How can I check my driving points, what is dangerous driving and how many points do you get before you lose your Driver’s License?

Any driver should dread the PENALTY points on your driver’s license, and many motorists aren’t sure how many points they can get before losing their license altogether.

Any point on your license comes with consequences – here we look at how long records are kept, how much they will increase your premiums and what happens if you try to pass them on. other drivers.

You will be disqualified if you get 12 points in three years


You will be disqualified if you get 12 points in three yearsCredit: Alamy

Acceleration gets you three to six points depending on how far you’re over the limit.

For example, if you go 10 mph in the 30mph limit, you’ll get three points on your license, for example.

But if you go over the 11 to 20mph limit, you’ll get four to six points.

Driving 50mph or more in the 30mph zone will get you a minimum of six points on your license.

Stricter regulations were introduced in April of this year and stated that exceeding 10mph within the 30mph limit would result in three points.

Using your mobile phone at the wheel will get you six points and £200, after the rules have been tightened.

Meanwhile, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs can land you up to 11 points or even jail time.

Crucially, motorists will be disqualified from driving if you score 12 or more in a three-year period.

How can you check your driving penalty points?

The easiest place to check how many points you have on your license is through Government website.

To access your records, you will need to know your driver’s license number, national insurance number, and zip code.

Fill in those details and you should be able to find out about any penalty points or disqualifications on your license.

What is the crime of dangerous driving?

You can be prosecuted for dangerous driving in either the Magistrates’ Court or the Court.

If you are convicted in Magistrates Court, the sentence is a maximum of six months, a £5,000 fine and disqualification to drive.

If you are convicted at Crown Court, you could receive up to two years in prison, unlimited fines, mandatory disqualification and will face an extended driving test to get your license. driver’s license again.

You can be charged with dangerous driving if you have assisted, caused or incited dangerous driving; causing serious injury due to dangerous driving; and by driving furiously.

How long are points on my driver’s license?

Points remain on your license for four or 11 years depending on the offense.

This means your coverage will likely increase during this time, because you are considered to be at greater risk.

The market comparison auto insurance broker has said that premiums can be up to 76% more expensive for a driver with six points on their license.

The start date is from the date of conviction if you are penalized for dangerous driving, or from the date of the offence if you are disqualified and in all other cases.

The so-called “endorsement” of 11 years is usually spent causing death by careless driving.

What if I am a new driver or just have a provisional license?

If you just passed your test two years ago or earlier, your license will be revoked if you score six or more.

Points from your provisional license will also be carried over to your full degree.

What if I get caught transferring my points to someone else?

Some drivers may be lured into pretending that someone else is driving in order to get points on their license.

Labor MP Fiona Onasanya found guilty of lying about speeding scores in 2018, for example.

In fact, one in five drivers admits to taking other people’s points.

But be careful if you’re lured into this – it comes with the risk of going to jail.

Follow a survey by Co-op Insurance.

Neil Greig, research and policy director at IAM RoadSmart, said: “You’ll be charged with contravention of the law if you go to court – more commonly ‘for failing to provide identity information’ driver’s license” can be applied to your license if you don’t tell them who was driving – that’s a plus six point penalty on your license.

“It would take the involvement of a very dedicated police officer or speed camera officer to get caught as most speeding tickets are issued almost automatically – but looking at your child’s pictures People are usually done before the paperwork is pasted up.

“So if a man is clearly seen at the wheel and a woman’s name is provided, they can double check.

“In short, being accused of undermining the course of justice is not something anyone wants to have to do with them – especially for the sake of the point on your license.” How can I check my driving points, what is dangerous driving and how many points do you get before you lose your Driver’s License?

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