House of the Dragon Episode 5: Why did Ser Criston kill Laenor’s lover Joffrey?

The stakes were raised again house of the dragon Episode 5 as Ser Criston Cole allowed his emotions to get the better of him during the royal wedding celebrations. After the heiress to the Iron Throne, Rhaenyra Targaryen, and Ser Laenor Velaryon were betrothed, Criston begged the princess to live a nameless life with him and fled to Essos to spend her days. However, Rhaenyra’s loyalty to the Crown and House Targaryen meant he was rejected. The betrayal and anger he felt at her decision bubbled to the surface at a pre-wedding party, leading to the death of Laenor’s true love, Ser Joffrey Lonmouth. So why exactly did Criston kill the Stormlands Knight?

Why did Ser Criston Cole kill Ser Joffrey Lonmouth in Episode 5 of House of the Dragon?

House of the Dragon Episode 5 Ser Criston Cole killed Joffrey Laenor Lover

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Criston is unlikely to be a rabid homophobe. His most obvious motivations were jealousy and anger. Having already expressed his lack of desire to continue a secret relationship with Rhaenyra after their marriage, a confrontation from Joffrey, who was professing his own love for Laenor, brought him over the edge. He wanted something more than casually being the teeth of the future queen. When Joffrey suggested that they should take care of each other by protecting each other’s secrets, Criston saw red.

The scuffle, which ended with Criston smashing Joffrey’s face into a muddy pulp, happened shortly after we saw Laenor approach the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard. In between, viewers watched as Prince Daemon Targaryen stole his niece Rhaenyra for a dance. What he really wanted, however, was a hushed conversation, spoken in High Valyrian. He asked her if the marriage was really what she wanted, while Rhaenyra replied that she was just performing her duties, urging Daemon to make a hasty decision and suggesting that he slaughter King Viserys Targaryen’s men before stealing them to Dragonstone. seriously about a future with her if he wanted to.

Criston may have been within earshot to hear this conversation, but whether he would have understood the language they spoke is not clear. However, if he had managed to understand what the two were saying, he would have been furious. It’s also possible that he only saw their body language and fleeting glances before venting his frustration on the next person. Then there’s a possibility that he just wanted to hurt Laenor because he would get what Criston could never have. Will Criston now have to reckon with the consequences after the murder? It’s unlikely…

Will Ser Criston be brought to justice?

House of the Dragon Episode 5 Ser Criston Cole killed Joffrey Laenor Lover

Image: HBO

Criston stripped after the violent end of the pre-wedding party. He shed his armor before taking a short sword and placing it directly in front of his stomach. However, just as he seemed about to take his own life, Queen Alicent approached Hightower. She stopped Criston, and after making it clear through her choice of attire at the party her intention to let her son Aegon Targaryen lay a claim to the Iron Throne, it appears she will take advantage of Criston’s anger and recruit him to her cause.

As House of the Dragon will time warp and bring a flood of new actors into some of the roles, it will be very interesting to see how Criston’s journey unfolds. Rhaenyra’s future is also complicated as her first is followed by another marriage and a grasp for ultimate power resulting in The Dance of the Dragons. House of the Dragon Episode 5: Why did Ser Criston kill Laenor’s lover Joffrey?

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