Granddaughter defends dying old man’s last wish for inheritance causing family rift

A 17-year-old girl brought it to Reddit after her mother and sister disagreed with her ailing grandfather’s will. She asked the other users if she did the right thing by protecting his last wish.

The girl revealed that her grandfather was diagnosed with cancer and the doctors declared him only a year away. She mentioned having a close relationship with him, unlike her other siblings.

His will sparked a controversy among family members who considered the division of his property to be unfair. However, the girl believes her grandfather did the right thing, considering how her siblings treat him.

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The girl has four siblings; a twin sister, a 26-year-old sister Lucy, a 33-year-old sister Emily and a 36-year-old brother Dan. She reveals that Dan and Emily have not kept in touch with her grandfather after their father passed away. She explain:

“As a result, he no longer sees them in the same light as the three youngest children.”

OP (Original Poster), her twin sister, and Lucy visit their grandfather and call him every week. He even sends all his grandchildren Christmas presents every year, but Dan and Emily refuse to accept them.

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The girl believes that her siblings never tried to stay in touch with their grandfather because they felt he never wanted to stay connected.

She felt her siblings deserved this treatment because of what they had done in the past.

She confessed that she loved her grandfather so much that the thought of him dying scared her. She believes that he is a good person who deserves the best.

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However, because the doctors said he didn’t have much time left, he started to do what he wanted. When he revealed how he would distribute his fortune, OP and Lucy’s mother objected to it.

His will says £15,000 each will go to OP, her twin brother Lucy and OP’s mother, which means Dan and Emily won’t get anything. OP’s mom feels it’s unfair.

She opened up to the OP about it, telling her that she was going to split the money equally among all six, but the OP disagreed. She believes it’s wrong to go against her grandfather’s will because it’s his money, and it’s up to him to decide where that money goes.

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OP and Lucy’s mother argued with her, telling her that Dan and Emily would get hurt if they didn’t get anything. But she feels her siblings deserve this treatment because of what they’ve done in the past. She explain:

“They’ve made no effort to continue their relationship with him over the past eight years, they shouldn’t have expected it in the first place.”

Confused, the girl posted her story on Reddit to ask others if she was doing the right thing in defending her grandfather’s will. Lost tea answered, saying she was not at fault and that her mother and Lucy couldn’t take her share from her.

She posted her story on Reddit asking for advice from others | Source: Pexels

Another user named cyanocittaetprocyon feel sorry to the OP because she was going through a tough time. The user suggested that she stay with her grandfather and “continue to love and visit him.” AliceInWeirdoland answered:

“I think what the family suggested is that they distribute the money as it was in the will, and then everyone put it together and split it among the siblings.”

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She believes it is a terrible idea since all of her siblings will have to pay inheritance tax. super_common_name suggestions that OP and Lucy’s mother could share their share with two other siblings, which Alicein Weirdoland answered:

“Yes, I 100% agree with you that no one should pressure the OP to give up her inheritance.”

SlooperDoop shown that if OP doesn’t have a protected account, her mom can take her share because she’s a minor. Other users also agree and feel worried for OP.

Other users suspect OP’s mom will take her part | Source: Unsplash

Most users told the OP that she was not at fault defending her ailing grandfather’s will.

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