if the host doesn’t, and that you’re not the only player to fear.

This essentially kicks them out of their game and makes it easier for you and the host to surround and kill them. If you and the host are near a boss gate, entering the boss arena will send the intruder back to their own world empty-handed.

Elden Ring multiplayer gameplay

Allies are gold in Elden Ring, not blue like in previous versions.

get good

Or “git gud” as members of the Souls community usually put it. You’re not wrong either. The best way to improve in Elden Ring PvP is to practice. That means doing it more and learning to enjoy invasions. See them as an opportunity to shake things up and defeat another player.

It’s even worth digging into players yourself and learning how it works. This gives you a glimpse into their mindset and tactics. Not only will it improve your Elden Ring PvP skills, but you will also learn about the invader’s perks and limitations.

This will boost your confidence and help turn the tables if it happens to you. Learn to welcome an invasion into the Elden Ring, it’s an onslaught, and overcoming a cunning, opportunistic invader can be an exciting experience.

So this is the best way to prepare yourself to survive an invasion of the Elden Ring. Meanwhile, make sure you’re ahead of the curve with oYour Elden Ring Page and refresh the latest guides below:

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