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With the release of the new psychological horror Good night mom Prime Video gets a lot of questions from viewers who haven’t seen the original film this film is based on. Chief among them is what happened just before the credits rolled, as twist after twist was unleashed and the audience questioned everything they thought they knew about the story. Naomi Watts stars as the mother of two twins (Nicholas Crovetti and Cameron Crovetti), but as her behavior becomes more and more unusual, they begin to suspect that the woman under her plastic surgery gauze might not be her parents at all. Here we delve into the ending of Goodnight Mommy and answer some of the film’s most pressing questions.

Of course there will be spoilers…

What happens in the Goodnight Mommy ending?

Good night mom end explains who is telling the truth Amazon Prime Video

Image: Amazon Studios / Prime Video

After observing some of their mother’s strange and sometimes downright gruesome antics, twins Elias and Lukas decide it’s time to take control. When they try to flee their home, local authorities bring them back immediately, but that doesn’t stop them from digging for the truth. While their mother sleeps, the cubs use duct tape to tie all of their limbs to the bed. Although she tries to escape, she cannot find the strength to break free and the twins demand answers from her. However, Elias worries that he and his brother might have gotten the wrong end of the stick.

Struggling against his twin and the balance of his own moral compass, Elias eventually discovers that Lukas lied to him about their mother wearing contact lenses to change the color of her eyes. Convinced by this revelation that she really is the woman she says she is, he frees her from her bed and the two embrace. However, that is not the end of her story. Elias and Lukas’ mother wants to share something that will change everything. She tells Elias that she has to show him something because it’s time for him to stop living in fantasies.

Elias reluctantly follows his mother into the barn. There they go to the upper floor and she asks him to look at the blood-splattered wall. At this point, the audience learns that Lukas was accidentally killed by Elias while the boys were playing with a gun they didn’t know was loaded. Lukas was shot and died. Elias refuses to accept this as truth, despite the bullet hole in the wood, and before his mother can fully get through to him, he shoves her, sending her flying through the wooden barrier on the upper level and down into the barn floor below. The lamp she was holding shattered, and the flame inside set the barn ablaze. Although Elias is able to escape before it all collapses, his mother is left inside and is consumed by fire.

Why did Elijah think Luke was still alive?

Good night mom end explains who is telling the truth Amazon Prime Video

Image: Amazon Studios / Prime Video

In Goodnight Mommy, Elias suffers from a condition called Capgras delusion, in which a twin is unable to accept the death of his sibling. He had been seeing Luke hallucinating since his death, and while his mother had tried to guide him back to a normal life, the dissociative identity disorder proved to be too much. It also explains why the twins’ mother had changed so much as a parent.

Goodnight Mommy (2022) is now available to stream exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. Good night mom ending explained – GameRevolution

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